“Casa Rota” with Swimming Pool Flowing Inside Your House by Manuel Ocana

A swimming pool inside your house could be an impossible thing to happen. However, because of a client’s desire of having a swimming pool inside the house, Manuel Ocaña had built the Casa Rota. It has a unique design with a single front in a narrow dark street facing north and a tight hall at the end. Here in this corridor, every one has to take a look of the wonderful and bright views of the Madrid’s historic center roofs, and because of this, the corridor is considered as the best part of the house. In addition, the house also has four machines to control and condition the temperature and humidity of the spaces according to needs. – via

casa rota by manuel ocana

casa rota by manuel ocana

casa rota by manuel ocana

casa rota by manuel ocana

From : Manuel Ocaña


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  1. noor April 14, 2019 8:07 am

    A person suggested a putting a bladder in the cistern. That sounds like a great idea;however, if the cypress were to become dry the cistern would fall apart. Our next door neighbor allowed his cistern to fall into great disrepair by not keeping water in his. The cypress dried to the extent that the metal bands holding them fell off and then, the cypress planks began to separate.

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