Birex Bathroom Vanity Collection – Lacquered and Wooden Vanities

The shape of this luxury bathroom vanity is simple, yet very elegant. This extraordinary Birex bathroom? collection can add different touch to your bathroom decor. The vanity comes in natural wood: dark oak, grey oak, and walnut with optional marble worktops. You can create more adventurous look, high gloss lacquered finishes give maximum impact in stunning colors such as red, green and black. A classic shape with so many variations of expression, the Versa vanities are available from Birex.

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

From : Birex

Beautiful Impronte Bathroom Fixtures from Simas

Very beautiful and imaginative decorated bathroom fixtures. Can you imagine having paintings on your bathroom fixtures ? Express your style and personality, starting from classic till modern. Simas will provide you variety of decorated Impronte bathroom fixtures that match your style, basins with dragons for instance, it really suitable for your with oriental style, or perhaps retro daisies ? Your choice …

simas bathroom fixtures

decorative simas bathroom fixtures

beautiful simas bathroom fixtures

simas bathroom fixtures

From : simas

Bathroom Faucet Collections 2008 from Newform

Start the 2008 with a new high quality bathroom faucet collections from Newform. If you have never heard of it, you might recognize their famous Tattoo and Morpho collections. The first two collections, class-x and neo class-x, the style is combination of modern elements and simple, yet intriguing and it suits your contemporary and modern bathroom design.

newform 2008 bathroom faucet collections

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Transparent Bath Screen from Victoria Plumb

Combination of rigid construction and craftsmanship, Victoria Plumb produces superior crafted bath screens for you to remodel or upgrade any existing bathroom design. Bath screen can be a beautiful little touch of splash and elegance for your bathroom, creating illusion of openness.

bath screen bathroom accessories

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Piudue Bathroom Furniture – Insipred by Sea Shells

Piudue bathroom furniture is inspired by beautiful sea shells. Made up from perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, piudue catch your eyes with its minimalist form, convey a sense of rhythm and equilibrium. Piudue bathroom furniture module fit perfect symmetry and balance of the “+” sign.

bathroom furniture from piudue

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U-(you) – Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Collections

Minimalist bathroom furniture collections from U-(you) give your bathroom minimalist and simple interior design. The title U itself is because the bathroom furniture looks like a letter “U”. Thanks to their smooth surface, those bathroom furnitures are easily to assemble and clean.

minimalist bathroom furniture

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Bisque Bow Fronted Towel Radiator

This towel radiator can add modern value to your bathroom. With attractive design, stunning chrome and color, this bisque towel radiator provides greater clearance for your biggest, softest towels.

bisque towel radiator

From : ukbathroom

Decorate Your Bathroom with Kos Bathroom Furniture from Nova Linea

Look at this bathroom art from Nova Linea, the combination of high-end bathroom products and beautiful shapes becomes a beautiful modern bathroom furnitures and decoration from Nova Linea. This is great example of the 2008 trend which bringing art into functionality. Featuring a strong contrast of simple shapes and rich decorative patterns as well as color, and ridden of any excess details, such as cabinet door handles which could only disturb the harmony of elements, the beautiful and bold Kos compositions will easily steal the spotlight in any bathroom. Let’s bring art into your bathroom …

bathroom furniture from nova linea

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Fountainhead Bathroom Faucet from Kohler

Kohler just launched fountainhead collection which offers a beautiful combination of the already popular Fountainhead shelf faucet with this attractive lavatory. Available in blanche maple and truffle ash, this fountainhead contemporary shelf faucet allows for a shooting, stream-like delivery of water. It is more appealing because of the higher than normal position and physically effective, you can bet this style is going to last long enough. Now with black and tan lavatory, this shelf faucet is even more beautiful.

kohler fountainhead bathroom faucet

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Titanium Bathroom Lighting

If you want to create modern atmosphere in your bathroom, adding this bathroom light can increase your futuristic bathroom designs. Take a look at this beautiful titanium bath vanity finished in brushed steel with frosted glass. Bathroom light is also one of important parts of bathroom, pay attention to this one.

bathroom lighting

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