Unique Ceiling Mounted Faucet with Remote Control from Gessi

I was once an employee for an architectural store and seen the wall mounted and the floor mounted faucet but not this ceiling mounted faucet, this is new to me. Included in the Rettangolo bathroom collection of Gessi, this eye-catching ceiling mounted sink faucet has remote control that makes it unique. Delivering water straight from the ceiling is not just through a remote control but also in a separate control to create and impressive effect and ease of operation. This ceiling mounted faucet has shiny chrome and silvered metal finishes. Not just that, black or white finishes is also available and look more interesting. – via

gessi rettangolo ceiling mounted sink faucet

gessi rettangolo ceiling mounted sink faucet

gessi rettangolo ceiling mounted sink faucet

From : Gessi

Clock Work Waterfall Faucet from Ritmonio

Clock Work, waterfall bathroom faucet from Ritmonio. Based on the work of a clock, precise, refined, exact, that is what Ritmonio want to show you of their new collection. This waterfall bathroom faucet idea coming from mechanical conceptions and from the principle of the epicyclical movement: the theory defining the relation in a rotation of two different and concentric circumferences, turning around themselves at different speeds.

The Clock Work handle also rotates at different speeds, you can adjust temperature and water flow, create a harmony and joint to increase intervals the the possible variants, the best comfort for you to use.

clock work waterfall faucet from ritmonio

clock work waterfall bathroom faucet from ritmonio

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Luxury Bath Fittings by Marcel Wanders

Luxury bath fittings that can make glitter to your bathroom comes from Aqua Jewels. Marcel Wanders, the designer created several glamor and luxury bath fittings for Bonomi. As you can see instead of using ordinary tap handles, Marcel decided to use crystals that regulates the flow of water and the surface of all these bath-fittings have been given a cut diamond look. If you have high class and sophisticated taste, you might love this new creations.

aqua jewels bathroom faucet

glamor aqua jewels

luxury bathroom accessories from aqua jewels

Source : HomeTone

Kohler Oblo Wall-Mounted Bathroom Faucet

Kohler has designed a new range of bathroom faucet for 2008 called Oblo. You can find wall-mounted bathroom faucet till shower/bath faucet collection which finished in polished chrome or brushed nickel. Oblo bathroom faucet range has a great cylindrical form inspired by Euro-modern aesthetics, suitable for all style contemporary bathroom design.

oblo bathroom faucet from kohler

From : Kohler

Zeus 90 Degree Angled Bathroom Faucet by Signorini Rubinetterie

Modern and minimalist bathroom faucets with 90 degree angled called Zeus can add ultra modern element to your bathroom. Top Italian manufacturer has designed Zeus faucets with square or rounded version, and are characterized by the precise 90 degrees angle. Zeus bathroom faucet design will perfectly fit your contemporary interior design, but if you want something different, try the unique long faucet which looks stunning with the combination of a clear sink, the pipe inside extending to the floor and echoing the linear tap.

zeus bathroom faucet

zeus bathroom faucet from signorini rubinetterie

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Tara.Logic Collection by Dornbracht

This contemporary sink and faucet collections come from Dornbracht. Tara.Logic is based on the design language of Tara Classic, a contemporary design classic, but is more elegant and refined in design. By consciously selecting a lever mixer, its lines are made slimmer and livelier; a verticallity that is also reflected in the architecture of the Tara.Logic Ritual Bathroom.

tara logic classic wall mounted basin

tara logic bathroom faucet

tara logic faucet from dornbracht

From : Dornbracht

Ondato Bathroom Faucets from Prodigg

Ondato bathroom faucets will erase your impression about rigid and cold style metal bathroom faucet. Ondato bathroom faucet has distinguish wavy line, are intersected with a straight, tapered spout by way of contrast. The calm form of the taps will provoke you for further exploration. The handle projects directly upwards on its smooth, circular hinge. For contemporary bathroom faucet, this faucet can be said uncommon, made from solid brass with high quality chrome plated finish, you can choose from two different sizes available to suit your need.

Ondato bathroom faucet by Prodigg

Contemporary Ondato bathroom faucet

Ondato bathroom faucet

From : Prodigg

Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Cristina Rubinetterie

Waterfall bathroom faucet seems like a new standard in bathroom design, a lot of manufacturers are trying to be the pioneer in this waterfall bathroom faucet design. This one comes from Cristina Rubinetterie, the geometric look is best to add some minimalist style in your bathroom design. You can experience mini waterfall from its slim rectangular spout. Available in free-standing and wall-mounted style with joystick operation that makes you fully control the temperature of the flow from the tap. Available in classic chrome, pinkish tone, and stainless steel.

waterfall faucet

waterfall faucet by cristina rubinetterie

waterfall bathroom faucet

From : Rubinetterie Cristina

Slide Bathroom Faucet

This bathroom faucet is designed by Alain Berteau for RVB which evolved from Berteu’s Dose faucet. The slide at the top has function the way dimmer switch does, the more you slide, the warmer the water gets. The movement of this faucet is one-way and continuous which allows the user to determine the desired water temperature ergonomically with less waste. This slide will be launched in Milan next month.

slide bathroom faucet

From : Alain Berteau for RVB


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