Oxford and Naru Bathroom Faucet from Symmons

The Oxford bathroom faucet (above) adds flair to either a very traditional atmosphere or a more contemporary home. Inspired by Oxford, the English City of Dreaming Spires, known for its history and heritage, the fittings evoke a sense of being among England’s ornate towers and steeples. Oxford?s stimulation to learn, grow and accomplish is an inherent part of the design.

Crafted in a bold and stately design, the Oxford Suite includes a Wide Spread Lavatory Faucet, a Roman Tub Faucet with diverter, a hand spray and holder, and Shower Trim. Additionally, the offering features a collection of complementary accessories including a towel bar, towel ring, robe hook and toilet paper holder to match the suite?s distinctive design.

oxford and naru bathroom faucet from symmons

From : Symmons

Rettangolo Color LED Bathroom Faucets from Gessi

Actually LED bathroom faucet is not something new, I’ve seen this a year ago on some geek stuff website, apparently, not only geeks think having LED bathroom faucet is really cool. This one comes from Gessi, Rettangolo Color is a part of new colored light faucet that brings innovation to your bathroom. This the LED is not just showing one color, but several colors based on water temperature, Gessi made improvement from just ordinary LED, now it’s becoming water sensor LED that produces beautiful and logic bathroom faucet, indeed. Thanks to a refractive process of the light, the whole jet is colored, resulting in an exciting and spectacular effect. Yet the coloring of the water also envisages a very important functional aspect. In fact it allows to visually perceive the temperature of the water avoiding useless wastes of energy and preventing the risk of scalding. The shape of t his bathroom faucet kinda like a joystick, available in chrome silvered as shown below.

rettangolo bathroom faucet

rettangolo LED bathroom faucet

rettangolo bathroom faucet from gessi

Designed by : Prospero Rasulo From Gessi

Frame Flowing Water in Circle Using Ring Faucet from Sun Liang

Ring faucet is about experiencing water in a whole new way in our daily lives – to rediscover the awe-inspiring beauty of water in a small home faucet. This unique faucet visually frames flowing water in a circular fashion, giving you a full view of the water just as it falls over the edge. The opening orifice at the spout end lets in natural light which illuminates the flowing water for a striking view. Water is reinstated as a precious element, like a fine diamond. The external form is simple and pure, as befits a faucet that is meant to emphasize the elemental beauty of water. The simple form allows the design to be easily translated into a series of faucets that cater to different settings and requirements. While the design is novel in terms of aesthetics, the sense of comfort in using a familiar domestic fitting is not lost as the faucet is designed to adopt the conventional interface of the hot and cold – handles basin mixer. Moreover, this tripartite arrangement fits in well with large basins and/or vanity tops.

ring bathroom faucet

ring bathroom faucet

ring bathroom faucet

Designer : Sun Liang via Yanko

Cifial Bathroom Faucet Techno M10 Joystick

A joystick bathroom faucet comes from Cifial, the sensation of gaming can be felt when you grab this bathroom faucet. The techno M10 has curvaceous and smooth design, featuring a simply demand to be discovered. Contemporary Techno M10 bathroom faucet will definitely redefine your bathroom style and add sensation of form in a faucet.

cifial techno m10 joystick

cifial techno m10 joystick faucet

bathroom faucet from cifial techno m10 joystick

cifial bathroom faucet techno m10 joystick

From : Cifial

F1 Bathroom Design from Grohe

Porsche Design has developed the F1 Bathroom Series for Grohe, a complete modern bathroom interior. With ceramic elements that takes its lead from the technical flavor of the F1 bathroom faucet range from Grohe. You can feel modern aura in simplistic forms, using high quality wood surfaces, cylindrical form, a timeless bathroom decoration.

f1 bathroom design

f1 bathroom design for grohe

f1 modern bathroom design

f1 bathroom design

From : Porsche Design for Grohe

Bathroom Faucet with Water Ball Ripples and Display Temperature

Really cool and futuristic bathroom faucet concept designed by Smith Newnam. You can control the Ripple faucet by maneuvering an electronic metal ball on top of the faucet. The red or blue glow indicates how hot or cold the water is, you can moving the metal ball around to control the temperature. A little game in the bathroom ? I like it…

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

Designer : Smith Newnam

Modern Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Ceramica Dolomite

Ceramica Dolomite electronic bathroom faucet gives you futuristic and modern atmosphere in your bathroom. This bathroom faucet is suitable for hotels, offices, or perhaps your guest bathroom. Ceramica Dolomite is an Italian company known for its high quality products and already distribute their products worldwide.

ceramica dolomite electronic bathroom faucet

modern ceramica dolomite electronic bathroom faucet

From : Ceramica Dolomite

Teknobili Oz Diamond Edition Bathroom Faucet

Luxury OZ Diamond Edition bathroom faucet from Teknobili with a glamour and sparkle touch perfect for fashion bathroom. This Oz bathroom faucet collection have been reproduced by Professor Alberto Cotogno (designed by Alberto Cotogno), a winner of the International Jewel Oscar, the professor created a work of art entirely in gold. Sprinkle 282 natural diamonds in the Oz Diamond Edition to give exclusive pleasure and taste for you who really appreciate the meaning of glamour.

teknobili bathroom faucet

teknobili luxury bathroom diamond faucet

teknobili diamond bathroom faucet

From : Teknobili

Paris 1 Bathroom Faucet from ModernBathroom

Having two knobs hot and cold sometimes can be irritating for some people, they don’t like adjust separate knobs to get the right temperature. Bathroom faucet from ModernBathroom does a good job integrating a lever. With solid brass core and a chrome, this Paris 1 bathroom faucet is easy to clean and no doubt in its durability.

modernbathroom faucet

modernbathroom faucet

From : ModernBathroom

Concetto Bathroom Faucet from Grohe

Designed with high-tech feature and slick style, Concetto bathroom faucet from Grohe won’t cause you to break your bank to have it. With its forward-leaning body and fresh modern look, concetto bathroom faucet can add a minimalist and modern touch to your bathroom.

grohe concetto bathroom faucet collections

grohe concetto bathroom faucet collections

grohe concetto bathroom faucet collections

grohe concetto bathroom faucet collections

From : Grohe


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