Amphora Luxury Bathroom Faucets from Phylrich

The new Amphora Bathroom Faucet Collection from Phylrich is featuring a Ribbon handle design. With unusual look and timeless forms, this pieces of ribbon is ideal from classic bathroom interior design. Phylrich is a company that doesn’t want to limit your individual style, they provide varies of beautiful luxury bathroom faucets for you to choose. This Amphora bathroom faucet collection from Phylrich can really captivate your eyes with its elegance sculpture.

amphora phylrich bathroom faucets

phylrich bathroom faucets from amphora

amphora phylrich bathroom faucets

From : Phylrich

Riva Waterfall Faucet from Bongio

Seeing waterfall from the picture. A beautiful one, extraordinary waterfall faucet design from Bongio gives you a new perspective on waterfall faucet. With its smooth plane of stainless steel shines as water flows over it from an integral outlet. The distinctive approach of the Riva is sensory perception of the cascading water, but doesn’t hide the unique design of the faucet itself. You can choose to install the faucet so that the water out in a stream from below or above, either way, the result is really extraordinary.

waterfall faucet from bongio

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Bathroom Faucet Collections 2008 from Newform

Start the 2008 with a new high quality bathroom faucet collections from Newform. If you have never heard of it, you might recognize their famous Tattoo and Morpho collections. The first two collections, class-x and neo class-x, the style is combination of modern elements and simple, yet intriguing and it suits your contemporary and modern bathroom design.

newform 2008 bathroom faucet collections

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Fountainhead Bathroom Faucet from Kohler

Kohler just launched fountainhead collection which offers a beautiful combination of the already popular Fountainhead shelf faucet with this attractive lavatory. Available in blanche maple and truffle ash, this fountainhead contemporary shelf faucet allows for a shooting, stream-like delivery of water. It is more appealing because of the higher than normal position and physically effective, you can bet this style is going to last long enough. Now with black and tan lavatory, this shelf faucet is even more beautiful.

kohler fountainhead bathroom faucet

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Where Glass Meets Ceramics : Bathroom Sink Basins from Villeroy and Boch

First impression of this bathroom sink basin, wow … you get the feeling of fresh air. The combination of glass and ceramics really gives the impression of futuristic. The glass bowl is really eye catching, the clean lines of this piece and put it on top of the tile is really a brilliant idea! Stylish: the installation is concealed from view within the rear panel, making it possible to select a wall-mounted tap fitting and outlet without the need for structural work in the bathroom.

bathroom sink basins from villeroy and boch

Manufacturer : Villeroy and Boch

Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Frisone (Bathroom Faucet Designs)

This faucet from Frisone is designed as if the water is flowing just like waterfall. You can experience the magic waterfall everyday using this faucet bathroom designs. The beauty of water can draw your attention, this faucet allowing the water to fall gracefully, calm and inspire, enhance your bathing experience with waterfall faucet from frisone.

waterless faucet by frisone

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