Porcelain Sink Collection from Mastertecno

Set yourself free from plain white bathroom furniture with the magnificent Mastertecno Porcelain Sink Collection. These brightly hued sinks and toilets are iconic objects which are instinctive focal points for your bathroom. Through its use of strong colors and smooth, sweeping shapes, the Mastertecno porcelain sink range shows how elements can be constantly re-experienced afresh. Plain colors show off the stunning forms of the bathroom furniture, plus the �Magma� decor is also available to add a extraordinary feature to sinks. The �Magma� process involves appliques on the ceramic surface, which results in a finish suggestive of an erupting volcano. This decorative technique comes with a gold star effect on an orange background, or a �mercury-on-ink� crackle effect. The unique porcelain items from Mastertecno are sure to become modern classics.

porcelain sink by mastertecno

porcelain sink by mastertecno

porcelain sink by mastertecno

From : Mastertecno

Cer Bathroom Sinks Collection from Agape

Range collection of CER bathroom sink from Agape offers unique approach to the often mundane. Some of these bathroom sinks are using wood as main materials, you can choose dark oak or light oak to find your color. What sets these sinks out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures.

Another collection would be made of marble and white ceramic materials, or small washbasin called Cheese, you can see it in the last picture below.

wood agape cer bathroom sink

agape bucatini cer bathroom sink collection

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Handcrafted Hammerwerks Copper Sinks from Houzer

No question in this handcrafted Hammerwerks copper sinks, you get professional quality and unique look of a bathroom sink. This copper sink will definitely fit both a rustic and urban setting bathroom decor. The line offers lavatory sinks in drop-in or undermount styles, above-counter vessels, and kitchen models. A hammered soaking bathtub is also available. The sinks come in numerous sizes, shapes and configurations.

hammerwerks copper bathroom sink from houzer

houzer hammerwerks copper bathroom sink

From : Houzer

Pear Bathroom Collection by Agape Design

Agape designed has released pear bathroom collection. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this free standing bathtub complements the bathroom range of Agape. Look at how the simple form expresses the ergonomic qualities and materiality of the design. Made from white satin-finished Exmar, the unmistakable design style that distinguishes the Pear collection is also evident in the semi-inset version of the washbasin, with its elegant and generous lines.

A new pedestal version of the Pear washbasin has been added to the range. The soft sculptural volume is carved like a monolith and complements the bathtub and the other elements of the range as a free standing piece, or placed against the wall.

pear bathtub by agape design

pear bathtub collection by agape design

pear washbasin by agape design

pear freestanding washbasin by agape design

pear freestanding bathroom sink by agape design

From : AgapeDesign, designed by Patricia Urquiola

Contemporary Wall-Mounted Order Bathroom Vanity from Cristalquattro

ORDER is new wall-mounted bathroom vanity collection from Cristalquattro. The curvaceous shape perfect for your contemporary bathroom deco, you can choose from range of bathroom vanities that suit your style. The sleekly curved area at the basin end defines the distinguished look of the ORDER. With high-shine glass worktop, the basin is free to join or interrupt. This wall-mounted bathroom vanity is made from natural oak, wenge-stained oak, and teak, very smooth and high skill crafted.

order bathroom vanity

order bathroom vanity from cristalquattro

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Retro Look Twice New’60 Bathroom Design from Branchetti

Twice New ’60 offers you powerful and rich colors to brighten your bathroom, instead of plain white. Made from high quality materials, to me, this bathroom design looks like retro style. Above the bathroom sink, there is a mirror in gold frame.

twice new '60 from branchetti

twice new '60 from branchetti

twice new '60 from branchetti

From : F.lli Branchetti

Schultz Pottery – Handpainted Bath Sinks

If you are a person who really appreciate an art, then handpainted bath sinks from Schultz Pottery might be suitable for your bathroom decor. From traditional country to contemporary modern, all available in variety of patterns including abstract, western, wild life, nature, etc.

handpainted bath sinks

schultz pottery handpainted bath sinks

handpainted bath sinks from schultz pottery

handpainted bath sinks

From : Schultz Pottery

Rendezvous with Future : Bathroom Sink Design from Cenk Kara

This sink designed by Cenk Kara, with the concept of rendezvous with future, this sink definitely can represent the meaning of rendezvous. But this is still a concept, you won’t see it in the market right now, hopefully soon.

sink design

sink design

Another sink designs by Cenk Kara

bathroom sink design

bathroom sink design

Designer : Cenk Kara

F1 Bathroom Design from Grohe

Porsche Design has developed the F1 Bathroom Series for Grohe, a complete modern bathroom interior. With ceramic elements that takes its lead from the technical flavor of the F1 bathroom faucet range from Grohe. You can feel modern aura in simplistic forms, using high quality wood surfaces, cylindrical form, a timeless bathroom decoration.

f1 bathroom design

f1 bathroom design for grohe

f1 modern bathroom design

f1 bathroom design

From : Porsche Design for Grohe

K-Whale Bathroom Design Inspired by Killer Whale

Killer whale one of the largest creatures in the ocean does make a good inspiration for this K-Whale bathroom design. Evoking the form and structure of a killer whale, Mandworks Design came up with luxurious tub and sink set, the line is designed to channel the essence of water, speed, dynamic shapes and organic feelings.

k-whale bathroom collection

k-whale bathroom collection

From : Manworks Design


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