New Loft + Bath from Zoli

Elegant and textural, the Loft + Bath Series from ZOLi uses wood, glass, concrete, stainless steel, porcelain, leather and brass to create memorable pieces with thoughtful touches. With options ranging from a stainless-steel sink with a leather-wrapped cabinet to a concrete basin matched with a contemporary wood vanity, the collection offers something for everyone. The series encompasses 10 main collections that include washbasins and bowls, independent cabinets, mirrors and medicine cabinets, lighting and accessories.

zoli new loft bath contemporary bathroom

zoli contemporary bathroom new loft+bath

zoli contemporary bathroom

From : Zoli

Water Jewels Bathroom Collection Designed by Matteo Thun from Vitra

Designed by Matteo Thun for Vitra, this water jewels bathroom collection is made from alternative materials, e.g.:wood, marble, glass, and solid stone. Thun did not want to create a bathroom collection made from traditional ceramics which commonly used for bathroom design and manufacture. Dawn Robinson as showroom specialists for Vitra says “We are privileged to be involved in one of Matteo Thun’s amazing design creations. It is such an honor”

In terms of color, Matteo didn’t want to limit his vision, that is why he is offering Water Jewels bathroom collection in variety of colors including blue and terra cotta.

water jewels bathroom ideas

modern water jewels bathroom ideas

water jewels bathroom design from vitra

matteo thun water jewels bathroom design

water jewels bathroom designed by matteo thun

From : Vitra

Minimalist and Modern Bathroom Sink from Wet Style

A touch of minimalist and modern design in bathroom sink from Wet Style. This bathroom sink can blend very well in your bathroom decor because of its simplicity, yet modern style. Made from composite resin, you can redesign this bathroom sink into freestanding style or mounted onto a pedestal.

wet style bathroom sink

modern wet style bathroom sink

minimalist wet style bathroom sink

simple wet style bathroom sink

From : Wet Style

Snail Bathroom Sink from Varm

Beautiful art in your bathroom sink. This eye-catching bathroom sink with curvaceous form makes it really easy to blend with contemporary bathroom design. Those intriguing bathroom sink forms comes with pure white ceramic, but also available distinctive checkered pattern, or a touch of luxurious gold, pick your sink.

bathroom sink from varm

bathroom sink from varm

bathroom sink from varm

From : VarmDesign

Mosaic Bathroom Sink from Alchemy

Alchemy’s mosaic bathroom sink will definitely have people running their hands over your countertops when they visit. The company’s glass is hand-crafted, using “unique fusing and slumping methods” to bring out its beauty.

alchemy mosaic bathroom sink

alchemy mosaic bathroom sink

From : Alchemy

Minimalist AIS Bathroom Sink from Moab 80

Moab 80 introduced a clear minimalist ais bathroom sink which maintain a clean liner aspect and eliminates the need for a faucet. Fully integrate water system, allow a mini-waterfall within the sink, strong, bold lines are the focus of the sink. With its impressive white color, present a pure and luxury bathroom design. A metallic cube-shaped handle adds interest at the right corner? simply push the handle away from you to release the stream of water. Looking to the future with its fantastic hidden water sheet construction, the Moab 80 AIS is a compelling all inclusive sink.

moab 80 ais sink

minimalist bathroom sink from moab80

From : Moab80

Piudue Bathroom Furniture – Insipred by Sea Shells

Piudue bathroom furniture is inspired by beautiful sea shells. Made up from perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, piudue catch your eyes with its minimalist form, convey a sense of rhythm and equilibrium. Piudue bathroom furniture module fit perfect symmetry and balance of the “+” sign.

bathroom furniture from piudue

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Hatria Introduced Grandangolo Bathroom Sink

Hatria introduced a new line of sinks, Grandangolo. Beautiful and modern design dominated by a curved line that defines the shape of the sink. You can use these large sink in the corners of the bathroom, simple and elegance. This sinks are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your bathroom dimensions perfectly.

grandangolo bathroom sink

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ArtCeram Bathroom Sink 2008 Collections Preview

Bathroom sink collections from ArtCeram give you small preview on the simple design approach. Too bad it doesn’t reveal too much information to share with all of you.
ArtCeram released a teaser preview of the 2008 collections. We are very anxious to see the final products as the preview images do not reveal too much, but what is evident is that ArtCeram continues into 2008 with the same simple design approach that we liked so much in their recent products. We particulary liked the spoon inspired sink and the colored edges of the La Ciotola collection. There is unfortunately not much info on these beautiful additions yet, more info coming as soon as it is available.

artceram sink collections

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Clear Glass Washbasin from Cazana Design

Gondola, clear glass washbasin allows casana design to run free with imagination. The lack of solid visual boundaries is a great asset of a clear glass washbasin, and this allows for Cazana Design?s highly innovative approach. The underneath of gondola vessel is an open display area which let you create your own style with small objects of your choice. If you are a nature lover, you can try put sea shells and pebbles, viewing them while washing your hands.

glass washbasin from cazana design

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