Contemporary L’uovo Egg-Shaped Bathroom Vanity from Giemmegi

Taking the shape of an egg, this bathroom vanity from Giemmegi looks futuristic yet it has retro style. L’uovo bathroom vanity features storage space inside its compact size, integrated with light, mirror, and sink this contemporary vanity is beautiful balance between usability and style. Our urban lifestyle demands for more space, with L’uovo, we’ll get what we want. The wonderful color of L’uovo vanity is ideal for interior with trendy decoration, very unique.

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity from giemmegi

luovo bathroom vanity by giemmegi

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity

luovo bathroom vanity

From : Giemmegi

Narciso Classic Luxury Bathroom Vanity by Eurolegno

Beautiful and eye-catching luxury bathroom vanity with classic style featuring long, wavy handles or small, square ones. Narciso luxury bathroom vanity certainly understand how spoil your taste of luxury, available in gold, silver or white finishes, the lines are provocative and sensual. Complete your chic bathroom design with this bathroom vanity and combine it with perfect mirrors and lighting.

narciso luxury bathroom vanity by eurolegno

narciso luxury bathroom vanity

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Ladybird – Bathroom Vanity and Bathtub As One Unit

In the future, we are going to face living spaces problem which getting smaller and smaller. With that in mind, Coco Reynolds tried to design a bathtub that won’t need large extra space in our bathroom. Coco realized, that normal sized bathtubs not only consume a great deal of water but also space, so Coco designed a bathtub that not just to help us stop wasting water but also help us saving more space.

Ladybird is a compact bathtub that help people enjoy their bathing ritual while at the same time eliminate the need for a large bathroom. User can lifts away the sink to reveal a bathtub below it. But from my point of view, I don’t think big sized people will still enjoy their bathing ritual inside this small bathtub. Hopefully Coco Reynolds is planning to design ladybird with larger size.

ladybird bathtub and vanity from coco reynolds

ladybird bathtub from coco reynolds

From : Coco Reynolds

Contemporary Wall-Mounted Order Bathroom Vanity from Cristalquattro

ORDER is new wall-mounted bathroom vanity collection from Cristalquattro. The curvaceous shape perfect for your contemporary bathroom deco, you can choose from range of bathroom vanities that suit your style. The sleekly curved area at the basin end defines the distinguished look of the ORDER. With high-shine glass worktop, the basin is free to join or interrupt. This wall-mounted bathroom vanity is made from natural oak, wenge-stained oak, and teak, very smooth and high skill crafted.

order bathroom vanity

order bathroom vanity from cristalquattro

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Deco Bathroom Vanity Collections from Arbi

Dynamic style deco bathroom vanity from Arbi. The detail of this bathroom vanities are vary, starting from contemporary, modern, till futuristic. Look at Deco 1 vanity which comes in glossy metallic silver, perfect for modern bathroom design. While deco 2 vanity has stunning metallic bronze with curvaceous mirror gives futuristic atmosphere. And the Deco 3, completely in shining black and oval sink, making a bold statement.

deco bathroom vanity by arbi

deco unique form bathroom vanity

deco wavy bathroom vanity

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Deko Luxury Bathroom Vanity from Idea Group

Luxury bathroom vanity comes from Idea Group. This deko bathroom vanity is very elegance, makes it timeless bathroom decor with its curvy and charming design. You can locate a drawer under the top, or you can also pick two drawer freestanding unit to be added underneath. This classic and luxury bathroom vanity is available in white, black, or olive green.

deko bathroom vanity

deko bathroom vanity from idea group

deko luxury bathroom vanity

deko bathroom vanity

From : Idea Group

Wave Bathroom Vanity from RAB Aredobagno

Wave bathroom vanity offers you beautiful curved vanity design. The combination of the vanity and sink, create a variety look, unified by the Wave concept. This bathroom vanity copies the shape of water which flow into it. Feel free to combine any color and material, create a new bathroom vanity design with your choices, you might get surprise on how it looks like on your bathroom.

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

From : RAB aredobagno

Dream Luxury Bathroom Vanity from Cima

Create a luxury bathroom but don’t want to lose the traditional touch ? This dream bathroom vanity from Cima can help make your ‘dream’ come true. The combination of 24k gold trim and Mediterranean style give your classic bathroom a different touch, whether you choose a white or a black ceramic pottery finish, or a golden tecnoril finish, you won’t be disappointed.

dream bathroom vanity from cima

dream exclusive bathroom vanity from cima

dream bathroom vanity from cima

cima luxury bathroom vanity

From : Cima

Birex Bathroom Vanity Collection – Lacquered and Wooden Vanities

The shape of this luxury bathroom vanity is simple, yet very elegant. This extraordinary Birex bathroom? collection can add different touch to your bathroom decor. The vanity comes in natural wood: dark oak, grey oak, and walnut with optional marble worktops. You can create more adventurous look, high gloss lacquered finishes give maximum impact in stunning colors such as red, green and black. A classic shape with so many variations of expression, the Versa vanities are available from Birex.

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

birex bathroom vanity collections

From : Birex

Marble Top Washstand from Payma

Natural marble stone for your washstand is perfect for your classic and elegant bathroom design. The CaesarStone and marble top washstands bring sophistication to any transitional or modern bathroom. You can choose from range of beautiful styles and different stones, starting from bianco venatino marble top, snowdrift, till crocus in gray caesarstone. With polished chrome and nickel accents, very elegant sculpture.

payma natural marble washstand

payma natural stone washstand

modern payma marble washstand

From : Payma


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