Unique Shape Washbasin from Natural Stone by Bandini

Take a look from any angle, this stone washbasins still look perfect. Prisma and Vela stone washbasins from Bandini is made with high sculptural qualities, made of Moonstone, try to change and interact with the lighting, you’ll see that you can get various view and make it personal. The Prisma has a triangular shape and spirals upwards with a cheeky twist. Vela is as soft and free-flowing as a cloth caught by the wing. Minimal and smooth, the form is interrupted only by two ripples on the outer surface. Standing alone, the washbasins would be viewed as art. But combined with the washing function, the sinks are integrally useful in our everyday lives � something beautiful to experience again each day.

bandini natural stone washbasin

bandini natural stone washbasin

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Ebano Wooden Bathroom Sink

Beautiful and elegant wooden sink is described perfectly through Ebano wooden bathroom sink. This wooden sink is carved out wooden piece and applying the finesse of the luxury materials, starting the new trend ? This particular wooden basin made in stone rain wood blends into the warm environment with its linear outer dimensions while the delicate sculpture on the inside softly embraces the natural light while captivating the glorious stone grain in redolent color. Perfect for bathroom with “back to nature” theme.

ebano wooden washbasin

ebano wooden sink

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Modern Vision Washbasin and Arne Bathtub from Rapsel

Totally modern bathroom design from Rapsel. Vision washbasin and Arne bathtub, both have futuristic forms to give high design and modern appeal to your bathroom. Arne bathtub is a tribute to 1960’s chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen, with its distinctive and supportive back rest feature, this bathtub made of entirely titanic resin, create an iconic item to your bathroom. While the vision washbasin will definitely captivate your guests, the crinkled paper effect of the entire body of the vanity creates unique appearance, round or oval shape. Light shines through from within, highlighting the unique material of the vanity and allowing it to function as a welcoming nightlight feature. If you desire for cutting edge modern bathroom design to reflect your personality with its originality, this bathroom collection from Rapsel is your great choice.

vision washbasin

vision washbasin from rapsel

arne bathtub

arne bathtub from rapsel

Source : Rapsel via TrenDir

Ceramica Flamina Dip Basin Made of Ceramics

Dip basin is really emphasizes shape, both the tap ledge and center drain model are characterized by their height. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, this bathroom washbasin is enhancing the importance of the ceramic material.

ceramica flaminia washhand basins

ceramica flaminia washhand basins

ceramica flaminia washhand basins

From : Ceramica Flaminia

Mini Ebb 24 Washbasin from Neo Metro

Funky and compact wash basin called Mini Ebb is perfect for young and funky professionals. This can be one of solution in urban lifestyle which need more and more space. Very colorful available in range of bright and beautiful tints, you can even ask for custom color with additional fee. This washbasin can be lit with a separately sold lighting package, you can welcome your guest in the bathroom with a sink that glows. Mini Ebb washbasin also available in wall mounted version, or choose deep/shallow sink versions.

neo metro mini ebb 24 washbasin

neo metro mini ebb 24 washbasin

neo metro mini ebb 24 washbasin

From : Neo Metro

Cer Bathroom Sinks Collection from Agape

Range collection of CER bathroom sink from Agape offers unique approach to the often mundane. Some of these bathroom sinks are using wood as main materials, you can choose dark oak or light oak to find your color. What sets these sinks out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures.

Another collection would be made of marble and white ceramic materials, or small washbasin called Cheese, you can see it in the last picture below.

wood agape cer bathroom sink

agape bucatini cer bathroom sink collection

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Tara.Logic Collection by Dornbracht

This contemporary sink and faucet collections come from Dornbracht. Tara.Logic is based on the design language of Tara Classic, a contemporary design classic, but is more elegant and refined in design. By consciously selecting a lever mixer, its lines are made slimmer and livelier; a verticallity that is also reflected in the architecture of the Tara.Logic Ritual Bathroom.

tara logic classic wall mounted basin

tara logic bathroom faucet

tara logic faucet from dornbracht

From : Dornbracht

Pear Bathroom Collection by Agape Design

Agape designed has released pear bathroom collection. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this free standing bathtub complements the bathroom range of Agape. Look at how the simple form expresses the ergonomic qualities and materiality of the design. Made from white satin-finished Exmar, the unmistakable design style that distinguishes the Pear collection is also evident in the semi-inset version of the washbasin, with its elegant and generous lines.

A new pedestal version of the Pear washbasin has been added to the range. The soft sculptural volume is carved like a monolith and complements the bathtub and the other elements of the range as a free standing piece, or placed against the wall.

pear bathtub by agape design

pear bathtub collection by agape design

pear washbasin by agape design

pear freestanding washbasin by agape design

pear freestanding bathroom sink by agape design

From : AgapeDesign, designed by Patricia Urquiola

Grandangolo Wasbasin System from Hatria

This unique washbasin system offers heat-emitting in its surface. The heat comes out from its ceramic surfaces that can warm the whole bathroom at an optimum temperature, so you won’t be shocked by unpleasant cold surfaces. The shape of the washbasins itself is unique, curved line, long, and smooth, giving a sensation of harmony.

grandangolo heated washbasin from hatria

heated washbasin from hatria

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