Wave Bathroom Vanity from RAB Aredobagno

Wave bathroom vanity offers you beautiful curved vanity design. The combination of the vanity and sink, create a variety look, unified by the Wave concept. This bathroom vanity copies the shape of water which flow into it. Feel free to combine any color and material, create a new bathroom vanity design with your choices, you might get surprise on how it looks like on your bathroom.

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

wave bathroom vanity from RAB aredobagno

From : RAB aredobagno

Bathroom Faucet with Water Ball Ripples and Display Temperature

Really cool and futuristic bathroom faucet concept designed by Smith Newnam. You can control the Ripple faucet by maneuvering an electronic metal ball on top of the faucet. The red or blue glow indicates how hot or cold the water is, you can moving the metal ball around to control the temperature. A little game in the bathroom ? I like it…

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

water ball ripple bathroom faucet

Designer : Smith Newnam

Minimalist and Modern Bathroom Sink from Wet Style

A touch of minimalist and modern design in bathroom sink from Wet Style. This bathroom sink can blend very well in your bathroom decor because of its simplicity, yet modern style. Made from composite resin, you can redesign this bathroom sink into freestanding style or mounted onto a pedestal.

wet style bathroom sink

modern wet style bathroom sink

minimalist wet style bathroom sink

simple wet style bathroom sink

From : Wet Style

Modern Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Ceramica Dolomite

Ceramica Dolomite electronic bathroom faucet gives you futuristic and modern atmosphere in your bathroom. This bathroom faucet is suitable for hotels, offices, or perhaps your guest bathroom. Ceramica Dolomite is an Italian company known for its high quality products and already distribute their products worldwide.

ceramica dolomite electronic bathroom faucet

modern ceramica dolomite electronic bathroom faucet

From : Ceramica Dolomite

Girlie Bathroom with Carlisle Pink Bath Collections

Complete the femininity of your bathroom atmosphere with Carlisle pink bath collection. This pink bath collections include toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, wastebasket, shower curtain, soap dish, tissue holder, and tumbler. Each of those bathroom accessories are sold separately, so you can pick which bathroom accessories that you need to complete your bathroom decor.

carlisle pink bathroom collection

Shop for Carlisle Pink Bath Collections

Shine Bathroom Tile by Novabell

Shine bathroom tile collections from Novabell sure can suit your bathroom contemporary design. This high-gloss tile available in wide range of motifs, it can be blended very well with your bathroom interior design to avoid domination. But if you prefer to create the tile as the bold point of your bathroom, we suggest you to choose the striking textures or the glossy one.

shine bathroom tile collections

novabell shine bathroom tile collections

shine bathroom tile collections from novabell

From : Novabell

Luxury Sok Overflowing Bath from Kohler

Want to have soaking experience ? Kohler sok overflowing bath can give you the perfect solution and atmosphere. Designed for two people, new sok overflowing bath also features seating areas. Feel the excitement with your partner of having slow moving water continuously flowing. You can incorporate calming chromatherapy and champagne-like effervescent bubbles that caress your skin to further customize your placid escape.

kohler sok overflowing bath

From : Kohler

Teknobili Oz Diamond Edition Bathroom Faucet

Luxury OZ Diamond Edition bathroom faucet from Teknobili with a glamour and sparkle touch perfect for fashion bathroom. This Oz bathroom faucet collection have been reproduced by Professor Alberto Cotogno (designed by Alberto Cotogno), a winner of the International Jewel Oscar, the professor created a work of art entirely in gold. Sprinkle 282 natural diamonds in the Oz Diamond Edition to give exclusive pleasure and taste for you who really appreciate the meaning of glamour.

teknobili bathroom faucet

teknobili luxury bathroom diamond faucet

teknobili diamond bathroom faucet

From : Teknobili

Bathroom Container from Bano

Add brightness in your bathroom with this handcrafted of bamboo bathroom container. Available in black, white, and green. Bano organizes your scattered essentials in a ultra chic manner.

bano bathroom container

bathroom container from bano

Product Page : Bano

Dream Luxury Bathroom Vanity from Cima

Create a luxury bathroom but don’t want to lose the traditional touch ? This dream bathroom vanity from Cima can help make your ‘dream’ come true. The combination of 24k gold trim and Mediterranean style give your classic bathroom a different touch, whether you choose a white or a black ceramic pottery finish, or a golden tecnoril finish, you won’t be disappointed.

dream bathroom vanity from cima

dream exclusive bathroom vanity from cima

dream bathroom vanity from cima

cima luxury bathroom vanity

From : Cima


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