Wood Bathroom Vanity by Lacava

Decoring a wood theme bathroom? Try to consider wood bathroom vanity from lacava. Bathroom vanity from lacava gives you full range of wood options and sizes from a simple sink stand till dual sink model with cabinets. This wood bathroom vanity collection from lacava gives you clean and modern selection of bathroom vanities. But not only that, the collection also includes classic selections which consist of bathroom accessories, bathroom toilets, bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets, and bathroom showers as well.

bathroom vanities from lacava

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Where Glass Meets Ceramics : Bathroom Sink Basins from Villeroy and Boch

First impression of this bathroom sink basin, wow … you get the feeling of fresh air. The combination of glass and ceramics really gives the impression of futuristic. The glass bowl is really eye catching, the clean lines of this piece and put it on top of the tile is really a brilliant idea! Stylish: the installation is concealed from view within the rear panel, making it possible to select a wall-mounted tap fitting and outlet without the need for structural work in the bathroom.

bathroom sink basins from villeroy and boch

Manufacturer : Villeroy and Boch

Waterfall Bathroom Faucet from Frisone (Bathroom Faucet Designs)

This faucet from Frisone is designed as if the water is flowing just like waterfall. You can experience the magic waterfall everyday using this faucet bathroom designs. The beauty of water can draw your attention, this faucet allowing the water to fall gracefully, calm and inspire, enhance your bathing experience with waterfall faucet from frisone.

waterless faucet by frisone

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Bathroom With Wood Element ? Classic Wooden Sink from Flowood

Simple and minimalist, that is our first impression on wooden sink from flowood. You can use this sink as one of wood elements with fabulous design as part of your bathroom interior designs. Flowood insists that there are no limits to the design ? the intention is to provide customized items which will last a lifetime.

wood element bathroom

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Contemporary Tratto Bathrom from Disegno Ceramica

Contemporary Bathroom from Disegno Ceramica is having a smooth and gently rounded shapes. If you want to create a bathroom that giving sense of harmony, try use these products. You can have bidet, toilet and sinks that are so eye-catching. Suitable for anyone with sophisticated styles.

contemporary bathroom tratto

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Fashionable Corian Sinks Design from Lagares

If you are a fashionable person, you should install this eye-catching sinks from Lagares. Corian sinks offer beauty and versatility, made from acrylics with natural materials, flat surfaces of corian sinks are ultra hygienic. With minimalist and linear water outlets do not require plugs. The transparent front panel adds clarity to the design.

fashionable corian sinks from lagares

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Enhance Your Lifestyle with Infrared Sauna

Let’s enhance your lifestyle with infrared sauna, this handmade sauna is included with five ceramic sauna heaters and safe form of heat energy that is known by infrared ray. This healthy rays will help you release toxins from your body, plus comfortable ergonomic backrest, cd player, 2 speakers, reading light and drink stand. The most important thing is, the digital control box to control over the temperature as you wish.

Infrared Sauna from Wasauna

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Modern Automatic Dulce Bathtub From Stas Doyer

Look at this beautiful automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer, enjoy the hydromassage on your daily routine with Dulce bathtub. Available in 130 model and 6 massage functions, 180 jets of water, with size for one person, you can program this bathtub that suit your needs. To add futuristic appeal, Dulce bathtub is combined with vivid chromotherapy lighting.

modern automatic bathtub

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Rain Shower from Zucchetti

You can have unique experience with shower head from Zucchetti, it’s like taking a shower under the rain with adjustable flow. This luxury shower head is designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The ceiling-mounted shower panel features a simple circular light which incorporates the benefits of color therapy while the speaker on the side plays relaxing tunes or your favorite soundtracks. The attractive head can be installed flat on the ceiling or suspended with cables, and is available in a chrome or satin finish. Whether you prefer the standard version or the version with central LED light.

rain shower from zucchetti

Manufacturer : Zucchetti

Amethyst Bathtubs and Sinks

This luxurious bathtubs and sinks are built entirely out of amethyst, a semi-precious stone. The combination of golden accent and natural color of this beautiful stone makes a perfect choice for you who are looking for luxurious decorative bathroom. Just for your information, this stone in the past regarded as one of the most precious gemstone along with diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald.

amethyst bathtubs

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