Wood Bathroom Vanity from Mariner

Wood bathroom vanity from Mariner designed with natural and crafted materials. If you are creating a natural look for you bathroom, you can choose this bathroom vanity to complete it. The curvy forms highlight the innate grain of the wood. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the bathroom vanity are using bands of different woods, looks beautiful in harmony. The modern and clean look should make perfect combination for your contemporary bathroom.

mariner bathroom vanity

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Piudue Bathroom Furniture – Insipred by Sea Shells

Piudue bathroom furniture is inspired by beautiful sea shells. Made up from perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, piudue catch your eyes with its minimalist form, convey a sense of rhythm and equilibrium. Piudue bathroom furniture module fit perfect symmetry and balance of the “+” sign.

bathroom furniture from piudue

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Walk-in Wardrobe by Team 7 for High-End Homes

Designed by Team 7, this amazing custom closet system help you to be able to see all your clothes because it puts you right in the center of things. This contemporary custom closet can help you save your precious time for searching the perfect dress or accessory to compliment your attire. This walk-in wardrobe is using natural wood system and very functional, the smooth and snag-free drawers with clear panels which allow you to see drawer’s content before you open it.

walk-in wardrobe

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U-(you) – Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Collections

Minimalist bathroom furniture collections from U-(you) give your bathroom minimalist and simple interior design. The title U itself is because the bathroom furniture looks like a letter “U”. Thanks to their smooth surface, those bathroom furnitures are easily to assemble and clean.

minimalist bathroom furniture

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Bisque Bow Fronted Towel Radiator

This towel radiator can add modern value to your bathroom. With attractive design, stunning chrome and color, this bisque towel radiator provides greater clearance for your biggest, softest towels.

bisque towel radiator

From : ukbathroom

Hatria Introduced Grandangolo Bathroom Sink

Hatria introduced a new line of sinks, Grandangolo. Beautiful and modern design dominated by a curved line that defines the shape of the sink. You can use these large sink in the corners of the bathroom, simple and elegance. This sinks are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your bathroom dimensions perfectly.

grandangolo bathroom sink

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ArtCeram Bathroom Sink 2008 Collections Preview

Bathroom sink collections from ArtCeram give you small preview on the simple design approach. Too bad it doesn’t reveal too much information to share with all of you.
ArtCeram released a teaser preview of the 2008 collections. We are very anxious to see the final products as the preview images do not reveal too much, but what is evident is that ArtCeram continues into 2008 with the same simple design approach that we liked so much in their recent products. We particulary liked the spoon inspired sink and the colored edges of the La Ciotola collection. There is unfortunately not much info on these beautiful additions yet, more info coming as soon as it is available.

artceram sink collections

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Decorate Your Bathroom with Kos Bathroom Furniture from Nova Linea

Look at this bathroom art from Nova Linea, the combination of high-end bathroom products and beautiful shapes becomes a beautiful modern bathroom furnitures and decoration from Nova Linea. This is great example of the 2008 trend which bringing art into functionality. Featuring a strong contrast of simple shapes and rich decorative patterns as well as color, and ridden of any excess details, such as cabinet door handles which could only disturb the harmony of elements, the beautiful and bold Kos compositions will easily steal the spotlight in any bathroom. Let’s bring art into your bathroom …

bathroom furniture from nova linea

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Heart Shaped Whirlpool Bathtub

Enjoy romantic night on valentine’s day with this Royal Heart Whirlpool Bathtub. A luxury whirlpool bathtub for two person which has a waterfall that runs down the back of the tub. Completed with jet massage, water jet massage, radio, cd ready and much more for your ultimate bathing experience with your spouse. Royal heart whirlpool bathtub has contemporary design that will fit any bathroom.

royal heart whirlpool bathtub

From the Website :
? Waterfall
? Bathtub Capacity 110 Gallons
? Water Jets
? Multifunction Handheld Showerhead
? Comptuerized Control Panel
? Chromo therapy lighting
? Head Cushions
? Digital Steam Timing
? FM Radio & External CD/Stereo Hookups
? 21 Massage Jets

From : My-Bath

Fountainhead Bathroom Faucet from Kohler

Kohler just launched fountainhead collection which offers a beautiful combination of the already popular Fountainhead shelf faucet with this attractive lavatory. Available in blanche maple and truffle ash, this fountainhead contemporary shelf faucet allows for a shooting, stream-like delivery of water. It is more appealing because of the higher than normal position and physically effective, you can bet this style is going to last long enough. Now with black and tan lavatory, this shelf faucet is even more beautiful.

kohler fountainhead bathroom faucet

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