Enhance Your Lifestyle with Infrared Sauna

Let’s enhance your lifestyle with infrared sauna, this handmade sauna is included with five ceramic sauna heaters and safe form of heat energy that is known by infrared ray. This healthy rays will help you release toxins from your body, plus comfortable ergonomic backrest, cd player, 2 speakers, reading light and drink stand. The most important thing is, the digital control box to control over the temperature as you wish.

Infrared Sauna from Wasauna

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Modern Automatic Dulce Bathtub From Stas Doyer

Look at this beautiful automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer, enjoy the hydromassage on your daily routine with Dulce bathtub. Available in 130 model and 6 massage functions, 180 jets of water, with size for one person, you can program this bathtub that suit your needs. To add futuristic appeal, Dulce bathtub is combined with vivid chromotherapy lighting.

modern automatic bathtub

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Rain Shower from Zucchetti

You can have unique experience with shower head from Zucchetti, it’s like taking a shower under the rain with adjustable flow. This luxury shower head is designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The ceiling-mounted shower panel features a simple circular light which incorporates the benefits of color therapy while the speaker on the side plays relaxing tunes or your favorite soundtracks. The attractive head can be installed flat on the ceiling or suspended with cables, and is available in a chrome or satin finish. Whether you prefer the standard version or the version with central LED light.

rain shower from zucchetti

Manufacturer : Zucchetti

Amethyst Bathtubs and Sinks

This luxurious bathtubs and sinks are built entirely out of amethyst, a semi-precious stone. The combination of golden accent and natural color of this beautiful stone makes a perfect choice for you who are looking for luxurious decorative bathroom. Just for your information, this stone in the past regarded as one of the most precious gemstone along with diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald.

amethyst bathtubs

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Bored with Your White Tub ? Pick Kali’ Kolor Tubs from Blu Bleu

Bathtub doesn’t always in white color, if you are bored with the white plain color, now you can pick Kali’ Kolor tubs from Blu Bleu which has 192 of color choices that suit your personality. Choosing glossy, satin or metallic will ensure that you have a rare bathtub and very fashionable. The tub comes with removable panels and four different shapes. With one touch of a button in the digital remote control, you have option as air jets, ozone plant, and chrome relax lighting.

kali kolor tubs from blu blue

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Shower Cabin with Sliding Shower Heads by Glass Idromassaggio

Want to have open space impression ? The new Andros shower cabin range from Glass Idromassaggio will help achieve that. Enclosed by 8mm thick toughened glass, each shower cabin is designed to be unobtrusive, blending into your bathroom decor rather than dominating it. The cabin glass stays sparkling clear due to the special Shining Glass scale-preventative treatment it receives. A functional anodized aluminium structure grabs attention as the ultra-modern centralised control panel – and home to the many exciting shower functions. The Raindance shower head slides to reach where you need it most; the 8 side jets provide hydro-massage; a steam bath function comes as an optional extra.

shower cabin with sliding shower head

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Beautiful Freestanding Sinks by Cogliati Cogliati

Beautiful sinks from Cogliati Cogliati, built out of limestone and colored glass center block, with 10mm thick glass enclosure, you can make beautiful bathroom with it. This modern bathroom decoration are available in black, white and red, or you can pick artistic patterns that printed over the central block.

freestanding sinks from cogliati cogliati

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The Kubik – Contemporary Bahtroom Idea from Milldue

Using high quality materials, the kubik contemporary bathroom from Milldue gives you simplistic, minimalist bathroom interior design. Explore those gorgeous sink, curving faucet shows you that well-equipped bathroom can also stripped-down style. Perfect combination of the drawers and handles that do not disturb the contemporary units.

the kubik contemporary bathroom idea

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The Safe Hands Bath – Handicap Accessible Walk-In Bathtub

Using this walk-in bathtub, it can help seniors and disabled individuals with confidence and independence. The tub was recently named recipient of the Qualified Remodeler magazine product of the year award. If you are interested in buying this bathtub, try contact wasauna, in-home delivery is free on this product.

handicap accessible bathtub

Designer : Wasauna

Ball Shaped Sinks from Scarabeo

Ball shaped sinks from Scarabeo collection can complete your curvy shape trends bathroom. You can have minimalist modern bathroom or just detail oriented, this kind of shape can perfectly suit your bathroom interior design. The combination of bold shape and clear line, give your bathroom a futuristic yet elegant look.

round shaped sinks from scarabeo

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