Avec Toi Shower Cabin from KOS

Absolute lightness, both physical and aesthetic for the latest multi functional shower box. The innovative structure in aluminum means that thicknesses and dimensions of the walls can be reduced creating a sophisticated wellbeing unit, a glass house, a concept more of a living space than a bathroom. Avec recalls minimalist architecture in its slender elements, its material, its modern electronics.

With its distinctive architectural hallmark, Avec provides a perfect match to the collection of bathtubs, shower trays and multifunctional shower boxes from Kos, created by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, designers recognised at an international level for their high quality work.

kos avec toi shower cabin

kos avec toi shower cabin

From : KOS

WaterTile Round from Kohler

WaterTile Round adds a new, versatile shape to the collection of WaterTile bodysprays. Like the original, the direction of spray can be adjusted with the touch of a finger, and the recessed installation features an uncluttered and refined aesthetic.

watertile round from kohler

kohler watertile round

watertile round from kohler

From : Kohler

SilverTag Shower with Touch Screen

Controlled by computer, this SilverTAG shower can accurately change the water temperature and pressure according to your need. The touch screen panel is available for you to choose from several sequences designed by spa specialist for relaxation.

The signature aspect of TAG showers is that water is delivered by computer control to different areas of your body at different temperatures and pressures at the same time. This is then used to create distinct hydrotherapy sequences to invigorate, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress in virtually any custom creation.

silvertag shower

silvertag computer shower

The standard shower is designed with six zones: Overhead, Shoulders, Upper Torso, Lower Torso, Upper Legs, and Lower Legs. Each zone has independent controls for temperature and pressure. Fixtures have been carefully selected for each zone to have the most beneficial effects. TAG Signature has designed and manufactured the shoulder showerhead specifically for this application.

silvertag shower with touchscreen

From : TagSignature

Stone Bathroom from Il Marmo

Carved from natural stone, this luxury bathroom from Il Marmo can add natural nuance for your bathroom. Tub or shower, doesn’t matter, because there are stone fixtures available to suit your needs. This is not just ordinary stone, each one has naturally unique in color and pattern, what a beautiful marble, so smooth and curvaceous.

il marmo stone bathroom

il marmo stone bathroom

il marmo stone bathroom

il marmo stone bathroom

From : il marmo

Walk-In Eclisse Moon Shaped Shower by Cesana

Stunning walk-in shower from Cesana by Piet Billekens, eliminate the danger of slippery bathroom floors, because there are two walk-in area inside, wet and dry. With bright aluminium and chromed brass components, the shower makes beautiful combination in stainless steel glass protection.

cesana walk-in shower curve style

eclisse walk-in curve shower style from cesana

cesana eclisse walk-in shower curve style

From : Cesana

Cyan Walk-In Shower from Kohler (Handicap Bathroom)

Handicap bathroom needs walk-in shower that makes the users easy to enter, features a curved glass wall with an open end, this cyan walk-in shower can complete your handicap bathroom. This walk-in shower doesn’t mean only suitable for disable people but also for elders, with its cleancoat surface coating offers ease of cleaning without scrubbing or chemicals.

handicap bathroom from kohler, cyan walk-in shower

Manufacturer : Kohler

Rain Shower from Zucchetti

You can have unique experience with shower head from Zucchetti, it’s like taking a shower under the rain with adjustable flow. This luxury shower head is designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. The ceiling-mounted shower panel features a simple circular light which incorporates the benefits of color therapy while the speaker on the side plays relaxing tunes or your favorite soundtracks. The attractive head can be installed flat on the ceiling or suspended with cables, and is available in a chrome or satin finish. Whether you prefer the standard version or the version with central LED light.

rain shower from zucchetti

Manufacturer : Zucchetti

Shower Cabin with Sliding Shower Heads by Glass Idromassaggio

Want to have open space impression ? The new Andros shower cabin range from Glass Idromassaggio will help achieve that. Enclosed by 8mm thick toughened glass, each shower cabin is designed to be unobtrusive, blending into your bathroom decor rather than dominating it. The cabin glass stays sparkling clear due to the special Shining Glass scale-preventative treatment it receives. A functional anodized aluminium structure grabs attention as the ultra-modern centralised control panel – and home to the many exciting shower functions. The Raindance shower head slides to reach where you need it most; the 8 side jets provide hydro-massage; a steam bath function comes as an optional extra.

shower cabin with sliding shower head

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Steam Shower from Douche – Thalassor Aska Duo shower

This duo shower from Douche is really cool. The futuristic looks completed with super features which take you back to enjoy health-enhancing steam baths, eliminate tension from your muscles and toxins from your body. This type of steam shower may be enjoyed with scent or the harmonious colours of chromotherapy to suit your mood. The exterior also does justice to the interior, the two tones of gray make certain that the Thalassor Aska Duo shower will be the focal point of any contemporary bathroom.

thalassor aska duo shower

Designer : Douche


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