Slide Bathroom Faucet

This bathroom faucet is designed by Alain Berteau for RVB which evolved from Berteu’s Dose faucet. The slide at the top has function the way dimmer switch does, the more you slide, the warmer the water gets. The movement of this faucet is one-way and continuous which allows the user to determine the desired water temperature ergonomically with less waste. This slide will be launched in Milan next month.

slide bathroom faucet

From : Alain Berteau for RVB

WashUp, Wash Your Clothes and Use The Water to Flush Your Toilet

This smart concept came from Sevin Coskun. Positioning a washing machine on top of your toilet to help us saving more water for better environment. The concept of WashUp is to preserve the water that you use to clean your clothes to be later used to flush the toilet. Now that’s what I call a smart way to conserve water. Besides its environmentally conscious design, it is also smart way to help us dealing with small space living.

washup toilet and washing machine

washup toilet and washing machine concept

save water with washup toilet and washing machine

Designer : Sevin Coskun


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