Scroll Pan Concept Can Help You Save Some Kitchen Space

You would not believe there is such thing as scroll cooking pan. Even I had the hard time believing in it. However, Sam Hextall relieves my doubt with their Scroll Pan. A cooking pan can be easily rolled in and out, and for sure will make your kitchen space a little bit larger. This cooking pan has a storage sleeve wherein your can place the rolled pan and hang it somewhere in your kitchen. If all of the kitchen accessories can be like this, I am sure we will never encounter any storage problem anymore, and we can already use the other spaces for some other purposes. – via

scroll pan concept

Using Electrolux iBasket Washing Machine, You Can Control It from Your Computer

People of today’s generation are super busy to the extend that they do not have enough time for themselves, almost. The laundries are normally the things that should be taken for granted but indeed are because of lack of time. Well, this will never be a problem anymore with the Electrolux iBasket. A big laundry hamper that will automatically do the laundry once it reaches the pre-programmed point. What a truly amazing idea from Guopeng Liang of Tongji University, in China. The iBasket has WiFi link that will let you control the machine from your computer, and in return, it will send you a message when the cleaning is done. – via

electrolux ibasket washing machine concept

electrolux ibasket washing machine concept

Colorful Contemporary Avestruz Tea Set

An ostrich inspire with its head on the ground the set, the avestruz look really cute for me. This contemporary tea set made me remind of a kiddie show “POCOYO” I just hope I spelled it right. Anyway this tea set looks perfect for people living in an urban area with contemporary kitchen design. It also works best for those who loves simple yet classy and unique designs. I would love owning one Avestruz in my house. I find the cups also perfect for my espresso. I can’t wait this product to be available in our area. If there’s no chance of having it, maybe a similar design would do. – via

avestruz tea set

avestruz tea set

Beko Integrates a Sink with a Washing Machine

When buying some appliances my first concern is and will always be the space. Before buying one, I always think first where I should place the appliances in my house with limited space. All my purchased appliances are the smaller versions for these are the only option I have. However, for washing machine enthusiasts, space will never be a problem anymore. Korhan come up with a concept of a space-saver washing machine, called the Beko Entegre. With its sink that’s only 10sm forward, laundry person will have enough space for them to stand comfortably. It has a waterproof control panel and an extra drawer under the detergent box for some personal effects. – via

wash macbasin concept

wash macbasin concept

From : Beko

Nambe Yaro Collection and The Ravine Salt and Pepper Shakers

Designer Nambe had added in their collection the new Yaro Collection and the Ravine Salt and Pepper Shakers. This new wooden salad bowl with servers and four individual salad bowls have a modern and elegant design. However, now matter how elegant they can be I am still not a wooden kitchenware fan. Maybe a coconut skull will do for me but not the other wood around. Sanitation will always be my first concern when choosing any times that has something to do with foods. However, the Ravine Salt and Pepper Shakers look good to me. Made of stainless steel and a wooden handle, it is a great accessory to have for your contemporary kitchen. – via

nambe yaro collection

nambe yaro collection

nambe yaro collection

From : Nambe

GE FrontLoad Laundry Pair Delivers Energy and Water Savings

GE has introduced their new GE FrontLoad Laundry Pair that delivers energy and water savings. It also has the HydroMotion wash system, wherein it rotates in to direction to have an exceptional clean and thorough washing result. In addition, you do not have to worry when doing large or bulk laundry, because it has a king-size wash basket and a dryer drum that has a super fast sensor drying-system. Aside from being an energy and water saver, it is also a space saver. Its flexible design will allow its users to put the dryer above the washer for easy stacking. – via

ge frontload laundry

Bettina Table Service by Jan Kaplicky for Alessi

Jan Kaplicky from Future Systems has designed a new set of table service, for an Italian brand Alessi, and was called the Bettina, which includes porcelain tableware, glasses, and cutlery. These elegant designs have gone through many sketches and prototypes before it became into reality. The Bettina ranges includes the porcelain tableware with new shape, elegant design and has gentle curves, which made it more closely related to human form. The glasses have a very innovative design that consists of two parts: the glass-drinking vessel and the plastic chassis. Finally, the cutlery that are all made of stainless steel, are very elegant in design. – via

alessi betina home appliances

alessi betina home appliances from jan kaplicky

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