The Orchis Chandelier Is Your Refreshing Floral Lighting System

Mimics the look of a lovely flower called orchids, the Orchis chandelier is undoubtedly a lovely and refreshing floral lighting system for your modern and elegant home. The chandelier has a vase that looks like a teardrop and comes in a metallic champagne colored lacquer finish.

Orchis Chandelier
Orchis Chandelier
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French Wire Basket Chandelier Is An Elegant Lighting Solution For Your Modern Home

Chandeliers are generally designed with elegance and style, but the French Wire Basket Chandelier is a lot different from those we see in elegant houses
French Wire Basket Chandelier
The French wire basket chandelier is not your typical brass or stainless steel-made chandelier. Instead, it is a six-light chandelier made by transforming a woven iron basket. This chandelier also comes with stylish shades. The French wire basket chandelier can definitely make your dining area or living room the most dressed part of the house. On the other hand, the French Wire Basket Chandelier is also available for purchase without the shades, chain, and canopy.

Source: Shades of Light


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