Modern Koxy Sofa with Various Color Combination

The sofa is where we lounge when we are tired or just wanted to have a relaxing moment that is why it is important to have the most out of it. We must choose the design that we want the most and when it comes to design, the KOXY sofa has it. Available in various color combination, for sure you would love to own one of it. In addition, it is upholstered and the set is composed of a rectangular armchair, sofa and a triangular armchair Ixy for your added comfort. In addition, if you have to look at the holes it has, there is no way fir the dust to stay.

koxy sofa

From : Jan Ctvrtnik

LR-1 Sofa Bench from Desu Design

Sofas nowadays are getting functional, maybe because more and more people wanted to save some space on their homes. To answer that desire everybody has, Desu Design has created the LR-1 sofa that is perfect for sitting and is big enough to have a good sleep. In this way you don’t need to purchase another piece of furniture for your sleeping purposes. It will not only save you money from buying two pieces of furniture but also it will allow you to save more space by using only one piece of furniture for both purposes. In addition, the LR-1 Sofa Bench look fabulous and fashionable.

LR-1 Sofa Bench

LR-1 Sofa Bench

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Artistic Modular Shelves Design by Maria Yasko

Shelves are important in every home. Here is where we place some of our decorative items or items that is not frequently used. However, shelves are not advisable for home with limited spaces because in no doubt, it takes some space. However, this will never be a problem anymore because the modular shelving is now here to address this issue. It is extremely beautiful that and will not only let you save on space but will also serve as part of your interior design. Various designs and colors of Maria Yasko’s modular shelves are available, which will surely suite your design and fashion taste. – via

modular shelving unit

modular shelving unit

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15 Modern Bed Room Decor to Inspire You

Beds are our best friend at home when we are talking about relaxing and sleeping. That is why various beds are coming out in the market today to give our brothers and sisters the comfort that they need and desire. One of the designers that presented is Gunther Thony with his LOMME bed. An artistic egg shaped sleeping pod that will surely let every user have a sound sleep. Another one is the Bonaldo’s Squaring platform by Guiseppe Vigano. It has the cool Italian design that looks super comfortable to sleep. How about a round bed by designers Stefan Heiliger and Brigit Lichtmer? For sure, you would love to sleep always.

LOMME egg shaped

15 modern bed room decor

Ruf Betten Round Bed

15 modern bed room decor

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Reflection Oil Lamps for Holiday Season !

If you will a lamp as gorgeous as the reflection oil lamps, it’s no doubt that you will have to reflect. Its stunning design will surely catch every body’s eyes as they see it. It sexy curves makes these lamps attractive, elegant and extremely fashionable. I find it perfect as gift for the holiday season, wedding, anniversaries and more and for sure, any one who will receive this love will surely love it. Made of high gloss polished stainless steel and durable fiberglass wicks, the lamps is available at $74 for medium sized set, $132 for a large set, which is a bit high but it just deserves the price.

nuance oil lamps

nuance oil lamps

From : Delight

Boca Do Lobo Limited Edition Faceted Purple Credenza

Limited editions are generally unique just like this limited edition faceted purple credenza by Boca Do Lobo. It has the most elegant look of a cabinet and the color is just right with the diamond like design it has. In addition, its gold interior adds the beauty of the furniture. This product looks perfect for the living rooms of those people in the high society or those contemporary homes with people living that love fashion and style. In addition, its purple outer color will surely challenged every designer in looking for the right color the perfectly fit with it and will eventually show its beauty. – via

faceted purple credenza

faceted purple credenza

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Elegant and Beautiful Candlesticks with 24K Gold Adds Up

Candlesticks are of various designs and made of different materials. However, if you got to have a look of Jean Pelle’s 24K gold leaf candlesticks, you would definitely say it’s totally different and amazing. It has the most elegant look ever compared to some other candlesticks design I have seen. The 24K gold adds up the beauty and fashion ability of the product. With this product, candles are given more beauty and purpose as being part of the interior design of every house that love candles. This 24k gold leaf candle holder will not only hold you candles conventionally, but it will hold your candles with beauty and style. – via

gold wood candle stick

From : Jean Pelle

Unique ZBox Seat for Fashionable Bars and Restaurants

The Zbox Seat by Staney Jay Friedman has the most unique look I have ever seen. However, despite of its unique look of being a box with a whole in the middle, it looks totally awesome and fashionable. The surrounding wall of the back serves as the comfortable backrest, which for sure will make you feel comfortable when seating and having fun chatting with your friends and colleagues while sipping your favorite drinks. I find this box format chair perfect for every contemporary homes and fashionable places like bars and restaurants worldwide. It has the ability to provide its sitters the comfort and fashion of seating. – via

zbox seat  design

From : Bellini Imports

Gold rocking Voido Driver by Ron Arad

If you were a rocking chair lover, you would surely love this new version of designer Ron Arad’s famous Gold rocking Voido driver. Polyethelene polished; for sure, the comfort will still be there while the looks got even more elegant. Its gold in color makes this version far way different from the other Voido of Ron Arad. In addition, its unique design that resembles of a key handle is very cute and attractive. I find it perfect for any contemporary homes with people living that love unique creations and design. Elderly that would like to use this maybe needed to be guided since it do not have an arm to prevent them from falling.

voido driver

From : Voltex

Moroso Modernistic Folklore Donut Pouf

If you think it is the food, you are wrong. It was just named after it because it does look like one. It is one of the Sushi Collection products of designer Edward. The Donnut pouf is just another creation that will surely give every furniture lover the comfort that they desire. In addition, it is not just simple furniture but it can also be a wonderful part of your interior design. It has the most elegant design ever and the large Carp fish embroideries will surely catches everybody’s eyes. Own one now and enjoy the beauty of the Donnut pouf.

moroso donnut

From : Moroso


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