Iosa Ghini Wood Wall Covering

Iosa Ghini, an architect from Bologna is going to launch a series of wood wall coverings of contemporary and elegant design for 2008. The design was very different from the 70s wood paneling deigns. This modern wood wall covering from Iosa Ghini has three versions available in a variety of tones and grains.

Iosa Ghini, is known for his modern and unique designs for furniture and architectural works. He had designed for various companies in various cities around Italy and the United States. With his proven excellent work of arts, this wood wall covering will surely make a hit and adds the elegance of every contemporary home.

iosa ghini wood wall covering

Zanotta 2690 CAVOUR Office Table

The Zanotta 2690 Cavour is another home and office furniture from Zanotta. It is a stylish writing desk that has a 12 mm thick plate glass top that adds into its elegant style. It has either a natural or stained oak frame, and a bleached oak drawers and compartment with brushed glossy lacquered parts in black. This product is a tribute to Carlo Mollino. It has an overall dimension of 2470 mm width, 900 mm deoth, 750 mm Height, and the table has a thickness of 12 mm. It is quite unbelievable that back in 1949 up to this date, this product is still in production by Zanotta.

zanotta 2690 cavour office table

zanotta 2690 cavour office table

zanotta 2690 cavour office table

From : Zanotta

Foscarini Fields Wall-Mounted Light by Vicente Garcia Jiménez

Foscarini Fields Wall Sconce is a modular wall lamp composed of meth acrylic sheet and aluminum and is organized in three different elements. You can have a range of decorative effects by installing it either individually or in combination. This product is simple with essential shapes and damped by rich intense hues. It also provides a fascinating effect of warm, enveloping light and an absolute, linear construction that develops over various layers of crossing, overlapping planes. It is available in white/ivory and red/orange. It has a dimension of 1780 mm width, 230 mm depth, and 950 mm height, and with a maximum output of 39 w, 54 w and 80 w.

foscarini fields wall mounted lights

foscarini fields wall mounted lights

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Bordelet Modern Fireplaces to Warm Your House

Bordelet’s new model of modern fireplaces has an abstract design that is appealing and an instant eye-catching. This daring and colorful fireplace make them something poles apart from the ordinary. This modern design from Bordelet will definitely be the centerpiece of any modern houses. Investing for fireplaces from Bordelet will surely be an investment for a lifetime for family and guests alike will love to gather around for warmth and socializing.

Their unusual forms, colors and design (intersecting lines, dramatic curves and interesting angles epitomize the range) make them truly a piece of art. You can now express your love of artistic masterpieces through Bordelet’s modern fireplaces

bordelet modern fireplaces

bordelet modern fireplaces

bordelet modern fireplaces

From : Bordelet via TrenDir

Lumiere Showerhead from Jaclo with Dainty Damask Pattern

Forget your standard showerhead, Jaclo has introduced you to an artistic showerhead, Lumiere showerhead. What’s the unique about this showerhead is its dainty damask pattern, with modern shape, give you real elegance in your bathroom. This divine damask showerhead echoes decorative lamp patterns in the delightfully Victorian damask accent. The lovely swirling pattern is a focal point for a bathroom and could certainly be the inspiration for your whole look. Interpreted to suit a contemporary interior, the shape of the showerhead is a simple, modern cylindrical form to contrast wonderfully with the retrospective damask pattern. Using semi-transparent plastic cover, this sure do create a lovely luminous light showerhead, very beautiful.

jaclo lumiere showerhead

jaclo lumiere showerhead

From : Jaclo via TrenDir

Vertebrae Bathroom, Totally Saving Space Solution

Vertebrae is a vertical bathroom, everything you need is inside of it. Starting from the top, you’ll find shower, then toilet cistern, storage space, sink, can , bog brush cupboard. Vertebrae bathroom is available for $20,000, well in exchange of not saving your money, you’ll get saving your space.

vertebrae bathroom

Source: Gizmodo

Wicker Outdoor Shower from Horchow

Love the idea of outdoor shower ? This wicker outdoor shower from Horchow might give you organic style. You can place it in your garden, create a fun and natural style. Feel the sensation of showering outside after a dip in the pool. This shower installation is easy, all you need to do is hook it up to an ordinary garden hose for fuss-free installation and portability. This shower also features an integrated shower rack accessory, plant-form towel rack that definitely be appreciated by your guests. Perfect for summer shower !

wicker outdoor shower

wicker outdoor shower

From : Horchow

Rain Showerhead from Prodigg

Rain showerhead from prodigg can complete your luxury bathroom with its mimics of tropical downpour. You can use is to create the rain effect for single use or groups for more great showering experiences. Take a look at the square showerheads which can make you really feel the rain shower by leaving no space in between multiple heads. Round or square, both come with very generous diameters (up to 600 x 600 mm), and their tempered glass panels are finished with chrome plated or plain brass. Prodigg rain showerheads will bring the enjoyment of a cascading tropical shower to your bathroom.

rain showerhead from prodigg

rain showerhead

From : Prodigg

Axor Bathroom Collections by Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe introduces Axor Bathroom Collection with its modern and minimalist touch, just like Philippe Grohe said as Head of Axor Brand, just like any other living area, the bathroom has its own, completely special requirements. Apart from purely functional and hygienic aspects, in our modern life the bathroom becomes more and more a place of tranquility and contemplation, of security and unfolding – a projection of our needs, wishes and dreams.

Below image is Axor Starck bathroom collection. Axor Starck is a collection of bathroom fittings, so slender in its form, so clear in its function, so simple in its effect. Modern, because it is uncompromisingly minimalistic; there are no disruptive elements, no unnecessary decoration. Just as a well draws from the deep, we can draw from Axor Starck and replenish ourselves with forms that offer us tranquillity. Forms which will outlive our quickly changing times.

axor starck minimalist modern bathroom design from hansgrohe

Axor Citterio, a collection of bathroom fittings which transforms the bathroom into a place of cleansing and tranquility, where washing becomes a ritual and where water becomes a source of life. Axor Citterio allows you to experience the wealth of water: clear in form, rich in detail, abundant in possibilities – luxury at the second glance. What then is wealth? Perhaps simply to start the day with Axor Citterio.

axor citterio bathroom collection by hansgrohe

And this one is Axor Massaud, this is where nature inspired design. Here the gently curved line of a blade of grass. The natural fall of the water. In between clear, geometrical forms and ingeniously hidden technology

axor bathroom design from hansgrohe

From : Hansgrohe

Waterpole Slim Shower Cabin with Wooden Grid From Megius

Contemporary shower cabin from Megius is called Waterpole shower. The clear glass allows you to enjoy this contemporary shower outside or inside, very stylish. The Waterpole shower can be a centerpiece of your bathroom… a freestanding island set upon a gorgeous wooden grid. Or, if you prefer, it can be mounted against a wall in a more compact space.

waterpole shower cabin by megius

waterpole shower cabin from megius

From : Megius


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