The Egg Rug: Your Sunny-Side-Up Is On The Floor

When we hear sunny-side-up, the breakfast thing is definitely what comes to our minds first. Would you like your sunny-side-up egg on the floor? Definitely not! But not this stylish rug by Valentina Audrito. This playful and eye-catching rug mimics the look of a cooked sunny-side-up egg that you normally had for your breakfast. It also has the yoke and white just like your real sunny-side-up. The yolks on the rug can surely work as your pillows if you opt to lie down to relax while watching TV, reading books, or listening to your favorite music. This rug will not only keep you warm and clean but also, it definitely will create a playful and unique ambiance. -via

Sunny Side Up Rug

From: Valentina Audrito

Botanic Home Interior: Creating A Refreshing Ambiance

It does not matter if your home is big or small. What matters most for a memorable stay is a fresh and homey ambiance that your crib has during your stay. If you want to create a refreshing feel in your place, but runs out of idea on how to do it, the Botanic Home Interior by a textile design student Natasha Powell will be your guide. From wall coverings to furniture upholstery to sculptures, it all comes with floral prints. The said idea was showcased during the Birmingham Interiors 2011 show with any other interior ideas like the Afrika, Curve and Fable. -via

Botanic Interior

Botanic Interior

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