How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is a common thing these days, especially if you are one of those living in big cities where homes have very limited space. Decorating a small bedroom can be tough. You might have a lot stuff in mind but wondering where to place them in your bedroom. With the aim to help you decorate your small bedroom, we are listing below few helpful ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom.

How to Decorate a Small BedroomChoose the right bed – when decorating a small bedroom, the first thing to consider is the bed, as it is the main furniture in every bedroom and it takes the largest chunk of your bedroom space. A queen size bed is ideal for small bedroom than the king size one. Platform bed on the other hand is perfect too because these types of bed are low rise making the room look larger.

Paint color options – when choosing a color for your bedroom walls, it would be nice to choose light colors if you have a small bedroom. Darker shades of paints make a room looks more compact and occupied. In addition, using minimal color combination is advisable. The more the color combination you are using, the more your room will look crowded. A combination of cream and white will not only make your room larger but will also create a refreshing look.

Choose the right furniture – like choosing a bed, choose the right furniture for your small bedroom. Instead of a closet of dresser, choose to have an under bed storage system. You can also opt to have a wall-mounted shelf than having a side table and similar furniture.

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Rejuvenate And Relax With Your Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain

A clean and well-groomed house will not only create a refreshing ambiance but rejuvenating too especially if you have the Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain from Gifts & Décor. As its name suggests, the decorative water fountain will not only give you a relaxing soft ripples of water but also it will give you the warm and relaxing illumination produced by the candle it can hold. Measuring 8.6 inches by 8.3 inches by 11 inches, the fountain is of no doubt an eye0catcing tabletop decorative item. [Click here to know more about Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain]

Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain

Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain

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Save Space With Winsome Wood Foldable Desk

Space is becoming a problem these days especially when living in big cities but the sleek and clean Winsome Wood Foldable Desk will surely allow you to maximize the space inside your home while keeping its elegant interior design theme. The mission style of the desk makes it a stylish desk to match easily with any of your elegant furniture and decors. The desk has the slide-out tray designed to accommodate your computer keyboard. This is perfect for those who are into clean looking interior when nothing is in use because you just have to slide the drawer in to keep it out of sight keeping your interior maintain the fluid flow and clean. [Click here for more information on Winsome Wood Foldable Desk]

Winsome Wood Foldable Desk

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Hold Your Wine And Decorate With Your Black Blum Wall Mounted Wine Rack

We can add beauty to our homes with our wine bottles empty or not with the help of Black Blum Wall Mounted Wine Rack. Made from brushed 2mm stainless steel and with the soft flow of fluid as its design inspiration, the rack looks slim, sleek and you might think that it is not sturdy enough to hold your wine bottles. However, if you are to view from the side part of the rack, you will see that it is wide and strong enough to hold up to eight wine bottles. [Click here to know more about Black Blum Wall Mounted Wine Rack]

Black Blum Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Black Blum Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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Get Your Wine Bottles Part Of Your Home Décor With Your Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder

Having a few extra bottles of wine at home will not only let you enjoy wine as you please but also it can be apart of your interior design if you have them arranged on a beautifully crafted Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder. Being wall-mounted, this wine holder will efficiently make use of space in your home giving you more room for other items like furniture pieces and home decors. [Click here for details about Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder]

Get Your Wine Bottles Part Of Your Home Décor With Your Blomus Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder

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Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout Curtains

Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout CurtainsWhen people talk about curtains, they often end up with the most brilliant decorative designs to add beauty to their homes. But isn’t it more wonderful to have curtains that acts on its role? Today, when people wanted to have a thing that leaves no refract of sunlight, they have to decide to purchase Blackout Curtains for their homes.

This will be a review of the said subject. From here, you’ll know how the terms are being defined, the uses and how it becomes significant for the homeowners.

Literally, your block out curtains are the curtains you use at home with the main responsibility of blocking the inside and outside lights for you not see them at all. These materials may not at all provide you excellent decorations to beautify your homes but it’s proven enough to give you a number of benefits. By this description, you will gain the following advantages when using Blackout Curtains:
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Enjoy A Classic Yet Elegant Clock With Your Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock

Keeping up with time is good but it would be better if you are keeping time with your classic yet stylish and elegant Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock. You will surely love the clock’s dial center as it is decorated with a port wine label design. The roman numerals that marks the hours of the clock adds up to the vintage effect of the wall clock. [Click here for more information about Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock]

Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock

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Sit Comfortably In Style With Your Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman

An ottoman is a great furniture especially if you have the stylish and sleek Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman. This sleek and stylish furniture will not only bring comfort but also will add style to your elegant and modern interior design. Aside from a useful piece of furniture as your stool, this lovely ottoman can also be your useful footrest.

Sitting on the ottoman is highly comfortable because the cube is filled with rigid core foam and the top surface has memory foam that provides a comfortable feel to every user. Other than that, the ottoman is also sensitive to temperature giving its users incomparable comfort. In addition, the ottoman is not just your ordinary piece of furniture but also it serves as your decorative cube ottoman, occasional seating solution or building blocks serving as your side or coffee table. [Click here for more information about Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman]

Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman

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Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons : Read This Before You Decide to Install Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to choosing a sustainable material, bamboo tops the list to many environmentally friendly individuals. With the growing awareness of keeping the environment safe, manufacturers using bamboo as source material are now growing in numbers and various products have been produced to date including those popular bamboo floors of today. Being made from bamboo, bamboo floors are obviously eco-friendly. However, before you finally decide, below are bamboo flooring pros and cons.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

The Pros of Bamboo Floors

Eco-friendly – it has been long known that bamboo is a highly renewable source of material. It can completely mature within as short as three to five years. Even though bamboo is as durable as hardwood, it incomparably matures shorter than hardwood that matures in twenty years time or more.
Easy to Maintain – maintaining bamboo floors is dead easy. You just do the regular sweeping or vacuum it on a regular basis and you will enjoy a good looking, shiny bamboo floors at all times. Occasional mopping with damp cloth or cleaning it using non-wax, non-alkaline cleanser will also keep the beauty of a bamboo floor.

Water Resistant – compared to hardwood, bamboo floors are more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping. However, one should take this as a concern though.
Natural – with the importance of using natural materials in the manufacturing and construction industry nowadays, using bamboo is generally an advantage.

Price – bamboo floors are priced almost similar to hardwood floors. In fact, some are priced at two to eight dollars per square foot. However, it is not advisable to take on those extremely cheap materials, as they sometimes come with low quality.

Style – when it comes to beauty and style, bamboo is of no doubt a stylish, elegant and trendy. If you have not tried one yet, bamboo floors elevate the elegance of any space the moment it is installed. It looks just as stylish and elegant as hardwood floors but obviously different and distinct.

The Cons of Bamboo Floors

VOC Emission – before one can enjoy the beauty of bamboo floors, the process requires slicing or shredding bamboo stalks and putting it back together to create bamboo planks with the help of heat, pressure, and resin based adhesive.

Prone to Scratches – even though we all know that bamboo is easy to maintain, keeping it perfectly looking good as it use to is very hard. Various things can cause nasty scratches to a beautiful bamboo floor including high heels, pet claws, and more.

Make Wine A Part Of Your Interior Design With The Oenophilia Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack

Having a bottle of wine at night is fun but it can also be an art and be part of our interior design with the help of the stylish wine rack from Oenophilia called Oenophilia Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack. As its name suggests, the rack is a wall-mount one, therefore, it can be a perfect substitute to your wall decals or wall decors. Each section can hold five bottles of wine and you can put together the sections the way you want it looks like to form a lovely and classy wine rack configuration. Maybe you can put together as many sections as you want too if you want to display more wine bottles. [Click here for more information about the Oenophilia Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack]

Oenophilia Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack
Oenophilia Mid-Century Wall-Mount Wine Rack
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