Clock Work Waterfall Faucet from Ritmonio

Clock Work, waterfall bathroom faucet from Ritmonio. Based on the work of a clock, precise, refined, exact, that is what Ritmonio want to show you of their new collection. This waterfall bathroom faucet idea coming from mechanical conceptions and from the principle of the epicyclical movement: the theory defining the relation in a rotation of two different and concentric circumferences, turning around themselves at different speeds.

The Clock Work handle also rotates at different speeds, you can adjust temperature and water flow, create a harmony and joint to increase intervals the the possible variants, the best comfort for you to use.

clock work waterfall faucet from ritmonio

clock work waterfall bathroom faucet from ritmonio

clock work from ritmonio

clock work waterfall faucet from ritmonio

clock work waterfall faucet from ritmonio

From : Ritmonio


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