Create A Warm And Elegant Ambiance To Your Home With Elegant Lamp Designs By Alex Fischer

If we want our homes to have a warm and relaxing ambiance, we install different instruments for relaxation like scented candles as well as different elegant lamp designs like the ones we are going to present to you our dear readers of HomeDosh.

Elegant Lamp Designs

Alex Fixcher designs has created elegant lamps designs that you surely would want to own. They have the triangle lamp that is made of rosewood and acrylic reinforced paper that is so cute to be in your side tables all day and all night.

Elegant Lamp Designs
The Sea Urchin lamp on the other hand mimics the look of the known sea creatures with the elegantly designed padauk woods as its sharp spines.

Elegant Lamp Designs

Alex Fischer Designs also has the Slot Lamp that is made of wenge, maple, and cast acrylic. You can have this lamp placed using its stand or simply let it lie flat on your table.

Elegant Lamp Designs

The Dove lamp on the other hand looks lovely just like how love doves look like. It is made of walnut and fabric stretched over polyethylene.
Elegant Lamp Designs
Finally, the gateway lamp. It looks like your elegant tower lamp suitable for every corner of your house like in your room to your living room to your kitchen and even bathroom. The gateway lamp is made of ebonized poplar, brass, linen, and cast acrylic.

Now that we have given you a good list of elegant lamp designs, you surely can now design how would you want your home feels like at night and even during the day as you sit back and relax.

Source: Alex Fischer Design


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