Have The Island Mister For A Fresher Air And Sleek Home Décor And Appliance In One

Clean air is become a scarcity is many big cities today, that is why we need some sort of appliance for our respiratory need and the Island Mister comes just in time for our need. This one of a kind home appliance and décor will turn marine water into breathable air that we surely need daily to survive.

Designed for Aimineral, this sleek machine is designed especially for our well-being through one of the most important part of our body, the respiratory tract as it absorb the marine plasma called Quinton, a mineral serum made from pure seawater.

The Island Mister
The Island Mister

You might ask how this thing works. The Island mister will be the useful tool for the marine air to accompany you whole year round even when you are in urban areas or environment. The island is considered as a natural bio-spray and it allows daily assimilation of minerals making it the first. It caters individuals as well as group of beneficiaries in hotels, offices, institutes and home.

Other than the health benefits it provides, the island mister also have the classy and elegant look that will surely add some unique ambiance to your home or office. It has a body that comes with a sleek and glossy finish. The legs are seemed to be made of stainless steel, which we all know are elegant enough to be in every modern interiors. With all these looks and function, the island mister will not only be your useful appliance or health tool but also a stylish and classy home appliance and décor.

The Island Mister
The Island Mister
The Island Mister

Source: Duende and Airmineral


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