Kreoo-Nabhi: Your Unique And Stylish Sink

Would you love your sinks to be stylish and elegant to the point that it can have minimal lines in it to emphasize its pureness? Elegance and style can be achieved easily even if your sink has many curves in it. The Kreoo-Nabhi Stone Sinks by Decormarmi is just a great example of elegant and stylish sink without sacrificing the stylish curves a sink can have. Mimics the looks of a clam, the Kreoo-Nabhi will definitely creates a unique and stylish ambiance to your house. You can have it matched with your stylish taps in your kitchen or bathroom and surely, it will immediately complete your home interior design. -via

Kreoo-Nabhi Sink

Kreoo-Nabhi Sink

Kreoo-Nabhi Sink

Kreoo-Nabhi Sink

From: Decormarmi


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