Rettangolo Color LED Bathroom Faucets from Gessi

Actually LED bathroom faucet is not something new, I’ve seen this a year ago on some geek stuff website, apparently, not only geeks think having LED bathroom faucet is really cool. This one comes from Gessi, Rettangolo Color is a part of new colored light faucet that brings innovation to your bathroom. This the LED is not just showing one color, but several colors based on water temperature, Gessi made improvement from just ordinary LED, now it’s becoming water sensor LED that produces beautiful and logic bathroom faucet, indeed. Thanks to a refractive process of the light, the whole jet is colored, resulting in an exciting and spectacular effect. Yet the coloring of the water also envisages a very important functional aspect. In fact it allows to visually perceive the temperature of the water avoiding useless wastes of energy and preventing the risk of scalding. The shape of t his bathroom faucet kinda like a joystick, available in chrome silvered as shown below.

rettangolo bathroom faucet

rettangolo LED bathroom faucet

rettangolo bathroom faucet from gessi

Designed by : Prospero Rasulo From Gessi


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