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Fireboard Fireplace from Schulte Design by Franz Josef Schulte

Fire makes us feel the warmth and comfort that they bring at night and cold weather conditions. However, romanticism has been added to the normal feelings we have when we lit on our Fireboard fireplaces. It has a reflecting back plane for an added romantic feeling. In addition, the two spacious drawers give us enough storage wherein we can place some of our stuffs. Aside from that, designer Franz Josef Schulte of Fireboard makes his creation a more attractive one with its elegant and fashionable design. I find the fireboard perfect to any contemporary homes for all occasion or even just a simple romantic night with your loved ones.

fireboard from schulte design

fireboard from schulte design

fireboard from schulte design

From : SchulteDesign

Alma: Holds Your Flowers With Style

Placing some flowers indoor create a feeling of freshness aside from playing of a home’s interior design. Alma is just another flowerpot collection from manufacturer Vondom that will hold your flowers in style indoor. Designed by A-cero designers Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, the Alma flowerpot comes in two sizes and diverse colors allowing its users to have a choice that suits best in their contemporary home. With the Alma flowerpots, elegant design and clean lines, users can effortlessly incorporate this flowerpot with any elegant lighting system he or she has. The Alma also has an eye-catching slim form that will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

Alma Flowerpot

From: Vondom

Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone Will Be A Perfect Addition To Your Collection Of Antique Decors

Collecting antique decors and furniture pieces similar to Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone is great, as it will brings you back in time. Other than that, owning antique items gives a classic yet artistic look and feel to every home. However, other than giving a classic and artistic look to your home, the phone is fully functional too. This may only be a replica of the original Crosley phone and will not pay for your calls, you will surely enjoy the phones working coin slots as well as the played Crosley jingle the moment your inserted a coin and have it deposited in the coin bank located at the bottom of the phone unit. [Click here to know more about Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone]

Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone

Other than the functional coin slot and jingle, the phone also has the rotary dial fashion plate that adds up to the classic look of the phone. The push button technology and redial feature provide comfort to the users when making a call. The phone also has the ringer volume and ON/OFF switch so you can adjust the volume of the ringer or have it totally shut off if you like. Like the modern phones we have today, the Crosley replica phone also has the tone and pulse switch. This lovely Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone comes in black color, elegant enough to match with any of the furniture pieces and decors of your home, office or business establishment. [Click here to know more about Crosley CR56 1950s Pay Phone]


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