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Magazine Basket By Enzo Berti

Resembling of a picnic basket, do not get fooled, as it is a magazine basket by Enzo Berti. This unique elegant magazine storage is perfect for use in displaying your favorite and current magazines while at the same playing the role of a good home décor in your living room. Aside from that, this wonderful handy storage can also be carried anywhere you wanted just like an easy to carry picnic basket. Place it anywhere in our house and it will definitely compliments with your décor and style. Made of Plywood birch staines, one can have it in natural birch, brown or white lacquered. -via

Magazine Basket

Magazine Basket

From: L’bbate

Home Décor Lamp From ALT Lucialternative

Normally lamps are for lighting purposes. However, their beautiful, artistic, and elegant shade, various lamps are now one of our elegant home decors that form part of our interior design. Designer Burkhard Dammer has created an asymmetrical, two colored table lamp called the Reverso. It has an attractive unique shape that will definitely give your room a different color of beauty. The lightweight design and clean lines the reverse has made this table lamp stands out amongst others available in the market today. One can chose between orange outside and white inside or black outside and white inside acrylic body color. Whatever, their choice maybe, the Reverso will surely make a difference. -via

Reverso Table Lamp

Reverso Table Lamp

Reverso Table Lamp

Elix: A Stylish Vase That Holds Your Plants In A Decorative Manner

Having some plants indoor refreshes our rooms and creates an ambiance of being with nature. The Elix Vase by designer Pol Quadens is a vase not only to hold your plants but can also be a perfect décor for your modern home. Aside from the clean round base, the Elix also has the spiral upward branch like extension that will serve as you herb’s path or as enclosure or as a stylish support of your plant’s leaves. Available in white color, the Elix Vase is made of Corian and with its sleek design and clean lines, this one of a kind vase will surely compliment with your home interiors and modern sets of furniture. -via

Elix Vase

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