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Create An Earth Friendly Atmosphere With The Bear Skin Rug

Decorating our homes brings different ambiance and will surely suites our needs and wants. If you are one of those who wanted to help save our endangered animals but won’t be able to be there personally to help them, we can express our concern with these animals through the Bear Skin Rug by Lise Lefebvre. These animal themed rug will make you and your guests aware of the current situation of our endangered animals and will surely do something to help save these animals. Most of all, you will get the chance to decorate your home with a unique and eye-catching designs. -via

Bear Skin Rug

From: 360SEE

Beautiful Freestanding Sinks by Cogliati Cogliati

Beautiful sinks from Cogliati Cogliati, built out of limestone and colored glass center block, with 10mm thick glass enclosure, you can make beautiful bathroom with it. This modern bathroom decoration are available in black, white and red, or you can pick artistic patterns that printed over the central block.

freestanding sinks from cogliati cogliati

freestanding night sinks from cogliati cogliati

freestanding night sinks from cogliati cogliati

Designer : Cogliati Cogliati

The 102583 Round Back Swivel Chair Will Complete Your Elegant Home Interior

If all you thought that swivel chairs are just for business and office use, time for you to think again because the elegant and classy 102583 Round Back Swivel Chair from Coaster Home Furnishings will complete your elegant home interior design theme. The chair’s seat and backrest are covered with white vinyl covering that has a quality like of leather. The chrome finish of the chair’s base creates a classy contrast to the white cover. In addition to the white covering and chrome finish, the chair is also button tufted, which adds up to the elegant look of the chair. With a gas lift, you can easily adjust the height of the chair and tilt if you like.

102583 Round Back Swivel Chair

The chair features a sleek and minimalistic deign making it a perfect piece of furniture even for small homes and offices. Another thing you will surely love about the chair is that, it is dead easy to put each pieces together. After you have done the easy assembly job, you can start to enjoy a comfortable and cozy seat while adding some elegant look to your interior design. The white and chrome color combination of the chair will surely match up easily with you home decors and furniture pieces. Some customers claim though that the seat is not white as they are expecting it to be. Instead, the chair comes in off-white color but still, the chair is of a high quality kind to use. [Click HERE for more information about 102583 Round Back Swivel Chair ]


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