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Cifial Bathroom Faucet Techno M10 Joystick

A joystick bathroom faucet comes from Cifial, the sensation of gaming can be felt when you grab this bathroom faucet. The techno M10 has curvaceous and smooth design, featuring a simply demand to be discovered. Contemporary Techno M10 bathroom faucet will definitely redefine your bathroom style and add sensation of form in a faucet.

cifial techno m10 joystick

cifial techno m10 joystick faucet

bathroom faucet from cifial techno m10 joystick

cifial bathroom faucet techno m10 joystick

From : Cifial

Belle By Claesson Koivisto Rune

Jewelry boxes are supposed to be in your room or anywhere that only you and your family members know. However, the Belle by Koivisto Rune will make you proud of your jewelry box and show it to the public even without jewelry in it. The belle has sleek lines and has a shape like of a wine decanter making it a perfect home décor for your contemporary home. The Belle is entirely made of brass and measures 11cm in height and 8 cm in diameter. By placing it anywhere in your house, it will sure form part of your interior design. -via


Kama By Ego Paris

Kama is a collection of outdoor furniture that will bring new life to your patio or garden. The Kama consist of various furniture including the modular sofas, armchair, tables and more. Each of the furniture included in this collection is UV and resistant making it able to bring beauty to your outdoor space longer. Mostly of the furniture in this collection are also multifunction like the sofa can also be your daybed when clustered. The table on the other hand can be your stylish coffee table, comfortable dining table, and elegant working table. With the functions these furnitures have, you can not only relax and unwind in your patio but can also bring your friends together for a relaxing coffee or productive working day. -via

Kama Outdoor Furniture

Kama Outdoor Furniture

Kama Outdoor Furniture

Kama Outdoor Furniture

From: Ego Paris


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