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Crate: A Collection Of Stylish Lighting System

Stylish lighting system plays a major role in every household. It brings warm illumination creating and elegant ambiance to every room. In addition, these lightings also form part to any modern interiors of contemporary homes of today. The Crate lighting collection by designer Maaike Roozenburg is one of the modern illuminations that we will surely love and desire to have in the future. With the mixture of the plastic crates and Eastern lantern crafts (a tailor-made covering of refined crepe de Chine silk), Roozenburg was able to produce a stylish lamp that has a rich grid pattern in its shade. -via

Crate Lighting

From: Maaike Roozenburg

Step By Charles Malmvall

With the limited space we have today in our modern homes, we tend to use whatever space we have available even those near our ceiling. With this situation we have, designer Charles Malmvall has created the Step, a stylish ladder to help reach those hard to reach area where we store some of our valuables especially from our kitchen. Made of elegantly colored wood, the Step ladder is definitely a decorative design that will surely complements with any modern interiors of today’s contemporary homes. The ladder’s top step is spacious and sleek enough to carry some of our snacks allowing this one of a kind ladder to function as a table as well. -via

Step Ladder

From : Design House Stockholm

Pallucco Glow Mini Table Collection

Now that the Glow Mini Table is available, the glow lamp collection was now able to find new ways to express itself. The glow mini has three versions such as the veiling, mini-table, and mini-pendant. All of the three versions are well suited to a variety of uses. It can be installed separately on their own or install it together with each other or with the glow or glow square versions. With one halogen light bulb attached, this mini table can add up the beauty of you room with its light of art. The table version is composed of one 40W halogen light bulb.

pallucco mini  table light

pallucco mini  table light

From : Pallucco


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