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Get Your Firewood In Place With The Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack

If you use firewood for your fireplace, you too are definitely looking for a stylish log rack for your firewood and the Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack will set your search to an end. This clean and modern log rack is an 8-feet rack that is large enough to store ample amount of wood for use in your fireplace.

This log rack is sturdy enough to hold your logs because it is made of strong tubular steel. It keeps your firewood off the ground keeping them free from bugs and dampness. In addition, you do not have to worry about cleaning your floors. The rack is clean and sleek enough to be part of your home interior design. In addition, the black finish makes it easier for you to match the rack with any of your home furniture pieces and decors. [Click here for more information about the Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack]

Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack

To enjoy the rack, you have to do a little bit assembly. However, we are sure enough that assembling the rack won’t take so much of your time. If you do not want the firewood to be visible when your guests arrive, you complete the elegance of this log rack and keep the firewood out of sight by having a stylish log rack cover. [Click here to checkout Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack]

Alone, A Coat Hook That Casts An Eye At The Concept of A Wall Light

Lighting adds more beauty to every home of various concepts. Alone is a light hook that has the ability to hold on various things like bags, coats and more to make your place in order. What is nicer with this light hook, it is available in two versions, which is driven by classic and current and both are operating with LEDs on batteries. This product will not only let you organize your things and eventually keep your place in order, but it also lights up your path. I find this product perfect for any contemporary dressers and home that has the love for designs and lighting.

alone coat hook concept

alone coat hook concept

alone coat hook concept

From : Pallucco

Block Bathtub from Durat

When bathing, bathtub plays a very important role. Aside from them being the main instrument, with their creative, sleek and elegant designs, bathtubs normally forms part of the interior design to our bathrooms. When it comes to contemporary designs, the Block Bathtub from Durat will generally stays on top amongst others. Mounted on a steel structure, the Block Bathtub has a dimension of 1780 x 790 x 720 mm, which is large enough for a person to enjoy his or her bathing session. With is strong color of red, the Block bathtub will definitely give your bathroom a strong yet attractive contrast to your light colored bath theme.

Block Bathtub

From: Durat


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