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The 4Life Silence Bath Tub By NOA

As one of the four individual bathtub designs of 4life, the 4Life Silence bathtub has a unique oval design that will embrace its users and make this tub a complete haven. It has sleek design that makes this tub a perfect décor for your modern bathroom as well. Since bathing today does only means simply bathing but also it now has an exclusive function of well-being, the 4Life Silence Bath allows you to rejuvenate and relaxes as you bathe and takes away those stress causing toxins and eventually takes bathing into a different level. Have a good dip in your 4Life tub now and keep your tired mind and body refreshed.

4Life Bathtub

4Life Bathtub

4Life Bathtub

4Life Bathtub

4Life Bathtub

From: NOA

Make Use Of Your Corner Space With The Corner Spacesaver Bookcase From 4D Concepts

Most of the time, the corners of our house are idle but not anymore today because Corner Spacesaver Bookcase will now occupy the once, idle corner space we have. The Maple color finish of the bookcase is just so perfect to create an elegant contrast to your modern home interior design matching flawlessly with your existing classy home furniture pieces. [Click here for more information about the Corner Spacesaver Bookcase]

Corner Spacesaver Bookcase

The modern design of this bookcase creates a zigzag effect, eye-catching enough to become one of your centerpieces at home. It has spacious shelves, where you can place your items like figure, home decors, reading materials, CDs, DVDs, vases, collections and more. Each of the four shelves of this shelving unit has been designed and placed perfectly to fit and utilize your corner space. Installing this shelving unit is easy breezy because the uprights of the bookcase are predrilled already so all you have to do is to screw and attach it to the wall.

You never have to worry about the materials you need for the installation because it also comes with drywall anchors. Therefore, to attach the bookcase, you just need a drill, do a little drilling job and a screwdriver to attach the unit firmly to your wall with the help of a dry non-abrasive cloth.

The Corner Spacesaver Bookcase measures 53 1/8 inches in height by 11 7/8 inches width by 11 7/8 inches deep. [Click here for more information about the Corner Spacesaver Bookcase]

F1 Bathroom Design from Grohe

Porsche Design has developed the F1 Bathroom Series for Grohe, a complete modern bathroom interior. With ceramic elements that takes its lead from the technical flavor of the F1 bathroom faucet range from Grohe. You can feel modern aura in simplistic forms, using high quality wood surfaces, cylindrical form, a timeless bathroom decoration.

f1 bathroom design

f1 bathroom design for grohe

f1 modern bathroom design

f1 bathroom design

From : Porsche Design for Grohe


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