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Minimalist and Modern Bathroom Sink from Wet Style

A touch of minimalist and modern design in bathroom sink from Wet Style. This bathroom sink can blend very well in your bathroom decor because of its simplicity, yet modern style. Made from composite resin, you can redesign this bathroom sink into freestanding style or mounted onto a pedestal.

wet style bathroom sink

modern wet style bathroom sink

minimalist wet style bathroom sink

simple wet style bathroom sink

From : Wet Style

KVILT Sofa by Nina Jobs

Another well-designed sofa by Nina Jobs for Louis Poulsen called the Kvilt Sofa will surely makes every eyes drool. The KVILT’s opportunity in combining fabric and leather together in one wonderful elegant product makes KVILT’s character and appearance noticeable to everybody. The classical form yet a modern touch of the KVILTS sofa made it perfect to any contemporary homes that has classical motif yet with a touch of modern design style. This sleek sofa can be high or low back rest and can also be a base or turned wooden legs. With is different quilted pattern technique, the KVILT sofa will surely form an elegant interior design.



From: Louis Poulsen

Illy Y1 iperEspresso Machine Espresso At Home In An Instant

Save on gases or fare in heading to your favorite Starbucks Coffee just to get your dose of espresso with the Illy Y1 iperEspresso Machine. The machine’s aluminum casing and a tempered glass cup holder made the Illy looks elegant enough to be on your modern kitchen of any interiors. It uses the new Illy iperEspresso capsule system and has a manual shut off, which allows the users to control the cup volume. With the machines ability to produce a hot shot of espresso in just a matter of just a few seconds, one can enjoy their dose of espresso anytime they wanted at the comfort of their own home. -via

Illy Espresso Machine

Illy Espresso Machine

From: Illy


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