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Snoop: A Cute And Eye-catching Stool

At first glance, I would say it’s a kids’ furniture. With the bright colors and rounded edge, I surely would think it is. Hailed as Snoop, this cute and colorfully eye-catching stool works double as your useful side table. With its built-in pockets, the Snoop can also be used as your useful stackable elements that can work as your bookcase. You can create an element of different design and color combination according to your liking and it surely will result into a one eye-catching home furniture. Designed by Karim Rashid for B-Line, the Snoop is perfect enough to match with any of your home interior design.


From: B-Line

ICOYA Contemporary Fireplace with Artistic and Heart Shaped Design

Fireplaces not only warm up our homes but it also adds the beauty of our place. This is what the Contemporary fireplace wall ICOYA from Arkiane brings out in your place. With its artistic design of a heart shape, your heart will surely be captured with its beauty especially when it is lit up. Put more beauty into your walls with this wonderful contemporary fireplace from Arkiane. Some would see it a three dimensional butterfly wings. Whatever you may see it, what is important is you love it, adds the beauty of your home, warm you up and it bring some joy in your heart.

icoya contemporary fireplace

icoya contemporary fireplace

icoya contemporary fireplace

icoya contemporary fireplace

From : Arkiane

Flag Lamp Design from Cattelan Italia

Lamps are into various designs and all of them fit in different house designs and themes. However, this elegant lamp design by Emanuele Zener for Cattelan Italia called flag is extremely different from the other because aside from its elegant design, it has a feature that will let you position the light exactly where you most needed it. In addition, the elegant lamp is available in colors like white, black, red and silver fabric. The large floor can be bought at $1,220, while the small ones are available at $620. I highly recommend this lamp to those who are fond of reading for they need some lighter lamps, or those who are just fun of having elegant lamps in their room can also enjoy this lamp. – via

flag lamp

Source : Cattelan Italia


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