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Asolo: An Artistic Vase For Your Modern Home

Creative vases do not only holds our flowers but also form part to our interior design. The Asolo is one of the ‘nel vetro c’e’ collection of vases created by Italian artist and designer Diego Chilo in collaboration with glass maker Venini. The Asolo vase is hand blown and has a stylish and eye-catching metal mesh and copper rings embedded on the surface of the vase. The unique shape and characteristic of the Asolo vase made it perfect to compliment with any interiors of today modern homes and will definitely match with any existing house décor and home furniture in a flawless manner. -via

Asolo Vase

Asolo Vase

From: Diego Chilo

The Pierce Espresso Chairside Table Will Be Ideal For Your Modern Home Interior

If you are looking for a furniture piece that would look good on your modern interior design while keeping its functionality, then the Pierce Espresso Chairside Table can be the perfect piece for you. The table has the sleek and narrow design making it a perfect piece of furniture for home with limited space.

The light espresso finish gives an elegant look to the table allowing you to have it matched easily with any of your modern furniture pieces and home decors. This lovely and elegant table is small enough with its dimension of 24” x 12” x 24” and surely you will not have a hard time finding its right place in your home. The table also has the shelf underneath, which is ideal for your books, magazines, figures, and other similar items. [Click here for more information about the Pierce Espresso Chairside Table]

Pierce Espresso Chairside Table

To enjoy and benefit the beauty of this chairside table from Crownmark, a little assembly job is required. However, it surely will not take so much of your time, as looking at the photo; the table has few parts that you can immediately identify each other. The Pierce Espresso Chairside Table has the look of an expensive furniture pieces but of lower cost, which you and any other smart consumer will surely love. [Click here for more information about the Pierce Espresso Chairside Table]

Fluid Outdoor Louge Chair from Allegro with Compacted Lie Back Design for Limited Space

Lounging outdoor can be one of the most relaxing thing to do. Through lounging, you can go unwind and be free from your hectic schedule from work. However, to do this, you need to have a large and long lounger. What about those who have limited space in their homes? Fluid lounge is now here to address that problem of space that everyone has. A cool outdoor lounge chair features a compacted lie back design, and still provides comfort. Its aluminum frame covered with natural fiber and all weather Viro cushion adds up the comfort the Fluid Lounge Chair can bring. – via

allegro fluid lounge chair

From : Allegro


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