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Wall Stickers By Francois Clerc

If you are tired of doing the paint job for your contemporary home or do not have enough time to do the job, then Francois Clerc’s submission to Homedosh will definitely save you. Hailed as the wall Stickers, these wonderful new creation of Francois Clerc for Domestic comes in different eye-catching designs.

“Wall stickers” designed by François Clerc for Domestic, each image is poetically paired with a domestic function.- Little angels, 5 stickers and 5 magnets- Big angel, one sticker and one coat hanger- Ostrich, one sticker et 4 coat hangers

About Francois Clerc:Sensitive to our interaction with nature, this plants lover’s designs are born out of an eco-friendly approach. François Clerc is currently designing products for La Galerie Sentou, Nature et Découvertes, Papier d’Arménie, Malibu

Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

From: Francois Clerc

Kick It: A Soft And Flexible Lamp From Pixstudio

When we say light, its fragile in general and everybody should keep away from it. However, the amazing creation of an Austrian designer Valentin Vodev is different. Kick It is a lamp wherein one can kick it when they wanted because it is soft and flexible. It has a very durable bulb that does not get hot like the traditional bulbs. It will not break even when hit on the floor. It is so hard to believe it but it is true. Kick It also uses a super flexible cable that can be used into a 230V socket or in a standard lamp socket. Pretty weird, but I find it a nice concept. -via

Kick It Lamp

From: Pixstudio

Turn Night Into Day With The Waterfall

With the continuous change of lifestyle, many of the working people today have turned night into day with the nature of work that they have. However, turning night into day is not only possible with the type of work everyone has, but can also be achievable through the stylish and eye-caching LED lighting system by Barbara Bona called the Waterfall. This lighting concept has the ability to transform one or all of your nights into day by bouncing the focused light of the LED lights off the reflective, translucent fabric of the curtain and into the surrounding space, which is very beneficial to those night owls and those who wanted something new in their home. -via



From: Barbara Bona


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