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AQ Hayon Bath Tub by Jaime Hayon

AQ Hayon bath tub is another great creation from ArtQuitect designed by Jaime Hayon. He is a renowned Spanish product, toy and graphic designer, so it’s no wonder that the AQ Hayon bath is an astounding bath tub that has a sleek design, and super elegant looking with its black and white lines. The white inner part of the tub is deeply designed to have a great bathing experience while enjoying other things you love to do like reading, listening to your favorite music, eating and more. The outer part of the tub you will see its legs with no visible knobs at all which made the tub even sleeker. – via

aq hayon bath tub collection

aq hayon bath tub collection

aq hayon bath tub collection

aq hayon bath tub collection

From : Jaime Hayon [ProductPage]

Teknobili Oz Diamond Edition Bathroom Faucet

Luxury OZ Diamond Edition bathroom faucet from Teknobili with a glamour and sparkle touch perfect for fashion bathroom. This Oz bathroom faucet collection have been reproduced by Professor Alberto Cotogno (designed by Alberto Cotogno), a winner of the International Jewel Oscar, the professor created a work of art entirely in gold. Sprinkle 282 natural diamonds in the Oz Diamond Edition to give exclusive pleasure and taste for you who really appreciate the meaning of glamour.

teknobili bathroom faucet

teknobili luxury bathroom diamond faucet

teknobili diamond bathroom faucet

From : Teknobili

Steel C Hammock Stand Will Hold Your Hanging Chair In Style

Sitting on a hammock chair hang in a stylish stand similar to Steel C Hammock Stand is relaxing and at the same time fun. This new hammock stand from Greenstar Outdoors works out perfectly fine for any kind of hanging chair. The stand is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The stand is made of a 2” diameter tube durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions. The powder coated finish creates an elegant and classy look to the stand and it is rust resistant too, so you don’t need to worry about letting it stay outside for long. With this stand at home, you can enjoy being on a hammock like a baby anytime you want. You can sit on it and swing your way with your baby, sibs, or grandchildren enjoying some good bonding time together.

Don’t worry if you feel like a littlee heavy because the stand is durable and sturdy enough with its 300 pounds weight capacity. Hang in some eye-catching hanging chair and the stand will surely serve as one of your lovely home décor and adds up to the beautiful landscape of interior design them you have. With the easy assembly it requires, you can surely enjoy the beauty of the Steel C Hammock Stand immediately. [Click here for more information about Steel C Hammock Stand]

Steel C Hammock Stand


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