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Stylish Sofas By Bokja Design

Designed for Design Moment at Abu Dhabi Art 09, the Stylish Sofas by Bokja Design are one of the 12 couture chairs. The sofas have patchwork of recycled textiles from all around the globe and despite of being recycled; it has resulted into a stylish and elegant piece of art. The sofas elegant look will definitely complements with any modern houses and interiors designs in the middle east or those homes all around the globe hat has the theme of a Moslem style of interior design.

Owners of Bokja Design are Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri who had both studied at the American University of Beirut and with Hibri studied at the Lebanese American University as well. -via

Bokja Stylish Sofa

From: Bokja Design

WashUp, Wash Your Clothes and Use The Water to Flush Your Toilet

This smart concept came from Sevin Coskun. Positioning a washing machine on top of your toilet to help us saving more water for better environment. The concept of WashUp is to preserve the water that you use to clean your clothes to be later used to flush the toilet. Now that’s what I call a smart way to conserve water. Besides its environmentally conscious design, it is also smart way to help us dealing with small space living.

washup toilet and washing machine

washup toilet and washing machine concept

save water with washup toilet and washing machine

Designer : Sevin Coskun

Need More Chairs ? Just Fold Biombo …

A screen divider and a chair is one is what the Biombo brings. Biombo is a folding screen that can be used as divider or just simply an interior design. However, if you ran out of chairs, you can have these screens folded down to become chairs. The concept is great and sounds perfect to those people in homes with limited space. The chairs look really gorgeous and fashionable. However, the skinny look of the chair made me wonder of how much weight it can carry since it looks like will easily breaks. Overall, it’s a great design and idea that will surely make a difference when it comes to interior designing. – via

biombo folding screen chairs

biombo folding screen chairs

biombo folding screen chairs


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