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Artistic Cork Vessels by Simple Forms Design

Simple Forms Design has created their creative and artistic cork collection the shows a wonderful rough and rustic charm. Using traditional Portuguese materials, the company came up into a wonderful and surprising Cork range including the soap holders, storage bowls, mats and flooring. Adopt the beautiful taste of the Portuguese people and feel it right inside your contemporary bathroom. All of the cork collections have textured finish, which is a result of using agglomerated cork or rubber-cork composite according to the use of each product. You can avail these well-crafted products by contacting Simple Forms Design, based in Oporto, and experience the beauty and elegance of their creations. – via

cork vessels from simple forms design

From : Simple Forms Design

Miele KM5700 Cooktops with Multiple Power Boosters

Cooking is getting easier nowadays especially with the help of the various cooking materials just like this new cook top by Miele called the KM5700. It has a wonderful futuristic timing function that will let you do your other chores while cooking your favorite dishes in this easy to use KM5700. Another feature it has is that it also has multiple power boosters, cookware recognition and auto heat programs that will surely keep you safe from mistake if ever you are not very aware or well versed with what you are cooking or using. With this new cook top from Miele, cooking has never been easier.

km5700 cooktops

From : Miele

Invisible Group by Irwin & Estelle Laverne

Beautiful furniture design really surprises me every time they are being introduced. Just like this furniture called the Invisible Group by Irwin and Estelle Laverne. At first glance, I thought it is a wine glass but I am wrong. It is a vintage acrylic and aluminum chairs. Its crystal clear look made the chairs unique amongst other. Though it’s a chair during the late 50’s, I find it very interesting still. It has an unending elegant look and find it perfect to any modern places without the people seeing them noticing that they are one of the lounge chairs of the fifty’s. -via

Invisible Group

Invisible Group

Invisible Group


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