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The Magnet Clock By Designplus

Forget those sticky notes that we used to in reminding ourselves with this modern and stylish way of reminder designed by Designplus called the Magnet Clock. Designed for the fridge, the magnet clock has numerous magnetic playful arts that represent the activities we regularly do in our daily lives. Users are allowed to arrange those activities according to their preferred time of when they will be doing the said task or activity. I find this project very fun, impressive, and playful. I cannot wait to see some of these in our market, and I will definitely avail one for my fridge. -via

The Magnet Clock

The Magnet Clock

From: Designplus

Tattoo On A Porcelain House Ware?

Tattoo is for the skin. At least to my knowledge. However, seeing a tattoo on a porcelain house ware amazes me. Really, I did not expect this to happen. Well, the Irezumi and Cherry Ink will prove you that Tattoo and Porcelain goes along well enough. Inspired by Japanese art and designed by a Tattoo artist, the eye-catching tableware was made. The Irezumi and Cherry Ink is just perfect to be called as a porcelain houseware to have a tattoo on. You can have these tablewares as one of your artistic home decors as well as an eye catching tableware for your especial occasion or gathering. -via

Tattooed Porcelain

Tattooed Porcelain

From: Paul Timman and Ink Dish

Waterfall Sink from CBD Glass

Want to draw your guest attention to your sink? This waterfall sink from CBD Glass might be the answer, just look at the picture. This waterfall sink is totally eye-dropping, the minute I saw it, I want to touch it and feel this amazing design, very creative. The wall-mounted glass waterfall sink is an extraordinarily versatile and beautiful architectural element for the way we live today, enhancing the elegance and style of any bathroom. This waterfall sink is available with different size version, just contact CBD to get more information

waterfall sink CBD glass

unique waterfall sink CBD glass

From : CBD Glass via Freshome


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