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Beko Integrates a Sink with a Washing Machine

When buying some appliances my first concern is and will always be the space. Before buying one, I always think first where I should place the appliances in my house with limited space. All my purchased appliances are the smaller versions for these are the only option I have. However, for washing machine enthusiasts, space will never be a problem anymore. Korhan come up with a concept of a space-saver washing machine, called the Beko Entegre. With its sink that’s only 10sm forward, laundry person will have enough space for them to stand comfortably. It has a waterproof control panel and an extra drawer under the detergent box for some personal effects. – via

wash macbasin concept

wash macbasin concept

From : Beko

Lowlight By Anna Van Der Lei

When the sun goes down the lowlight goes up. You might get confused with the statement. Literally, the lowlight is an elegant and stylish lighting system by Anna Van Der Lei that will light up as it goes up from the ground at least for about 2cm. If one wanted it off, all he or she has to do is to put down facing the ground and the lowlight will automatically turn off. This one of a kind lampshade from Anna Van Der Lei can be a perfect lighting system for any modern homes of today, as it flawlessly complements with any modern interiors of today and will surely matches with any existing stylish and elegant furniture sets. -via

Lowlight Lampshade

Lowlight Lampshade

Lowlight Lampshade

From: Anna Van Der Lei

Luxury Bath Fittings by Marcel Wanders

Luxury bath fittings that can make glitter to your bathroom comes from Aqua Jewels. Marcel Wanders, the designer created several glamor and luxury bath fittings for Bonomi. As you can see instead of using ordinary tap handles, Marcel decided to use crystals that regulates the flow of water and the surface of all these bath-fittings have been given a cut diamond look. If you have high class and sophisticated taste, you might love this new creations.

aqua jewels bathroom faucet

glamor aqua jewels

luxury bathroom accessories from aqua jewels

Source : HomeTone


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