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Organize And Decorate With The Clean And Elegant Sauder Pogo Bookcase And Footboard

Organizing stuff especially your kids toys is a tedious job unless you have the right furniture similar to Sauder Pogo Bookcase And Footboard that will help you do the job. As its name suggests, it works perfectly as your kids bookcase in their room. The table top can hold your kids decors, accents, and centerpieces like photo frames and the likes.

Pogo Bookcase from Sauder also comes with storage bins perfect for the kids small items like toys and other stuff making this the perfect furniture for your kids bedroom and playroom. The ID tags will help your kids identify and put things in their proper places. This feature of the bookcase will make it easier for you rkids to classify their things. In addition, it will be easier for them to locate their stuff just by reading the ID tags.

Sauder Pogo Bookcase And Footboard

The cubbyhole design of the bookcase gives your kids the chance to classify and sort their things easily. It also makes the bookcase looks more stylish. The soft white finish is elegant enough for this bookcase to match easily with any room interior design theme. It clean lines and sleek design making it a perfect addition to your modern home interior design theme. It surely will serve not only as your bookcase and footboard but also will serve as your lovely and classy home decorative furniture piece. You can read many great reviews and get persuaded to get one for your kid’s room. [Click here to learn more about Sauder Pogo Bookcase And Footboard]

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Have The Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table In Your Home And Enjoy Elegant Furniture And Décor

When buying a furniture piece for our home, buying one that will not only work as a furniture but also a décor like the Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table is now common especially to thrifty individuals. The Pawnee Console is a coffee table that will work perfectly fine as your side table or short shelf where the top is a perfect place for your other personal items or décors.

The table also has a drawer underneath where you can store your small items like magazines, utensils, cups, mugs, and more. Designed by Shimna, this elegant, stylish, and functional coffee table is made of walnut and has rough, hewn doors. With a catchy satin finished frame, the table’s hewn doors create a perfect, interesting contrast. [Click here to checkout Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table]

Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table
Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table

Other than the mentioned interesting features of the table’s looks and functions is the classy Corian inserts placed around the finger pulls of the table’s drawer. These inserts adds style to the table’s rough, hewn doors. This lovely looking table will surely look perfectly fine with any of your existing home décor. It can even be part of your interior design. The low height of the table made it unique and this can also be your kid’s study table or your work station when a need arise.

As a stylish coffee table, this will be a perfect furniture piece anywhere in your house. It can be placed in your dining area, receiving area, living room, and bedroom or in your veranda. The Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table is perfect to enjoy coffee with family and friends. [Click here to checkout Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table]

Pawnee Console Shimna Coffee Table

Schemata Kurage Lighting Series

The Kurage lighting series has truly catches my eyes. They are very elegant and are full of beauty and enthusiasm. The Kurage3 lighting series uses an optical fiber with a size of 1.5mm, which is already an enlarged edition to the former 1.0mm for the Kurage1 and Kurage2. This lighting series uses LED as its light source, and its brightness can be adjusted accordingly with the size of the curve of the optical fiber. As the designer adjusted the Kurages fiber optic size, the long has also increased accordingly and its luminance went up too. The Kurage is perfect for hang out places like bar or in any place that wants and elegant lighting for relaxation. – via

kurage lighting series

kurage lighting series

kurage lighting series

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