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Store Your Soap Or Sanitazer Elegantly Using The Simplehuman Sensor Pump

We all want a clean and safe environment at home and Simplehuman Sensor Pump is a tool that will help us in keeping our kitchen clean and free from dirt. This pump will dispense your soap or sanitizer without touching them. With the modern touch-free mechanism, this sensor pump is sure enough to be clean and safe from contamination. The pump works simply by just putting your hands under the sensor and it will automatically dispense soap or sanitizer.

It also has the easy to use volume control allowing you to control the amount of soap or sanitizer to dispense. In this way, you can opt to dispense just enough to clean mild dirt on hands to save soap. Refilling the pump is easy breezy and clean. It has the wide opening makes pouring of refill content dead fast and easy. In addition, you can totally forget about the spills too because the pump is mess free too with its innovative no-drip valve that automatically snaps shut creating a seal the moment the dispensing stops, giving no room for drips and clots. [Click here for more information about Simplehuman Sensor Pump]

Simplehuman Sensor Pump
Simplehuman Sensor Pump

If you hate those moments of pumping dispensers and not a single drop of soap or sanitizer is dispensed, then this will not happen with you with the Simplehuman Sensor Pump. The pump has a clear soap chamber showing to you the soap level at a glance. You don’t need to open the pump just to check the soap level.

Though it requires 4 pieces of AA batteries to operate, the Simplehuman Sensor Pump is energy efficient enough with its batteries to last up to one year. [Click here for more information about the Simplehuman Sensor Pump]

Admire The Beauty OF Chinese Granite Stone Through The Granite Chair

Granite stones are known to be a great material for our floor tiles and kitchen lavatories. A project by Max Lamb, the Granite Chair is a sturdy chair that will surely works out perfectly both indoor and outdoor. Made from Chinese green granite and using radius of the diamond blade, the granite boulder chair is born. With the rustic look it has, the granite chair can be a great décor item in every home. One can have it placed on their patios or even in his or her living room, as it will not only serve as a good and comfortable chair, but also is a good part of a home’s interior design. -via

Granite Chair

From: Max Lamb

Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack Gives Your Magazine A Lovely Place

If you want your magazines to be in a secluded yet keeps them easy to reach, put them in a lovely place similar to Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack. This chic and elegant looking magazine rack is made of wood as its name mentions and comes with an espresso finish that adds up to the elegance of the rack. In addition, the catchy dark espresso finish of the rack will surely create an elegant contrast to your light colored home furniture pieces and decors. [Click here for more information about Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack]

Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack
Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack

The ½ inch thick bentwood used in this rack is sturdy enough to hold enough magazine that your guests can read while they are waiting for you as your fix yourself or while you are busy preparing your snacks and the likes. This can also be perfect for office use. If you have a clinic or even a big office, this would work great to hold your magazines to entertain your clients, customers, job applicants and the likes while they are waiting for their turn to be served. Simple assemble is required but this looks deadly simple. The unit measures 12 inches in width by 13 inches in depth and 12 inches in height. Comes in contemporary style, Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack is perfect for your modern home interior design theme. [Click here for more information about Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack]

Oceanstar M1170 Contemporary Wooden Magazine Rack


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