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Have a Glamorous Sit with The Regina Blue Chair

Look at this contemporary chair made designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Poltrona Frau. The brilliant color of blue makes the chair noticeable wherever it maybe. It�s unique design made the chair looks innovative and a little bit weird. What I don�t like about the design is that it looks like a chair in a beauty parlor. I feel like when I am about to sit on that chair somebody would come over to pamper me with hair style, massage, manicure, pedicure etc. Sounds funny but yes that is what it looks like for me. However, Regina chair is large enough to relax and I�m sure the stool is comfy for your feet. In addition to that, the chair also looks like a queen chair wherein you can glamorously sit. – via

evitavonni blue chair

From : Poltrona Frau

Enjoy A Stylish And Sleek Work Station With Your New Furinno Efficient Computer Desk

A stylish, clean and tidy workplace works wonder with a worker’s productivity and this is highly possible with the new Furinno Efficient Computer Desk. The modern and contemporary computer table has a simple design and clean lines. However, despite of its simplicity, it is highly functional, as it holds your computer and other work related things like your modem, speakers, and other accessories you need for work. [Click here for more information about Furinno Efficient Computer Desk]

Furinno Efficient Computer Desk
Furinno Efficient Computer Desk

Another benefit that you definitely love about this computer desk is the slim design making it suitable for people living in homes with limited space. Since many of us today are having trouble with space, this is the perfect furniture so we can still do our work comfortably without worrying about how we move with this lovely work desk inside our room. Aside from the elegance and the space-saving feature it has, the desk is also an eco-friendly one. Therefore, it allows us to enjoy stylish piece of furniture without harming the environment. The use of engineered particleboard made from recycled materials is what made the desk eco-friendly.
Furinno Efficient Computer Desk
Furinno Efficient Computer Desk
The desk is ideal for both laptop and desktop PC use because it has a shelf designed to cater the CPU and an elevated shelf intended for your compact printer or if you do not have one, for your other decors like frames and more. Even with its slim design, the Furinno Efficient Computer Desk is sturdy enough to hold your items and it only requires a little assembly so you can immediately start working productively. [Click here for more information about Furinno Efficient Computer Desk]
Furinno Efficient Computer Desk

Gryll L From Wodtke: Keeps Each Family Members Together In Style

There can never be so rewarding than keeping the family members and friends together for a small gathering outdoor with some warm fire or some grilling present. The Gryll L from Wodtke is a fireplace that has the elegant and stylish look that will bring together not only those who wanted to get some warmth but those who wanted a stylish and elegant talk outdoor. With high aesthetic standards, the Gryll L is practically simple fireplace at a barbecue. With a rusted steel base, people can now have a nice chat with friends and family members while elegantly feeling the warm ambience provided by Gryll L.

Gryll L Outdoor Fireplace

From: Wodtke


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