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NC Series Pedestal Toilet From Toto

Known German bathroom fixtures manufacturer Toto is proud to present the beauty of the NC Series Pedestal Toilet. It has gentle curvature that made the set looks sleek and elegant enough for any modern bathrooms of today. Toto used their unique CeFiONtect glaze that make sure that the aesthetics of the set will perfectly match with its functionality. With the use of nano-technology, the NC series of Toto resulted to have an extra smooth surface that prevents dirt and grime from building up. If you love the design of the NC Series Pedestal Toilet, it is also available in combination with Washlet GL.

Toto NC Series Pedestal Toilet

Toto NC Series Pedestal Toilet

From: Toto

The Snail: A Futuristic Pan Magnet

As people becomes more and more busy these days, many of us failed to do the house chores already. As a result, we tend to depend on those instant products available in the market especially when it comes to food. This will not happen anymore if you have The Snail in your kitchen. Winner of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab, the Snail is a micro is a sleek mini-iron like thing that can stuck onto the side of your metal pan and start heating up its contents. Designed by Peter Alwin of the National Institute of Design in India, the Snail uses magnetic induction to heat up. It is sleek enough to be in your kitchen in the future.

The Snail

The Snail

From: Electrolux

Spider and Playa Bathtub from Gruppotreesse

New bathtub collection from Gruppotreesse, comes in sharp lines and angularity, black headrest for spider bathtub, while playa bathtub sets a new meaning in bathtub with solid block to arouse your curiosity. They are suitable for minimalist bathroom design, although with their simple bathtub design, they do offer hidden details such as airpool.

spider and playa bathtub

bathtub design spider and playa bathtub

gruppotressse spider and playa bathtub

From : Gruppotreesse


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