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Contemporary Chair for Big Bosses

A contemporary chair perfect for big bosses, is what can be best described for the new Conoid Chair designed by Bjarke Nielsen. Created for your back�s complete comfort, the Conoid Shwivel Chair has a long backrest that will cover including your head. Its steel frame makes it durable and long lasting, cushioned with 20mm soft foam, this chair looks perfectly good for your back and side, however I doubt if this could give enough comfort for your legs. However, the steel base can be your instrument if you want your feet and legs to have a good rest. This suggestion is not a guarantee, but at least this can help. – via

conoid swivel chair

conoid swivel chair

From : Eilersen

Put The Aquarium on Your Wall

Mikaza Homes, introduces its wall-mounted aquarium with prices ranges from USD350 to USD750. This is perfect for pet lovers especially those who loves fish. It will not only give you your desired satisfaction of having your pet fish around, but it will also save some space in your house, because it will not require you to place the aquarium in a stand or table. Wall-mounted aquarium will also keep your pet fish away from your other pets or from your small kids. The product is available in various sizes and colors for both acrylic and glass versions, that will surely adds some beauty in your living rooms. – via

mikaza home wall mounted aquarium

mikaza home wall mounted aquarium

mikaza home wall mounted aquarium

From : Mikaza Home

WaterPoints: Taking A Shower Has Never Been So Stylish

Showering is just one of the things that we do daily for hygiene purposes. However, with the stylish bathrooms designs and bathroom furniture and fixtures, bathing becomes not only for hygiene purposes but also for relaxation purposes. The WaterPoints showerhead is just one of the stylish bathroom fixtures that will make taking a shower a stylish experience. This one of a kind showerhead is wall mounted and not overhead. Installing two showerheads on your bathroom walls will cause an even distribution of water from your head to your back. In addition, this unique placement of the showerhead adds up to the beauty of any modern bathroom.

WaterPoints Showerhead

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