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Toto Neorest AH Hybrid Toilet

Japan always fascinating us with its innovation, this time they create water saving hybrid toilet. Called Neorest AH, this is the latest technology of Toto which can help us saving water. Toto’s “Hybrid Ecology System and Washlet” draws on both inboard and outside water sources to the tune of 5.5 litres per flush vs 13 wasteful litres for the old style tank-type thrones that have chilled our buns for decades.

Toto Neorest AH features the ability of cleaning its own by using directed spiral water stream, very neat. Toto’s Neorest AH type environmentally friendly tankless toilet will be put through its paces at the upcoming Japanese Design 2008 Innovation in Milan, Italy from April 16 through 20.

toto nearest ah

toto nearest ah hybrid toilet

toto nearest ah green toilet


Feel Sporty At Home With The Skateboard Furniture From Tunto Sked

Being a sports enthusiast is a good way of spending leisure time and having some fun bonding with friends and family members. However, if you love to feel sporty even when you are at your own home, the Skateboard Furniture from Tunto Sked will allow you to. With the skateboard deck serving as the chair’s backrest and a leg for the chair’s back part, the skateboard furniture has the sporty yet elegant look that will surely compliments with any interiors flawlessly. The chairs come in black or beige finish but paint arts can also be a good choice to those who wanted some different yet unique look for their chairs. -via

Skateboard Chair

Skateboard Chair

From: Tunto Sked

Ceramic Fruit Bowl Dino: A Tableware And Centerpiece In One

Tableware items are known to be ideal only during mealtime. However, the Ceramic Fruit Bowl Dino is a different products amongst many other fruit bowl you can find in a home of home improvement stores. Designed by Aldo Cibic for Italian manufacturer Paola C., the Ceramic Fruit Bowl Dino is a large bowl that can hold different products like your bunch delicious fruits or a pile of magazines. Since it is made of ceramic, the bowl posses clean lines that made the Ceramic Fruit Bowl a perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. Available in color black, the Ceramic Design Fruit Bowl is elegant enough to be in your kitchen, as it will blend well enough with any kitchen interior and color theme.

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

From: Wannekes


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