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Bored with Your White Tub ? Pick Kali’ Kolor Tubs from Blu Bleu

Bathtub doesn’t always in white color, if you are bored with the white plain color, now you can pick Kali’ Kolor tubs from Blu Bleu which has 192 of color choices that suit your personality. Choosing glossy, satin or metallic will ensure that you have a rare bathtub and very fashionable. The tub comes with removable panels and four different shapes. With one touch of a button in the digital remote control, you have option as air jets, ozone plant, and chrome relax lighting.

kali kolor tubs from blu blue

colored tubs from blu blue

modern colored tubs kali' kolor from blu blue

Designer : Blu Bleu

Winsome Wood Storage Cube Is Your Stylish And Elegant Storage

We all need storage for our home accessories and small items like our kids’ toys and Winsome Wood Storage Cube will not only hold your small items but also form part of your interior design. It comes with a contemporary design of a cube with a removable lid. Other than the modern and sleek design, the storage cube has a walnut finish creating an eye-catching contrast to your home’s light colored interior design theme, decors and furniture sets. [Click here for more details about Winsome Wood Storage Cube]

Winsome Wood Storage Cube

Other than your kids’ toys, it is also ideal for your other items like your knitting supplies, extra beddings, magazines, and more. The best thing is, the storage is not just your storage and décor but also, it can work as your accent table. You can have it as your centerpiece, corner table, side table, and even as your lovely coffee table. With the lid on, you can place some decorative items like figures and photo frames on top of it. Measuring 19 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 18 inches high, this classy wooden storage cube will surely hold enough number of items and help you keep your home free from mess and clutter. The Winsome Wood Storage Cube may require a little assembly but you surely will figure things out and enjoy a classy and elegant décor and furniture in a short time. [Click here to order your Winsome Wood Storage Cube]

Lulu Bath Spout with Automatic Shower Diverter from Dornbracht

Another great creation from designer Sieger Design, for manufacturer Dornbracht, is a bath spout that can automatically be a shower spout. The product is named Lulu. Its sleek design made the Lulu go far beyond a bathroom fixture. Available in various shapes such as cubes and cylinders, clear and simple, and sometimes it can also be rounded. This sleek modern design from Sieger, is undoubtedly beautiful. With its double purpose design, Lulu will save you from purchasing two products for different purpose. Because of this features, Lulu is great to own, because it is not only fashionable, it is economical as well.

dornbracht lulu bathh spout with automatic bath or shower diverter

From : Dornbracht


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