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Close Up Kids Table for Better Learning

Designer Carolina Peña Villarreal created the educational, artistic, nature and art loving table called the Close Up. Created best for your children, Close Up has this lighting feature for your child’s easy tracing, sketching, and observation, which will surely catch your children’s eye and eventually invite them in using the table. In addition to that, the table also has portable containers embedded with magnifying glass enabling your kids to have a closer look on their subjects. Having these containers placed back on the table, kids can now further explore and display their subjects while learning to draw with a love of nature. – via

closeup table for kids

The Cord Chair By Jacques Guillon

If you are into uique designs to accentuate your interior design, then the cord chair by Jacques Guillonis the best for you. Been into production more than 40 years ago, its Toronto based manufacturer Avenue Road announced it re-issuance of the said furniture in August of 2009.

The cord chair is made of solid maple wood frame and a fully strung in either black or white 8-strand braided cord for its seat and backrest. It is also finished in either a walnut wood veneer or black lacquer, which will surely compliment with your other home décors and interior design theme. -via

The Cord Chair

The Cord Chair

The Cord Chair

The Cord Chair

The Cord Chair

From: Avenue Road

Save Space In Your Home With The Juan Stool

Home furniture designs are getting functional this time with the continuous growth in problem for space. More and more household owners are now into furniture designs that will not only add up in their interior designs but also are space savers. Designer Reinhard Dienes knows these simple needs of the people and created the Juan Stool. The Juan Stool is a stylish seating system that is foldable and stackable, thus saves space especially when not in use. The Juan Stool is also easy to store when flat, which is a great advantage as compared to any other stool that we see in the market. In addition, the Juan stool also has the sleek design that will surely match with any home interiors. -via

Juan Stool

From : Matt Blatt


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