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Squaring of the Circle: A Colorful Unique Cushion Collection

Who never loves soft cushions? I know every one of us loves to cuddle those cuddly lovely cushions or lounge on a soft cushioned sofa or lounge chair. It is with the materials used or the prints that made us dislike a cushion. However, I am quite sure that no one would every dislike the Squaring of the Circle, a collection of soft cushions that comes in different color combinations. The collection consists of three designs including spirit, soul, and fire with each has its own vibrant color combination. One can opt to have the bright and energetic one or the ones with the soft and gentle color combination.

Squaring of the circle cushions

Squaring of the circle cushions

Squaring of the circle cushions

Squaring of the circle cushions

From: Kvadrat

Omax Wooden Faucet

A wooden faucet mixer is new to me. You may say I am late with fashion and gadgets, but yes, it was the first time I’ve heard about this wooden faucet. To my surprise, it was the Omax SRL from Italy has created this modern and cute Wooden Faucets-Mixer. The wood used is covered with a special mixture for a longer life. This elegant faucet is available is beech wood, cherry, teak, and walnut. Be a nature lover now and try this wooden faucet to give your home the touch of the loving nature with elegance and style of the future.

omax wooden faucet

omax wooden faucet

From : Omax

Cer Bathroom Sinks Collection from Agape

Range collection of CER bathroom sink from Agape offers unique approach to the often mundane. Some of these bathroom sinks are using wood as main materials, you can choose dark oak or light oak to find your color. What sets these sinks out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures.

Another collection would be made of marble and white ceramic materials, or small washbasin called Cheese, you can see it in the last picture below.

wood agape cer bathroom sink

agape bucatini cer bathroom sink collection

agape cer marble bathroom sink

agape cheese cer bathroom sink

agape cer bathroom sink

From : Agape


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