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Blood Cell Lounge by DesignbyIdiot

Lounging and lounges has never ran out of style. Every now and then comes various designs that will let everyone think if he or she has the best lounging experience ever. That is what the Blood Cell will probably bring to its future users. Composed of two sleek and fine sofas, the Blood Cell has the perfect curves that will surely offer a good experience of lounging. The Blood Cell�s sofas can be put together and form a one large round bed like sofa. Designed by the Studio Design by idiot, the Blood Cell will surely make a difference to the normal comfort that today�s sofas bring. – via

blood cell lounge

From : Design by Idiot

Get A Lincoln Park Torchiere With Opal Glass Diffuser And Enjoy An Elegant Illumination

A stylish lamp is essential if we want to add warm ambiance to our room and having a Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser will partly answer our need of having a functional and elegant lighting system. Available from Good Earth Lighting, the Lincoln Park Torchiere is a floor lamp that has various features you surely love including it being affordable, strong, sturdy, and energy efficient. [Click here to know more about Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser]

Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser
Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser

The lamp has the opal diffuser creating a warm and elegant illumination to any large spaces. Ideal to be placed on corners, the Lincoln Park Torchiere has the ability to brighten both small and large spaces making it not only a stylish lamp but a functional one too. The lamp uses a 55-watt Energy Star bulb that are known to be energy-efficient and therefore helps the users save money on energy cost. As an energy star approved bulb, the bulb can lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Other feature that the Lincoln Park Torchiere is the dimmable light that sets every room’s mood. One can control the brightness of the floor lamp and set it according to their liking or mood. Adjusting the lamp’s brightness can be done easily by just turning the knob located at the lamp’s post.

Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser
With a height of 72 inches tall, the floor lamp also comes with a contemporary design, making it easy to match with any of today modern home furniture pieces, decors, and interior design. Owning a Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser will require a little assemble but you don’t need to worry because it is very easy to assemble. [Click here to know more about Lincoln Park Torchiere with Opal Glass Diffuser]

The Cognita Storage Bench Will Keeps Your Things Organized

To keep our things organized, we always need a storage that normally comes in the form of a cabinet or chest, which definitely are out of style and classical. The Cognita Storage Bench by Blu Dot will surely keep your things organized whilst keeping your room’s interior design at its best. The walnut case that offers a two-piece hinged top completes the elegant look of this multi-purpose and efficient storage furniture. The upper right part of the Cognita is a hard top that has the ability to hold the user’s paperwork, coffee, or any other small office equipments in a stylish and elegant manner.-via

Cognita Storage Bench


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