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The Egg Rug: Your Sunny-Side-Up Is On The Floor

When we hear sunny-side-up, the breakfast thing is definitely what comes to our minds first. Would you like your sunny-side-up egg on the floor? Definitely not! But not this stylish rug by Valentina Audrito. This playful and eye-catching rug mimics the look of a cooked sunny-side-up egg that you normally had for your breakfast. It also has the yoke and white just like your real sunny-side-up. The yolks on the rug can surely work as your pillows if you opt to lie down to relax while watching TV, reading books, or listening to your favorite music. This rug will not only keep you warm and clean but also, it definitely will create a playful and unique ambiance. -via

Sunny Side Up Rug

From: Valentina Audrito

The Isy Special Edition: Bathing In Elegance And Style

When we bathe, we do not only feel cleanse but relaxed as well, especially with the warm and elegant ambiance that our bathroom have. To achieve elegance for our bathroom, we normally put some bathroom and fixtures that compliments each other well from the tub to the mixers to the cabinets and more. The Isy special edition from Italian manufacturer Zucchetti is a collection of tap and it looks good enough on your bathtub. Comes in black or red, the Isy will surely be a perfect tap for your bathtub whatever your bathroom interior maybe. It also will match with majority if not all of your bathroom fixtures.





KUBE Future Modular Kitchen from Innova Designers

The kitchen can be the true living room for those who love foods and those who love to cook alike and make their kitchen as the centerpiece of the home. People with these likes and desire might definitely want their kitchen to be as comfortably as possible. Designers from Spain called the Innova Designers answers all these need and trends by creating the KUBE kitchen prototype. This modular kitchen has a futuristic design with a specific purpose when the kitchen is in close or open position. When the kitchen is open, it can be a working station and closing will conceal doors and drawers and make everything out of sight.

kube future modular kitchen

From : InnovaDesigners


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