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Separate Areas Of Your House With Nexxt Bota Triple-Panel Floor Screen

To separate one area of our house to another, we tend to put a piece of furniture like the Nexxt Bota Triple-Panel Floor Screen in between. Furniture pieces like these are normally stationary but not the floor screen from Nexxt. The screen is freestanding, composed of three panels, and can be folded when not needed. The modern botanical design gives the screen a refreshing look that on the other hand creates a cool and relaxing ambiance to your home.

Nexxt Bota Triple-Panel Floor Screen

Each of the three panels features stretched white canvas with botanical design in black and taupe printed on it. The print includes oversized silhouette of three branches, flowers and birds. The best thing about the floor screen is the absence of assembly requirement. This means that, even people with no experience in carpentry can enjoy the beauty of the screen with ease. The screen measures 48 inches wide by 71 inches high by 1 inch deep making it a perfect divider to your home. The modern oversized silhouette design of the screen makes it not only a perfect piece of furniture to separate areas of the house but also it makes the screen a perfect addition to your collection of modern home decors. It does not matter at all where you are living because the screen is designed to work perfectly fine for studio apartments, lofts, and open floor planned houses.

Buy a piece of Nexxt Bota Triple-Panel Floor Screen now and start enjoying a part of your house with a little privacy. [Click here for more information about Nexxt Bota Triple-Panel Floor Screen]

Grato: A Winning Waiting Furniture Design

Generally, no one wants the idea of waiting. However, if you are in an office for and interview or appointment, waiting is normal especially if others arrived ahead of you. However, waiting can no longer be tiring and boring especially if you will be sitting in this winning furniture design called Grato, a sitting furniture that comes with different individual elements allowing the users to form various formation that they like. Looking at the picture, the Grato is stylish enough to be in your office waiting area. Even in your living, I find it perfect to match with your modern interior design and home furniture sets and decors.



From: Brunner Group

Sofa By Satyendra Pakhale: Make You Fall In Love With Checkered

Generally, checkered prints are known to be for school uniform purposes in many of the schools worldwide. Checked fabrics and plastics are also a well-known print design for a tablecloth in a mid-class resto. However, with the wonderful creations by Satyendra Pakhale for Hastens, people will surely learn to love checked fabric prints with their sleek and stylish sofa that comes in white and blue checked print. Designed for Hastens, the Sofa also comes with a footstool and was presented at Stockholm 2010. With the unique print of The Sofa, it will surely standout amongst other décor of a modern home. -via

Checked Sofa

Checked Sofa

Checked Sofa

From: Satyendra Pakhale


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