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Add Style To Your Home Or Office With A Colorful Table Base

We are used to four regular legs of our tables to be made of wood, steel, or plastic. They normally are in one color to make the table appear elegant and sleek. However, why not give our homes a new color and playful ambiance by having a table with multi-color legs. British designer Ross Lovegrove have designed a table with multi-color legs and a sleek and elegant glass tabletop. Designed for the brand Knoll, the table is elegant enough to be your stylish dining table or a sleek conference table in your home or office conference room. Having this in your home or office definitely remind you that style and elegance does not end with a single color theme but can also be in multiple different colors shade. -via

Multi-colored Table

From: Ross Lovegrove

Harley Davidson Essential Bar And Shield Neon Clock Will Complete The Hippie Look Of Your Bar

Installing a bar at home is now a common home interior design idea and if you are one of those who are planning to have a bar at home, installing a Harley Davidson Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock will definitely complete the hippie look of your bar. The chrome housing of the clock creates a classy glossy look, making it a perfect addition to your interior design, as it will surely catch the attention of your guests. In addition to the chrome housing, the clock also comes with a blue neon eye-catching illumination. [Click here to get more details about Harley Davidson Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock]

Harley Davidson Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock

The clock will run using a double A (AA) battery. Please note though that you are to purchase the battery separately. The clock comes in quartz movement and measures 12 inches in diameter, which is just right for every home. Aside from being a lovely and catchy home décor at daytime, the clock can also be your perfect illumination overnight. You did not to purchase a separate lamp for overnight night use because this lovely clock will already do it for you. Purchasing a Harley Davidson Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock will definitely lets you save some amount of money since you don’t need to purchase a separate overnight lighting system and no additional electricity cost. [Click here to purchase Harley Davidson Essential Bar and Shield Neon Clock]

Discoco Color: A Stylish Decorative Pendant Light

Installing some decorative lighting system at home provides not only some warm illumination and elegant ambiance but it also adds up to the beauty of our interiors as a whole. The Discoco Color from German manufacturer Marset is a decorative pendant light that will surely gives your home a new and refreshing look. Designed by designer Christophe Mathieu, the Discoco Color pendant light has the ability to generate effects and creates subtle light through its opaque discs that are coated with bright white lacquer allowing the lamp to create direct and reflected light. This stylish and decorative lamp comes in two different sizes, the one with 88cm in diameter and 53cm in diameter.

Discoco Color Pendant Light

Discoco Color Pendant Light

From: Marset


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