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Tofu Chair By Yu-Ying Wu

Took home a Red Dot Design Award under the home furniture design concept category, the tofu chair by Taipei-based designer Yu-Ying Wu has the unique look like of a aerated tofu. However, if you were to take a closer look on it, the triangular voids are in different sizes and their placements from each other are carefully calculated according to inspection. Once a person will take a sit or compress the large triangles placed on top-front center part, the square tofu-like item will create a chair-like shape and eventually provides comfort to humans. In addition, the tofu-look of this design made this concept chair a perfect part of any homes’ interior design. -via

Tofu Chair

Travelmate Portable Ventless Fireplace by Studio Vertijet

Fireplaces provides warm and calming ambience to every room. Just like any other fireplaces, the travelmate works the same. However, the travelmate’s edge among other fireplaces available is that, it is portable and stylish. In addition, the travelmate burns clean and smokeless on bio-ethanol liquid fuel. Aside from its, stylish design, the travel mate can be used anywhere without any complications. You can have it in your carpet, dining table, and patio or even in the garden; you can enjoy the atmosphere with the travelmate. The wonderful atmosphere that travelmate brings does not end from its being portable. It is also stylized by a wonderful powder-coated galvanized steel and glass in adjustable steel fuel-holder suitcase.-via

Travelmate Portable Fireplace

Flow Chair By Maria Jose Nuñez

Sitting on the floor is fun and designer Maria Jose Nuñez with two other friends Maria Quezada and Marina Piza made it even more exciting to have fun while on the floor with friends with their stylish Flow Chair. Made out of single bent plywood, the Flow Chair is handmade webbing on the back. The backrest looks comfortable enough even if the use will slight lie down to get some rest. In addition, the flow chair has sleek design making it perfect for any rooms and will surely complements with any modern home interiors of today. One can also have it in their living room, veranda, bedroom, and more. -via

Flow Chair

Flow Chair

Flow Chair

Flow Chair


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