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Faraway Pool by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

Modern, aesthetic and functional are the definitely the words that best describe the Faraway Pool by Roberto Palomba. This sunken mini pool is level with the floor creating an elegant and beautiful bathroom décor. It also has a beautiful step down into the pool that serves as the source of illumination. It also has a ground level fissure for the collection of water made the pool’s outline double. Added to its beauty is the blower placed under the steps that allows the water surface to ripple beautifully over the entire pool. With a pool as beautiful as the Farway Pool, I will definitely spend most of my time in my bathroom.

Faraway Pool

Faraway Pool

Faraway Pool

Faraway Pool

From: KOS

Torekov Ikea Leather Recliner : Makes Lounging a Different Experience

Enjoy lounging with Torekov recliner from IKEA USA. It is a leather sofa wherein as its name suggests, it can be adjusted for your comfort. Torekov�s leather is heavy, hardwearing, easy to clean, and requires less maintenance made this recliner perfect for families with children. Since it is adjustable for you to sit comfortably, you only have to pull the handle and the back tilts with the footstool folded out. Torekov�s headrest is also adjustable for your comfort, and cushions are filled with polyurethane foam and polyester fibers. When you want to have a comfortable sit in your homes, own a Torekov Recliner today. Vacuum clean it to let your chair last longer. – via

ikea torekov leather recliner

From : Ikea [ProductPage]

Where Glass Meets Ceramics : Bathroom Sink Basins from Villeroy and Boch

First impression of this bathroom sink basin, wow … you get the feeling of fresh air. The combination of glass and ceramics really gives the impression of futuristic. The glass bowl is really eye catching, the clean lines of this piece and put it on top of the tile is really a brilliant idea ! Stylish: the installation is concealed from view within the rear panel, making it possible to select a wall-mounted tap fitting and outlet without the need for structural work in the bathroom.

bathroom sink basins from villeroy and boch

Manufacturer : Villeroy and Boch


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