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Stiks Table with Four Wooden Stick Legs

Another great creation from Joachim Forst, is the sleek and elegant Stiks. It is a six pieces table made of four wooden stick legs, a ring and a glass tabletop. Stick lega are interlocks with each other until the circle is closed. The Stiks is perfect as your dining table or lounge table. You can never be out of style with this table because of its elegant look. This classy table is handcrafted in order to make up the finish product. I would love to own one if this table will be available in our place. I find it perfect for my new small studio type room.

stiks table

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Enjoy A Classic Yet Elegant Clock With Your Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock

Keeping up with time is good but it would be better if you are keeping time with your classic yet stylish and elegant Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock. You will surely love the clock’s dial center as it is decorated with a port wine label design. The roman numerals that marks the hours of the clock adds up to the vintage effect of the wall clock. [Click here for more information about Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock]

Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock

What makes the classic look of the wall clock complete is those classic black arrow hands that points out the time. However, the flat glass len that covers and protects the dial has made the wall clock looks classy and modern enough to be in every modern homes of today. With its 18 inches in diameter measurement, the vintage wall clock will look just fine to any space. The clock’s frame looks like wood though it is not real wood and this adds up to the modern look of the clock despite of its vintage theme. Another lovely feature is the absence of the loud ticking of the second, which is sometimes disturbing especially at night. With Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock, you will enjoy a vintage yet modern looking wall clock minus the disturbing second hand ticking giving you a peaceful and goodnight sleep every night while keeping your room elegant and modern looking along with your other home decors and furniture. [Click here for more information about Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock]

Stackable Cute Floger Chair

The Floger chair is a unique and sleek chair that is stackable for space saving purposes. This is perfect for homes in the city with a minimal space. The Floger is available in different bright colors that will surely give your homes a good sense of hip and style. Its rounded end made it more attractive and smooth, which is perfect and safe for toddlers. It’s simple yet elegant design made me think of owning one. I like its cutie design and hip colors, since I have toddlers who loves colors and are still learning to recognize one color to another. This can also be a learning material for them. – via

floger chair

floger chair

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