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Crinolina Table Lamp by Susanne Philippson

Modern table lamp designs always surprises me when they are presented to the public, and one of those that surprises me is the Crinolina Table Lamp by Susanne Philippson. It is made from textile covered PVC and powdercoated epoxy steel. Its outer lampshade is a translation of the hooped skirt fashion centuries ago. One can choose from various colors of anthracite, white, and deep purple. All colors are in combination with a golden reflective foil that enables the lamp to produce a warm and ambient light. Crinolina is available with both halogen and energy saving bulbs. With the beauty the Crinolina have, it will definitely be one of your beautiful home décor.

Crinolina Table Lamp

Crinolina Table Lamp

From: Pallucco

Unique Water Barel From Weyers And Borms

Quercus, a unique water tank will definitely catches your eye the moment you see this in one’s home. It is made from a polyester/fiberglass cast of a 150-year-old oak trunk. Presented in the “je suis dada” show at the Design Flanders gallery in Brussels, Quercus is ideal to those places that need to store water for their daily use. I assume it can hold water that is enough for use within a day or two. It also has a tapped installed that is responsible for easy releasing of collected water. This water-collection device will definitely play an important role as one of your home décor aside from being a water-collection device. -via

Quercus Water Barrel

Quercus Water Barrel

Quercus Water Barrel

From : Weyers & Borms

The DNA Closet By Irina Alexandru

Inspired by the DNA, Bucharest-based designer Irina Alexandru has designed a stylish dresser or closet that will not only catch your attention, but will also help you save some space. Alexandru has managed to twist the closet rod into dual helixes and made give the closet the ability to hold at maximum amount of clothes with the least amount of space used in your room. This DNA designed closet can be a perfect tool for students in dormitory of those couples that are just starting to grow a family who are living in an area with a very limited space. -via

DNA Closet

From: Irina Alexandru


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