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Office Carpet Flooring: What Works Best?

Office Carpet FlooringSelecting the right carpet flooring for your office can be just as daunting as choosing the right flooring for your home. However, many of the steps used to determine what type of covering will function best in the space are quite similar between the two. Follow these easy steps to decide what carpet flooring works best for your office space.

Determine Your Business Needs
Before deciding on the perfect carpet for your office, it is important to first consider your needs. For example, retail stores and restaurants with heavy foot traffic have different needs than a high end law office. Determine how often the carpet will be walked upon and if spills or stains could be an issue. Select a carpet brand with a durability rating for such use in order to meet these needs.

Determine Your Flooring Budget
Budget is one of the most important factors to consider prior to choosing flooring for your business space. Work with those in your office tasked to determine an appropriate figure for spending on flooring improvements. By having a fiscal number in mind prior to deciding on what works best, you are helping narrow down choices.

Determine Luxury and Style Factor
Obviously, office spaces with higher end clientele need a different carpet flooring option. Choosing flooring with a slight and subtle print, a higher pile, and additional padding can make a space appear very luxurious. In industries that have clients who expect the most from their money, this small detail can make a huge difference.

Determine How Installation Will Affect Business
One of the most overlooked areas when choosing business flooring can be how installation will affect business. Retailers who are open seven days a week will need to consider when the best time to close or undergo installation will be. Offices open during the week have a bit more availability on when to have the carpet installed, but will need to consider moving office cubicles and/or equipment. In certain instances, this can even involve breaking the project down into several separate areas and installation dates. Make a list of everything that will need to be moved, altered, or arranged before scheduling your installation.

The following is a short guide of what types of carpet work best in what types of business situations.

  • Business or Retail Areas with High Traffic, Low Risk of Spills: Low pile, industrial style carpeting for easy cleanup and repair.
  • General Business Offices with Low Traffic, Low Stain Risk: Medium pile, commercial grade carpeting for general use.
  • High End Luxury Retailers or Business Offices: High pile, decorative carpeting with a higher grade padding.

No matter what your business specializes in or what your budget entails, there is a perfect carpet flooring option to meet your needs.

Italia: Sleek and Elegant Kitchen for Contemporary Homes

As a food preparation area, the kitchen must be the most sanitized place in the house. In addition to that, design is also important that is why I want to introduced to you this super sleek and elegant kitchen from Arclinea called the Italia. It is a double island version of a kitchen wherein, one island is dedicated to washing and is made of stainless steel. In addition, the sink has a 12cm thick worktop and has a lowered cook top. Aside from the sinks and worktops, Italia also has a tall bench of teak finish and steel footrest perfect for seating while waiting for the food to be cooked.






From: Arclinea

Enjoy A Stylish And Comfortable Furniture With Your Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman

If you want comfort and style at your home, own furniture pieces that are stylish and comfortable like the Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman. The ottoman looks fluffy and soft to the touch in its velvety upholstery. The tufts add up to the beauty and elegance of the ottoman allowing you to match it easily to your home décor and furniture pieces. It will surely form part of your interior design. [Click here for more information about Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman]

Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman

The Avenue Six Ottoman comes in different colors including pink, chocolate, coffee, chocolate velvet, purple velvet, and spring green. With a product dimension of 17 inches by 17 inches by 17 inches, the ottoman is just at a right size for your cozy home. Weighing 9 pounds, the ottoman is lightweight too. You can match the ottoman to another furniture piece of Avenue Six called the Curves Tufted Chair and you will already have complete set of stylish, elegant, and comfortable seating furniture. Other than a comfortable piece of furniture to seat, the ottoman is also perfect as your footrest. Other than the good looks and elegant colors is has, the Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman looks like a well constructed piece of furniture that could last for years. [Click here for more information about Avenue Six Curves Tufted Round Ottoman]


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