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Bae Schwa’s Stylish Chair For Your Contemporary Home

Designers really amaze people with their endless unique designs. To be presented at the Design Miami on June 15-19, 2010, Bae Schwa’s chair design is unique and will definitely catch every furniture design hungry eyes. This chair or probably a loveseat has a wooden structure that has ample seat and backrest allowing users, not only to seat but presumably to lounge as well. Its unique design definitely will make this one of a kind creation of Bae Schwa a perfect addition to every home’s interior design. Bae Achwa’s furniture design has the ancient look, but elegant enough to be considered as part of today modern houses’ interior design.

Bae Schwa Chair

From: Bae Schwa Chair

Repisa N5: A Modern Shelving System

If I were to have a modern home design, I would also love to have a modern furniture design that will compliment my contemporary home. As I see this modern shelving system by Sebastian Errazuriz, I find it perfect for my desire. It has clean lines and you can choose to fold or unfold the shelving module making it the unique feature of Repisa N5. Its dark oak color made the N5 an elegant shelving system that will work best to any contemporary homes with lighter color themes. If you were to unfold the entire shelving module, you will see a perfect art piece for your interior design.

Repisa N5 Shelving System

Repisa N5 Shelving System

Repisa N5 Shelving System

Repisa N5 Shelving System

Repisa N5 Shelving System

From: Sebastian Errazuriz

Element Outdoor Grill By Fuego

If you are a lover of outdoor grilling, the element outdoor grill is right for you. Created by Fuego, the Element Outdoor Griller has a sleek and versatile design. In addition, it also has numerous features that include a roasting lid, pizza stone, and griddle plate for you to have more cooking option. The element is a propane-fueled griller with 24,000 btu dual-burner. It also has zones for direct and indirect heating for proper grilling. From the maker of high-end grillers, the element will definitely attract many grilled foods lovers. Aside from the quality it will bring, sold at $400-$600, it will be a best buy for everyone. -via

Element Outdoor Grill

From : Fuego


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