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Block Bathtub from Durat

When bathing, bathtub plays a very important role. Aside from them being the main instrument, with their creative, sleek and elegant designs, bathtubs normally forms part of the interior design to our bathrooms. When it comes to contemporary designs, the Block Bathtub from Durat will generally stays on top amongst others. Mounted on a steel structure, the Block Bathtub has a dimension of 1780 x 790 x 720 mm, which is large enough for a person to enjoy his or her bathing session. With is strong color of red, the Block bathtub will definitely give your bathroom a strong yet attractive contrast to your light colored bath theme.

Block Bathtub

From: Durat

Adjust Your Stair with Modula Staircase from Systema

I was very amazed that there is a customizable staircase available. The Modula staircase from Systema is unique, because it has an adjustable height, you can choose between clockwise or counterclockwise ascent. It has a sound structure and with a sound railings. With these features, staircases of your dream are now within reach. Give your homes a total elegant look by installing this modular staircase from Systema. It is sleek and elegant design is really eye catching. How lovely to own this type of staircase at home to have a different look at home. These staircases are perfect for those renters out there who use to transfer from one apartment to another. They just have to assemble and disassemble every time they move. – via

systema modula staircase

From : Systema

Kit-Cub Kitchen: A Modern Cubed Kitchen Concept

A demand for a modular kitchen design continues to grow as small living space nowadays are becoming a problem in almost all major cities of the world. The Kit-Cub kitchen is a modular kitchen design concept that surely will answer your kitchen need in the future. This cute cubed kitchen house a fridge and numerous storage cabinets for different needs including your cutlery storage, water tank, and garbage bin. Complete with tap, sink, cutting board, electric cooking top, and oven, cooking in this modern modular kitchen will surely be a comfort. The two water tanks holds fresh and grey water, which will allow users to recycle water as well if they are just careful enough in using green products in cleaning the dishes. -via

Kit-Cub Kitchen Concept

Kit-Cub Kitchen Concept

Kit-Cub Kitchen Concept

Kit-Cub Kitchen Concept


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