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Water Zones Cooking Set From Dornbracht

Cooking is fun, and with the beautiful water zones cooking set from Dornbracht, cooking is made even more fun, easy, and comfortable. This cooking set combines the function of preparing and cleaning of foods. In this way, foods will be cleaned thoroughly before being prepared. Apart from being functional, the water zones cooking set also has an excellent look that will surely create an elegant and clean ambiance in your kitchen. In addition, it can also be perfect addition to your interior design. Having a water zones cooking set at home, cooking will always be in style, fun, and easy.

Water Zones Cooking Set

From: Dornbracht

Companion Rack Will Remind You Of Your Dog Fetching Your Daily Newspaper

If you miss those days seeing your dog fetching your daily newspaper, then the companion rack will remind you of those moments. Mimics the look of a dog, the rack has the circular mouth design that has the ability to carry a roll of newspaper.

Other than that, the rack also has the dog body that can hold your other reading materials like old newspapers, magazine, books and the like. Forming the dog design of the companion rack is an advanced CNC wire. Despite of it being made of wires, the rack is sturdy enough to carry your reading materials.

Companion Rack
Companion Rack

Designed by British designer Gavin Coyle, the Companion Rack is lightweight. It looks sleek and elegant enough to be in your living area holding your magazines in different colors decorating the rack’s dog-shaped body.

With the playful yet functional design, this lovely rack will definitely be perfect in almost all rooms in the house. It can be your helpful companion in the kitchen holding your recipes. If you have this lovely dog-designed rack in your kid’s room, it can be their perfect book holder. The dog design of the rack made it not just a simple rack but also a playful decoration at home.

The clean lines and sleek design it gets, the rack surely match with your home decors and furniture pieces at home. It can be a perfect contrast to your huge and bulky furniture pieces. On the other hand, if you have minimalistic decors and furniture pieces at home, the companion rack will also suits just fine.

Companion Rack

Source: Gavin Coyle

Three Two Bookshelf: A Stylish Stackable Shelf

We all want our bookshelves to not only capable of holding our small items at home but also to play part of our interior design. The Three Two Bookshelf by Jakob and MacFarlene will provide you with what you need for your bookshelf. This wonderful creation from the duo is entirely made of welded metacrylate hand and looks elegant enough on its different clear colors. The shelf has stackable elements, thus allowing it users to create a design of their own. One can have it short while other can choose to have high shelves of their own depending on what suits best for their house interior. -via

Three Two Bookshelf

Three Two Bookshelf

From: TET Architects


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