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Thesis Contemporary Bathroom Faucet From Roca

Faucets add the beauty in every household�s bathroom. Aimed to give every bathroom a sleek, contemporary and fashionable look, Roca created the Thesis faucet. It has a geometric square base that made the Thesis foundation firm. The faucet�s gleaming, flawless and shiny finish made it more attractive and fashionable. It has an easy to operate handle that is perfect for homes with toddlers. It will not require any strong force to let the water flow, which is super easy for kids. Unlike the traditional faucet my kids are having the hard time opening it and they call for help every time they need water, which is time consuming. Put some vitality and elegance in your bathroom today and enjoy the beauty and comfort the Thesis faucet brings. – via

thesis faucet from roca

From : Roca

Happily Ever : A Chair and A Dog House

A comfortable chair and a dog house in what the happily ever chair is all about. The Happily Ever chair is a chair can be used by your pet dog when staying with you inside your home. In this way, dog owners can now give their pets a comfortable place to stay while keeping their pets near to them, which is a good way of bonding. In addition, the Happily Ever chair has a sleek design that will give your living areas an artistic interior design, and you can sit in the happily ever chair comfortably with your pets by your side if they chose not to be with their house.

happily ever furniture concept

happily ever furniture concept

happily ever furniture concept

happily ever furniture concept

happily ever furniture concept

From : Kim Hyun Joo

Install Fluid Splat Shelf And Let Kids Love Their Room

Shelving system like the Fluid Splat Shelf is important in every room, as it will be responsible in holding items to get things in order. However, with the modern, fun, and playful design of fluid shelves, one would definitely love to have it not only for shelving purposes but for home décor purposes too.

Fluid Splat Shelf
The fluid shelves come in various designs and if you want it to be in your kids’ room for them to love their room, fluid has the Fluid Kids. Designs for fluid kids include the splat design where it mimics the looks of splat of paints. In the splat is where the shelves are attached. Other than the fluid splat shelf, fluid shelves also has other kids themed shelf designs and parents will surely love to have it in their kids rooms as this will not only keep their kids’ stuffs in order, but also it will create an artistic and playful ambiance to the room.

Source: Fluid


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