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Candle Clock: Your Clock And Lighting Solution In Times Of Darkness

During power blockouts, candles are the easiest lighting solution to source out if you do not have the rechargeable lamps or emergency lights ready. The candle clock is not just your simple candle during power blockout but also a clock, thus will give you the idea how long you have been using the candle or the amount of hours left you have to use the candle. The candle has the indicator telling you the length you have been using the candle. I wonder how this indicators will match with the actual length of candle usage, as I know that the amount of fire changed from time to time. Whatever it is, this candle surely will add some unique ambiance to your room.

Canlde Clock

From: Candle Clock

Heller Bocca: The Sofa with a Lovely Style

I am sure everybody would love to be kissed. How about having a furniture with the famous red lips design? The Heller Bocca sofa will definitely kiss everybody who will sit in this loveseat for two. Made of soft resin, the Heller Bocca sofa is very comfortable for use both indoor and outdoor. This sofa will surely add some smile to any environment. This lips sofa will not only be a good seat but also I find it perfect as part of the interior design. I am sure, that everybody who would see this sofa for the first will have a big smile in them just as I did.

Heller Bocca Sofa

Heller Bocca Sofa

From: Go Contempo

TwinLine Showers, Modern Tub Shower for Small Space from Artweger

TwinLine Tub Shower is perfect for modern bathroom, especially if you have small space but wanting to have a shower and a bathtub. The clear glass door offers an intriguing underwater glimpse when you are bathing.

twinline showers

modern tub shower, twinline showers

futuristic tub shower from artweger

tub shower for small space

Manufacturer : Artweger


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