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SuperSwim: A Bathtub One Can Super Swim And Super Relax

Having a warm dip in a large bathtub with warm and aromatic water is relaxing and rejuvenating. The SuperSwim is just another bathtub design available in the market today that comes with enough space for the users to move freely as they bathe, thus allowing them to Super Swim and Super Relax. On the other hand, the SuperSwim has exterior design that can be modified according to the user’s taste. In addition, the tub also comes along with wood or matte lacquer lateral panels that serve as the tub’s basin and open faced unites’ cover. With numerous finishes available like veneered bleached oak, dark oak, graphite oak, thermally treated acacia, wood tobacco, ebony, walnut, black ecowood; matte lacquered in a full range of Boffi colors, the SuperSwim will definitely be a perfect tool to rejuvenates as it form part of any bathroom’s interior design. Other than the cover, shelves that comes in extrabright glass compliments the tub’s elegant look.

SuperSwim Bathtub

From: Boffi

Own A Limited Edition Furniture Design, Own A Yellow Eroe Table

Give your home brighter ambiance by having the eye-catching, stylish Yellow Eroe Table. Ateliers Biagetti designs this limited edition table. It comes with a bright yellow finish and features a paper towel rolls.

Yellow Eroe Table
Yellow Eroe Table

This will be a perfect centerpiece in your contemporary living room. The paper towel rolls also works double as a sword that adds up to the catchy appearance of the table. This will be a perfect coffee table when your friends come over, or an ideal place to bond with your kids as you play your favorite board games and the like. The Yellow Eroe Table is lacquered finished and it will surely match with your home decors and furniture pieces perfectly.

Source: Atelier Biagetti via Knstrct

MUS: A Refreshing Sofa For Unique Home

Sofas are designed to provide comfort to its users. However, the MUS sofa from KOO International provides not only comfort but also it adds to the elegance and uniqueness of a home interior design. Designed by Fransesc Fire, the MUS has a wodden platform that support the huge and soft sofa cushions. Other than the sofa, the MUS also has various elements like the chaise lounge and puffs making it able to work out fine with other auxiliary furniture like coffee tables, side tables, magazine racks, and garden boxes. The garden boxes creates a refreshing ambiance especially if filled with plants and it can also be used as your stylish space divider.

MUS Sofa

MUS Sofa

MUS Sofa

MUS Sofa

From: KOO International


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