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Pallucco Glow Mini Table Collection

Now that the Glow Mini Table is available, the glow lamp collection was now able to find new ways to express itself. The glow mini has three versions such as the veiling, mini-table, and mini-pendant. All of the three versions are well suited to a variety of uses. It can be installed separately on their own or install it together with each other or with the glow or glow square versions. With one halogen light bulb attached, this mini table can add up the beauty of you room with its light of art. The table version is composed of one 40W halogen light bulb.

pallucco mini  table light

pallucco mini  table light

From : Pallucco

Qlocktwo By Biegert And Funk

A clock is important in every household, for it will remind us if we need to leave the house already for work or meeting or if it is time for us already to prepare the meals. However, having a stylish clock at home is totally different. It will not only provide you with the exact time but also it will create a stylish and elegant look in your home. The Qlocktwo by Biegert and Funk will add some style in your home by telling you the time in statements like “it is ten past ten” and the like. In addition, it has super elegant design that made the clock classy and fashionable. -via



From: Qlocktwo

Admire The Beauty OF Chinese Granite Stone Through The Granite Chair

Granite stones are known to be a great material for our floor tiles and kitchen lavatories. A project by Max Lamb, the Granite Chair is a sturdy chair that will surely works out perfectly both indoor and outdoor. Made from Chinese green granite and using radius of the diamond blade, the granite boulder chair is born. With the rustic look it has, the granite chair can be a great décor item in every home. One can have it placed on their patios or even in his or her living room, as it will not only serve as a good and comfortable chair, but also is a good part of a home’s interior design. -via

Granite Chair

From: Max Lamb


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