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One For All, All For One: A Sculptural Wine Carafe

Mixing your cocktails and serving it to your guests can now be as easy as 123 and has never been as stylish and elegant as before with the One for All, All for One wine dispenser. Using the Pascal’s Principle, the One for All, All for One wine dispenser has the ability to create four uniform streams of wine. The principle dictates the carafe to exert an even pressure in order to simultaneously fill four glasses, thus providing fun to four guests at a time. While serving, the One for All, All for One wine dispenser also serves as your decorative tableware especially by the time it stylishly dispenses wine. -via

One for All, All for One

From: Acquacalda Design

The Capri Chair: Provides Comfort And Style In One

Sleek furniture designs never fail to attract the attention of many guests. The Capri Chair is just one of the furniture designs that will perfectly works out fine for both public and private places. The Capri is a stylish lounge chair that comes with an ample seating space and a sturdy and sleek brushed aluminum based with return swivel. The Capri chair comes in different colors of red, orange, and green upholstery and you will definitely find one that will compliment with your home or office interiors and its existing furniture sets and decors. Designed for Globe Zero 4, the Capri chair also comes with a polka dot upholstery. -via

Capri Chair

Capri Chair

Capri Chair

Capri Chair

From: Globe Zero4

Universal Toilet for The Disabled People

No more excuses right now for the disabled people to be included with the normal ones when it comes to using the toilets with the universal toilet design by Changduk Kim and Youngki Hong. Anyone even those people in a wheel can easily use the universal toilet. All have easy access to the toilet by simply sliding forward directly onto the toilet. With this concept, every member of the society can now equally use the same toilet without the feeling of being singled out because of his or her disability. In addition, the toilet also has a sink and a dual function backboard and chest board which the main feature of the toilet. – via

universal toilet

Taking the “Dis” Out of Disabled: the Universal Toilet
By Changduk Kim and Youngki Hong

Although various public amenities for disabled people are available, they are not always helpful. For instance, some disabled toilets are hard to use for those in a wheelchair even though the toilets are within the law’s guidelines. The Universal Toilet aims to make public environments more accessible and more inclusive. It incorporates universal design principles in a way that creates a toilet equally useable by all members of society and prevents people from feeling singled out for their disability.

The Universal Toilet considers all requirements for a toilet, such as target users, space and facility expenses. The design also incorporates a sink. Its major feature is its adaptability to both the disabled and non-disabled through the dual-function backboard and chest board. It also offers considerable space efficiencies, requiring only a quarter of the space of a standard disabled toilet. In addition, it conserves water by recycling the water used in the attached sink.

universal toilet

One for All
Disabled people don’t want dedicated facilities. What they really want is to live seamlessly with everyone. The Universal Toilet is a flexible toilet design concept that prevents the disabled and the aged from being self-conscious about their limitations. It eliminates the need for public facilities to have both handicapped-dedicated and standard toilets—a significant step that would go a long way in better integrating all people in to society.

While the current requirements for handicapped-accessible toilets are an improvement over past conditions, these facilities can alienate the people they are trying to help. For instance, the signage on these toilets showing a person in wheelchair may lead to feelings of rejection. Disabled people who are not in a wheelchair may feel that the facility is useable by wheelchair-users only, leaving them to struggle with a standard toilet. Such signs also earmark users as separate from mainstream society.

The requirement that public places need to have facilities for the disabled is a narrow interpretation of the law that has negative undertones, suggesting that concessions are being made. A broader, more inclusive interpretation would classify handicapped facilities as ones that the disabled may use without any discomfort—a more eloquent solution.

The designs of most toilets for the disabled have been concerned with functional and mechanical considerations, but none of them address the emotional components of a disability. By creating a toilet that is equally useable by everyone, there is no longer a need for special signage or for disabled people to feel singled out by dedicated facilities.

universal toilet

The Universal Toilet delivers innovation by accommodating the needs of the disabled and able-bodied in one design. We envisioned a toilet that extends beyond a simple concept to meet everyone’s needs—and in the process brings harmony to all.

The form of the Universal Toilet is similar enough to a standard toilet that able-bodied people feel comfortable using it. And because the design doesn’t scream “disabled,” disabled people don’t feel embarrassed to use it.

With the Universal Toilet, wheelchair users don’t need to turn or twist but can simply slide forward off the wheelchair directly onto the toilet. There is a chest board they can lean against for added stability and comfort. Handles on the chest board can also be helpful when standing or transferring to and from the wheelchair. For people that have limited dexterity or strength and the able-bodied, the chest board becomes a backboard to lean against.

The places where the wheelchair would come in contact with the toilet are wrapped in steel to prevent damage to the toilet’s finish. And the surfaces on the toilet that come in contact with the human body are treated with a special coating to mitigate coldness.

From : Mimuun


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