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The Etch Collection For Your Gold Interior Design Theme

Gold has never been absent in many of the home’s interior design themes. Interior designers and homeowners alike easily find a match with their gold home décor and accessories. If you are one of those who are into including gold in their interior design them, you definitely would love to have a closer look at the Etch collection. The Etch is a collection of pendant light and candleholder that comes in gold color. This golden lighting system and home décor will surely add some elegance into your home and will definitely match easily with your existing elegant furniture sets and décor. -via

Etch Collection

Etch Collection

Enjoy Conmoto Fire Dot and Seat Dot

Fireplaces add comfort and beauty in every home. However, isnt it more comfortable and beautiful if you can sit and fire and the same time? This is what Conmoto has created. The DOTS range is a product of them, which is the first product that brings together the fireplace (FIRE DOT) and the seating (SEAT DOT). With this concept of Conmoto, you can now sit around a campfire into a modern design. The waterproofed cushions are removable an can be cleaned easily. The SIT DOTS has to diameter widths of 40 and 70 cm and has a height of 430 mm, contact Conmoto for more information.

conmoto dots fire and sit

conmoto dots fire and sit

From : Conmoto

Penny Round Tiled Bathtub ?

Classical and unique is what the tiled bathtub by Clive Wilkinson. Featured the same thing with the traditional bathtub, the round tiled bathtub had penny like tiles installed around it, which made it unique and even more elegant and contemporary. This tub is perfect for those who love a modern design with a classical concept. Plunge in now in your bathtub of modern design installed around with round penny like tiles for a classic concept. The tiles installed has a size of 1�x1� , which is a product of Dal Tiles. I find it hard to clean for its small tiles. However, it looks nice. – via

dal penny round bathroom tile

From : DAL


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