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Discoco Color: A Stylish Decorative Pendant Light

Installing some decorative lighting system at home provides not only some warm illumination and elegant ambiance but it also adds up to the beauty of our interiors as a whole. The Discoco Color from German manufacturer Marset is a decorative pendant light that will surely gives your home a new and refreshing look. Designed by designer Christophe Mathieu, the Discoco Color pendant light has the ability to generate effects and creates subtle light through its opaque discs that are coated with bright white lacquer allowing the lamp to create direct and reflected light. This stylish and decorative lamp comes in two different sizes, the one with 88cm in diameter and 53cm in diameter.

Discoco Color Pendant Light

Discoco Color Pendant Light

From: Marset

N@t Netbook Lounge Armchair By Martin Ballenda

If you are in the look out of a working chair that will let you do your table work in one single furniture, you are looking for something like the N@t Netbook Lounge Armchair. This chair will let you sit comfortably and has an armchair that has the space enough for your netbooks. This answers all the back pain we have when working with our netbooks from our beds or sofas. It sleek and elegant design made the chair perfect not only as a works station but as a décor to any contemporary homes as well. Available in black, the N@t Netbook Loung Armchair is designed by Martin Ballenda fro Rossini. -via

N@t Netbook Lounge Armchair

Cadence Pendant Lamp: Produces Elegant Illumination Like No Other

Elegant lighting systems really add up to the ambiance of a place, may it be your bedroom, living room, and even your establishment. The Cadence Pendant Lamp is a lighting system that your room or business establishment should have. Designed by One & Co for Belgian manufacturer MGX y materialize, the Cadence Pendant Lamp boasts of its elegantly designed shade that looks like an interconnected crystal diamonds. With how the Cadence Pendant Lamp looks like, I find it perfect for use alone or in a group of three or more creating a wonderful chandelier and it would be perfect for different home interiors.

Cadence Pendant Lamp

From: MGX


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