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Goliath Pendant Skull Lamp: Your Unique Decorative At Home

I know Halloween is over, but I just cannot a day to pass without sharing with you this unique lamp of Alex Garnett called the Goliath Pendant Skull Lamp. This one of a kind scary yet decorative lamp comes with no fittings at all, thus installation will never be a problem and will be as easy as a snap that even those knows nothing about electronics and the like can able to install this lamp. You can opt to have this lamp during Halloween, but you can have it whole year round and probably many would love to see this in your house scaring others and amusing others as well.

Goliath Pendant Skull Lamp

From: Alex Garnett

Woody The Stopper Is Your Stylish Drop Stopper

When we pour our wine into our glasses, drops are inevitable, but this problem will be gone if we will have the playful and stylish Woody the Stopper drop stopper. The stopper is made of ABS and felt and comes in lovely bright colors of orange, red, and violet.

Woody the Stopper Drop Stopper
Woody the Stopper Drop Stopper

Woody mimics the look of the woody woodpecker creating an image of being on a tree transforming your wine bottle into a lovely tree. Woody the stopper will be perfect for all occasion and it will definitely create a fun and playful ambiance the moment you start pouring your wine to your glasses.

Woody the Stopper Drop Stopper

Source: eMy

Section Bench by Derek Chen

Contemporary designs for benches are popping out in the market bearing their unique looks that made them noticeable to the public. Joining with the other designers is Derek Chen with his artistic design called the Section Bench. This multifunctional bench can also be used as storage because each unit of the Section bench is hallowing inside with different finish that include felt. In addition, the Section Bench can be used directly on the ground or stacked in groups, joined or isolated depending on the users’ desire. The bench is available in veneered with natural wood or upholstered if the user intended it for indoor use. -via

Section Bench

Section Bench

Section Bench

From: Council


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