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Expedit: A Bookshelf And Desk In One

Multi-function furniture are now popping out in many of the furniture stores including the IKEA. Their furniture called Expedit is a desk with a bookshelf attached. This functional furniture design from IKEA is perfect for use to homes with limited space. It also has a sleek design and clean lines that made the Expedit a perfect item for your home décor needs. It also has adjustable feet that will work perfectly in an uneven floor. Although the bookshelf and the desk are sold separately, they must be used together. Available in black-brown, white, and birch effect, maintaining the beauty of the Expedit is only by wiping it with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Expedit Desk

From: IKEA

Loft Pet Step: Sleek And Stylish

Are you one of those who love pets at home but do not want them to loiter anywhere in your home? Then you must give your pets a nice place or home to stay to prevent them from loitering around your home. Of course, nice accessories are necessary. The Loft Pet Step is an accessory that you can place to your pet’s home while keeping your interior design at its best. The steps are made of maple wood while black base is elegant enough to be part of your interior design while keeping your pet safe as they enjoy going up and down from and to their place called home.

Loft Pet Step

Loft Pet Step

From: Pets Stop

Prosthetic Vase By Shay Shafranek

Modern home décor design has now evolved into being functional. Just like this wonderful vase called Prosthetic Vase by Shay Shafranek a freelance designer from Israel. The vase has transformed from being a preserving vessel into an active resuscitating object that keeps your flower alive and kicking. This stylish vase has capillary tubes that suck water upwards toward the flower. In this way, this vase will not only beautify your place through keeping the flowers alive, it will also limits your effort of changing flowers from time to time, and also it will provide a refreshing aura around your home.

Prosthetic Vase

Prosthetic Vase

From: Shay Shafranek


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