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Easy Bathroom Collection by Idea Group

This bathroom designs with simple forms, essential volumes and obstacles contained are the lines guides of Easy proposed in oak dyed to open pore, in different opaque colors.

easy collection by idea group

easy collection by idea group

easy collection by idea group

easy collection by idea group

From : Idea Group

The Motley III Collection By Samuel Chan

Scheduled to be launched on September 24th-27th at the 100% Design in London, the Motley II Collection by Samuel Chan for Channels have stylish and eye-catching designs that will definitely stand out during the launch. What catches my attention most is the Floor/Pendant Lamp. This freestanding lamp has three sizes and users will surely find one that suits for their rooms. With the elegant design and clean line the lamp has, it will definitely compliments any interior design the contemporary houses has today. The central cylinder glass provides illumination of this lamp and the organic form of the lamp adds up the beauty of the lamp. -via

Motley III Lamp

From: Channels

Heart Shaped Whirlpool Bathtub

Enjoy romantic night on valentine’s day with this Royal Heart Whirlpool Bathtub. A luxury whirlpool bathtub for two person which has a waterfall that runs down the back of the tub. Completed with jet massage, water jet massage, radio, cd ready and much more for your ultimate bathing experience with your spouse. Royal heart whirlpool bathtub has contemporary design that will fit any bathroom.

royal heart whirlpool bathtub

From the Website :
? Waterfall
? Bathtub Capacity 110 Gallons
? Water Jets
? Multifunction Handheld Showerhead
? Comptuerized Control Panel
? Chromo therapy lighting
? Head Cushions
? Digital Steam Timing
? FM Radio & External CD/Stereo Hookups
? 21 Massage Jets

From : My-Bath


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