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Calypso Chair by Brandon Allen

Contemporary furniture designs are now starting to embrace the modern multi-tasking lifestyle of the people. Designer Brandon Allen is just one of those designers that understand the need of today’s super busy individual. He had designed the stylish and ergonomic Calypso Chair. This stylish chair works perfectly not only in one single but multiple purposes. The Calypso chair has stylish curves and daft storage space underneath for easy access on your things and is perfect as well for your small items that are needed most often. In addition, the Calypso Chair can also be facilitated in order to create and opposing chair. Moreover, if wanted, users can also fold it up into a bed.-via

Calypso Chair

Calypso Chair

Calypso Chair

Artistic and Geometric Block Shelf by Harry Allen Design

Building blocks are known to be our kids’ toys. However, Harry Allen & Associates made it possible to reality. They have able to create fluid forms. They can use whatever purpose you may have, which is the bright side of it. However, if you do not have some artistic or creative minds, maybe you will just end up piling up these blocks and form something just like a simple wall or division. To those who are artistic in nature may benefit these geometric blocks more. They can create whatever they like and they want. In addition they can express what’s deep within them by forming some shapes with the use of these blocks.

block shelf

From : Harry Allen Design

Multi C: The C Shape Bench

It is going to be a series of beautiful benches here in HomeDosh with the number of eye-catching bench designs we have seen from various design groups. In this post, you will see a well-crafted bench called Multi C. True to its name, the bench from Green Furniture Sweden has a shape similar to One C. Aside from the elegant design that the Multi C has, it is also a space saver furniture design because, it is stackable if one desires to do so. The 1 meter module Multi C can be bent or straight to form a stylish bench. It also be connected with each other to form a longer seating tool.

Multi C Bench

From: Green Furniture Sweden


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