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“Puff Out Lights” : Glowing Candle Lamp by Benjamin Hubert

Puff out Lights is another wonderful design by Benjamin Hubert. A collection of three leather and one blown glass lamps that will light up with a flickering glow. Once it was clapped on, it will eventually puff out like a real candle. Perfect as an illumination material to give a classy and relaxed ambiance to every place. I find it perfect for contemporary homes, with modern and classy accessories around, and also great for people who wants to relax and unwind with the help of the flickering glow it can create. The product is available by contacting directly Benjamin Hubert. – via

puff out light

From : Benjamin Hubert

Forget Crimpy Clothes Anywhere You Are With The Pliable Coat Hanger

Many travelers especially those who are not yet introduced to the pliable coat hanger are having trouble with the crimpy clothes just because they opt not to bring their bulky hangers along while on travel.

Pliable Coat Hanger
Pliable Coat Hanger

The pliable coat hanger will keep your coat, jacket, skirts, and shirts at its best look even when on travel. You can have them hang on your car and when you are ready to wear your clothes, simply fold the pliable hanger and keep it in your car’s glove compartment or in your suitcase, and even pockets. As its name suggest, the pliable coat hanger is very flexible that you can easily hide it when not in use.

Pliable Coat Hanger
Pliable Coat Hanger

DDP Studio designs the pliable coat hanger for the brand Almove – Aluminum on the Move.

Pliable Coat Hanger

Source: DDP Studio and Almove

Gala 28 Scala From Schramm

Modern bed design is one of the most rewarding things that we can provide to ourselves. The sad thing is having a beautiful bed means purchasing a new one every time we wanted to have a new design. But this will never be an issue anymore because the Gala 28 Scala from German manufacturer Schramm has several components that will allow you to create various version including the surround style, valances, feet or castors and naturally head sections. With the mattress installed, you now have the bed design of your dream without the need of purchasing a new one for a new design.

Gala Bed

From: Schramm


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