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DG 1450: A Countertop Steam Oven For A Stylish And Healthy Cooking In Your Modern Kitchen

Elegant kitchen appliances design inspires me more when cooking aside from creating elegant ambiance to my kitchen. If you are like me, then you definitely love to take a peek on the DG 1450, a countertop stem oven that will surely help you have a stylish and healthy cooking right at the comfort of you elegant and modern kitchen. The oven’s clean lines, elegant design, and modern features will surely compliment your kitchen interior aside from giving the most comfortable cooking experience ever. The oven’s stainless steel interior provides clean and safe cooking and its three layers allows cooking simultaneously, which is a time saver. -via

Countertop Steam Oven

Countertop Steam Oven

Countertop Steam Oven

From: Miele

Ovo Recamier Chair By Studio Vertijet

Modern designs of chairs are coming out in the market every now and then, too many enough to make your head spin in choosing the best one for your contemporary home. The Ovo Recamiere chair by Studio Vertijet for German manufacturer Cor has a unique sleek design and clean lines that made the chair stand out among others. Its wide oval seat is perfect to provide the kind of comfort that everyone desire and deserve. Comfortable seating can also be experience through its cleanly and elegantly designed backrest. The beautiful lavender color of the Ovo Recamier is a perfect complement to your wonderful interior design.

Ovo Recamiere Chair

From: Cor

Bess Floor Lamp With Amber Glass Shades By Lite Source

An elegant lighting system like Bess Floor Lamp with Amber Glass Shades plays a vital role in every home. It provides warm and cozy illumination while doubles as part of a home’s interior design. This is especially true with sleek and classy floor lamp by Lite Source.

The dark bronze color of the lamp creates a lovely contrast to its classy amber glass shades. It has the clean lines and sleek design that allows the lamp goes well with the rest of the items in your living room. The lamp measures 63.5 inches in height by 10 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep. It looks classical and traditional, but the entire appearance of the lamp is very modern and refreshing. [Click here to get more details about Bess Floor Lamp with Amber Glass Shades]

Bess Floor Lamp with Amber Glass Shades

The lovely floor lamp from Lite Source features three lamps where each one requires 60w bulb. These three lamps provide enough illumination that every room needs while the amber glass shades create a classy diffused glow creating a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance to any room. You don’t need to worry of the lamp to fall down because it looks sturdy enough with its base made of bronze tiered into three levels. The Bess Floor Lamp can be a perfect tool to complement your home’s modern interior design and it can be perfect to almost every part of the house. [Click here purchase Bess Floor Lamp with Amber Glass Shades]


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