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Contemporary L’uovo Egg-Shaped Bathroom Vanity from Giemmegi

Taking the shape of an egg, this bathroom vanity from Giemmegi looks futuristic yet it has retro style. L’uovo bathroom vanity features storage space inside its compact size, integrated with light, mirror, and sink this contemporary vanity is beautiful balance between usability and style. Our urban lifestyle demands for more space, with L’uovo, we’ll get what we want. The wonderful color of L’uovo vanity is ideal for interior with trendy decoration, very unique.

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity from giemmegi

luovo bathroom vanity by giemmegi

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity

luovo bathroom vanity

From : Giemmegi

Deco Bathroom Vanity Collections from Arbi

Dynamic style deco bathroom vanity from Arbi. The detail of this bathroom vanities are vary, starting from contemporary, modern, till futuristic. Look at Deco 1 vanity which comes in glossy metallic silver, perfect for modern bathroom design. While deco 2 vanity has stunning metallic bronze with curvaceous mirror gives futuristic atmosphere. And the Deco 3, completely in shining black and oval sink, making a bold statement.

deco bathroom vanity by arbi

deco unique form bathroom vanity

deco wavy bathroom vanity

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Titanium Bathroom Lighting

If you want to create modern atmosphere in your bathroom, adding this bathroom light can increase your futuristic bathroom designs. Take a look at this beautiful titanium bath vanity finished in brushed steel with frosted glass. Bathroom light is also one of important parts of bathroom, pay attention to this one.

bathroom lighting

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Modern Vision Washbasin and Arne Bathtub from Rapsel

Totally modern bathroom design from Rapsel. Vision washbasin and Arne bathtub, both have futuristic forms to give high design and modern appeal to your bathroom. Arne bathtub is a tribute to 1960’s chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen, with its distinctive and supportive back rest feature, this bathtub made of entirely titanic resin, create an iconic item to your bathroom. While the vision washbasin will definitely captivate your guests, the crinkled paper effect of the entire body of the vanity creates unique appearance, round or oval shape. Light shines through from within, highlighting the unique material of the vanity and allowing it to function as a welcoming nightlight feature. If you desire for cutting edge modern bathroom design to reflect your personality with its originality, this bathroom collection from Rapsel is your great choice.

vision washbasin

vision washbasin from rapsel

arne bathtub

arne bathtub from rapsel

Source : Rapsel via TrenDir


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