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SpaBerry Portable Hot Tub For A Fun On The Go

Bring the comfort and fun wherever you maybe with the SpaBerry Portable Hot Tub. The tub comes in a 240-pound acrylic shell that can be customized into five solid colors or ten BerryWraps. Wherever you wanted to, you can immediately have a hot tub as long there is water and an 110V power outlet. A garden hose is already enough to produce water and you can already have the features like a cascading waterfall, and massaging jets. A drink holder is also present in this one of a kind hot tub. This can be a perfect tool for your wellness at home. You can have it done anywhere for a new and exciting backdrop. -via

SpaBerry Portable Hot Tub

SpaBerry Portable Hot Tub

From: SpaBerry

Baud: A Coffee Table Of Excellent Fluidity

Furniture pieces with fluid lines have no room for escape in the eyes of many consumers that love elegant and unique furniture design. The Baud coffee table by Filipino designer Vito Selma has the fluid lines and swirl on its base that mimics the form of the water. Behind this catchy and relaxing design is the designer’s tribute to the oceans that embrace his beautiful island city, which is his home. Looking at the photos, the Baud coffee can also be a relaxing chair with those white cushions on and minus the glass tabletop. The Baud will surely form part of your home/office interior design while serving you the elegant furniture you need.

Baud Coffee Table

Baud Coffee Table

Baud Coffee Table

Baud Coffee Table

Source: Vito Selma

Create A Rustic Ambiance In Your Home With Your Unique Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar

Having a bar at home is a perfect way of creating a place to relax after office and with the Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar this is highly possible. In addition, not only you can create a lovely place to relax as you sip a dose of your favorite wine or liquor in this lovely bar but also, you can achieve your goal of creating a rustic ambiance in your contemporary home. As its name suggests, the bar comes in an Italian-style of old world globe in deep wood background, mimicking the natural world.

Inside the globe bar are art paintings of the Sixteenth Century Renaissance Gothic Greek maps as well as figures and they all come with remarkable detail that will surely remind you of the old times. The moment you open the globe, you will see the large rotating bar that comes with ample room for your favorite wines and spirits as well as your crystal stemware. The way it looks, the globe bar ensures a superb look in any formal setting adding some style to your occasion while working double as your functional bar with style and grace. [Click here to know more about Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar]

-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar

The bar is a large floor standing kind of bar ensuring stability while in use. However, despite its large stand, the bar still looks compact enough to become of the centerpieces of every occasion you have or become part of your lovely home decors at home or office. Even though handcrafted in China, this lovely globe bar comes with the same standard as with their Italian-made counterparts, wherein only quality materials are used like wood, brass, plastic, metal, and decals.

The Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar has the dimension of 37 inches high by 22 inches deep. [Click here to purchase Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar with special price]


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