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Ebb Bathroom Shower and Sink Combo

Having received absolutely positive reactions to the Ebb bathroom concept upon presenting it to the public two years ago, the UsTogether design team and LG CHEM recently presented two new items in the Ebb collection – the Ebb bath/shower and shower/sink units as well as a refined version of the original Ebb. The innovative combo units feature the most stunning combination of high-end ultra modern design and functionality we have seen in bathroom product design. The first unit is a monoblock combination of a sink, a beautiful glass side panel bathtub and a shower panel while the second one combines just a sink and a shower panel with two towel rails placed in between. Made out of LG HI-MACS, a natural acrylic stone material, these wonderful combo units feature a striking, sculptural design that might be a bit too futuristic for most people, but those with a taste for modern forms will know how to appreciate these beautiful pieces of modern bathroom design.

ebb bathroom combo

ebb bathroom sink and bathtub combo

ebb bathroom design combo

A Staircase In Libeñ Prague: A Modern And Unique Staircase

The modern staircase in one of the contemporary homes in Libeñ, Prague by HSH is definitely one of unique and the thinnest staircase I have ever seen in my whole life. With a concept of a delicate rippling ribbon, this staircase is constructed from a 10mm thick metal sheet. Each of the adjoining steps are connected with a slanting external side beam that forms a bracket attached in the wall, thus it is sturdy enough to carry weights. Maybe those overweight individual might fear from stepping unto this staircase. However, since each bracket of the stair is constructed as a firm frame, I think there is nothing that we should worry about. -via

Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase

From: HSH

Being In Style Has Never Been Easy With The Cameo Set

Keeping in style requires various accessories and this includes a mirror, a jewelry set and more, which can be achieved easily if you have the Cameo Set. It looks like a personal accessory, the set has a mirror, ring holder, and a jewelry box.

With this set with you, you will never have a problem keeping all your accessories together because you can easily place them all in one place inside the jewelry box. Your precious rings will also be taken cared of properly as you have them placed in the ring holder. With these products, your modern and once untidy room will now be clutter-free.

Cameo Set
Cameo Set

If you have decided to use those accessories you have kept in your jewelry box and ring holder, you can always check the way you look by using the mirror included in the set at a glance. This mirror features an ability to allow its users to adjust it in angle of their liking. This adjustment ability is made possible with the simple ball and socket joint that the mirror has.

Other than the fashion benefits it can give to its users, the Cameo Set also has the clean lines and elegant design that will add up to the elegant ambiance of every room. It surely will match with any furniture pieces. The wood used made the cameo set a perfect contrast to a room’s elegant interior them and design.

Cameo Set

Source: Gavin Coyle


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