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Z-Line Claremont Desk Will Be Your Spacious And Stylish Workdesk

A good, clean, and conducive workplace is important to be productive and you can easily achieve this with Z-line Claremont Desk. The desk has the sleek design with clean lines making it a perfect addition to your home interiors. Made of real wood veneer, the Claremont desk comes with a mocha finish creating an elegant contrast to the clear 6mm smoked tempered safety glass tabletop. [Click here to get more details about the Z-line Claremont Desk]
Z-line Claremont Desk

The chrome cylinder supports the glass keeping it safe from breakage at all times when some weights applied. Aside from supporting the glass, it also creates an attractive look to the table making it suitable for any home interior design, as it will surely match perfectly fine with modern and elegant home furniture and decors. The pullout keyboard tray with space for your mouse gives room for your computer keyboard and mouse and keeps them out of sight when not in use making your home look clean.

The spacious desktop workspace allows you to work productively and gives space for your other desktop items like notebooks, pen, and the likes. If you are looking for a good quality and functional work desk, the Z-Line Claremont Desk is probably a good choice, as it offers function and style. [Click here for best deal on Z-line Claremont Desk]

The B Chair: A Functional And Minimalistic Chair Design

Space is becoming a problem with today’s growing population especially if you are living in a crowded city. In this regards, many of us have think of different ways to keep our place look huge enough for us to move freely, which includes the minimalistic and space saver furniture designs. The B Chair by Konstantin GRCIC is not only sleek but also a space-saver chair design. The B Chair is a foldable chair where users can have them set aside when not in used, thus giving the user a chance to use to space for other purpose. Designed for BD Barcelona Design, the B Chair is sleek enough for home and office use. -via



From: Barcelona Design

Iron Island Sink By Kohler

An island sink and a design statement in one is what the Iron/Occassions Island Sink by Kohler has. Made of 93 percent recycled and reclaimed material, the sink is guaranteed to be sturdy and free from crack or burn. The cast iron of the sink is covered with enamel making it easy to clean. The sink also has an integrated top and bowl aside from the sleek island sink, and the size it has, which is 30 x 60 inches provides enough space for any activity that the user might do. In addition to that, the trough skin in the center is eight inched wide and four inches deep, which huge enough for washing purposes. Looks like custom made, the sink also has storage underneath that is obviously as huge as the island.

Iron Island Sink

From: Kohler


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