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Matias Conti Dish Dryer: A Clean And Stylish Tool For Your Modern Kitchen

I have been in search for a stylish dish dryer for my kitchen since when we move in this new and cute little home. I have visited one store to another and even online until I came across this cute design of Matias Conti. This eye-catching design concept is tessellated and has a look that mimics the wave movements where it was inspired. Aside from the unique look of its changing lines, the lines also allows the dryer to drain water faster. Like any other dryers do, matias conti dish dryer concept also has the ability to hold plates, glasses, and spoons.

Matias Conti Dish Dryer Concept

Matias Conti Dish Dryer Concept

Matias Conti Dish Dryer Concept

From: Matias Conti

Torekov Ikea Leather Recliner : Makes Lounging a Different Experience

Enjoy lounging with Torekov recliner from IKEA USA. It is a leather sofa wherein as its name suggests, it can be adjusted for your comfort. Torekov�s leather is heavy, hardwearing, easy to clean, and requires less maintenance made this recliner perfect for families with children. Since it is adjustable for you to sit comfortably, you only have to pull the handle and the back tilts with the footstool folded out. Torekov�s headrest is also adjustable for your comfort, and cushions are filled with polyurethane foam and polyester fibers. When you want to have a comfortable sit in your homes, own a Torekov Recliner today. Vacuum clean it to let your chair last longer. – via

ikea torekov leather recliner

From : Ikea [ProductPage]

Light Up Your Room In Style With The Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp

Lamps illuminate our homes and the Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp is not only designed to illuminate but also to add beauty and warmth in our homes. Designed by known company IKEA, this floor lamp will surely works perfect with our modern home interior and furniture designs.

The lamp has the shade made of handmade paper. Since it is handmade, surely each lamp is unique wherein each shade has the ability to provide soft and soothing illumination. The base plate of the lamp is sturdy enough to keep the lamp stand still at all times. The lamp is made of steel and it comes with a nickel-plated brush finish topped with a clear lacquer for added beauty and elegance making it an ideal lamp for your living room, bedroom and some other parts of your house. [Click here for more information about the Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp]

Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp

Keep in mind though that this lamp is only compatible with candelabra or B12 bulbs. However, if you prefer to buy the IKEA bulbs, it would be better because IKEA bulbs are CFL and it lasts longer. When you buy this lamp, you then will buy three bulbs because the package does not include the bulb. To enjoy your newly purchased Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp, a little assembly is required and it will only take two minutes of your time. [Click here for more information about the Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp]


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