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Zuo Roca Stainless Steel Dining Table Is Modern And Elegant Looking

Dining tables are normally made of different solid woods but Zuo Roca Stainless Steel Dining Table is completely different because it is made from stainless steel. Yes! You read it right. The table we are featuring today has legs of stainless steel and tabletop made of tempered glass. By just the mere name of the table, it is obviously a clean and elegant piece of furniture made perfect to complete your contemporary dining area interior design theme.

Zuo Roca Stainless Steel Dining Table

Looking at the picture, the table seems to feature a classic design. However, with the modern material it uses, this table now deserves to be hailed as a timeless modern table. With the light color of the stainless steel and tempered glass, you can match this lovely table with any colored dining chair easily. If you want to enjoy a complete metal dining set collection, you can match this table with another metal made dining chair. You can also opt to pair it with dining chair made of solid wood in dark color finish to create an elegant and eye-catching contrast.

The elegance of the Zuo Roca Stainless Steel Dining Table is ideal not only for homes but for offices as well. You can match it with a desk and two conference chairs, you now have an elegant and classy conference table. CLICK HERE to purchase your new Zuo Roca Stainless Steel Dining Table or get more ideas on how you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of this sleek and classy dining table.

Serpent Dining Table: With Curves You Can Hardly Resist

We have seen numerous table designs. All of them come eye-catching and elegant enough to be in our contemporary homes. The Serpent Table by Tom Schneider has curves you can hardly resist to admire. The fluidity of the table’s wooden base creates a classic and organic feel while the glass tabletop made it elegant enough to be called a modern dining furniture to have. The Serpent is available in three sizes, the small, medium and large, and the wood base is available in walnut, oak, maple, and ash. Match the table to any of your elegant chairs and other dining furniture and your home interior will definitely be elegant enough for all occasions. -via


Franke’s Opera Series: Clean And Stylish Cooktop For Your Modern Kitchen

Cooking is fun. However, serving the favorite dishes of our loved ones does not ends with delicious taste and beautiful presentation. We need to serve them the safe and clean food for their health. To do this, we need a top-notch cooking tool including our cooktop and you can easily enjoy this with Franke’s Opera Series. Made of stainless steel, the Frankes Opera Series combination cooktop has the four gas burners and a 3.3KW burners. Having the Franke’s Opera Series in your kitchen will not only mean an elegant kitchen, but also a functional tool that will help you prepare you meal of seared bacon-wrapped tenderloin, fingerling pommes frites, and chocolate crème brulée to name a few with ease.

Franke Opera Cooktop

Franke Opera Cooktop

From: Franke


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