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Winsome Wood Windsor Chair Will Complete Your Cute Dining Area

A dining area will not be complete without the presence of an elegant and lovely chair like similar to Winsome Wood Windsor Chair. Available in a set of two, the chair comes in a classic and casual style but the fresh color combination made the chair perfect enough for today’s modern interior design trend. [Click here to know more about Winsome Wood Windsor Chair]

Winsome Wood Windsor Chair

The chair is made of sold beech wood with a natural finish. The backrest and legs are painted with white creating a lovely contrast to the chair’s natural finished seat. The fan backrest design of the chair creates a refreshing feel to the users. In addition, the chair’s backrest and legs are made of round posts that gives the chair an added simple yet lovely and modern look. One can put a cushion on the seat for a more comfortable feel. However, the chair is comfortable enough both with and without chair pad or cushion. If you are not good enough with carpentry works, you do not have to worry about the chair because when you purchase, it will be delivered right at your doorstep fully assembled. The Winsome Wood Windsor Chair measures 17 ½ inches wide by 16 ½ inches deep by 37 inches high perfect for both big and small dining area. [Click here to know more about Winsome Wood Windsor Chair]

The Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table From Lexington Modern

Having a cup of coffee during break time makes us feel good but doing it on a classy and elegant coffee table like Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table would be even better. The classy coffee table from Lexington Modern features various solid base colors including black, cherry wood, dark walnut, red, natural wood, light walnut and white. With the vast option of colors for your base, you definitely will find a color that would perfectly fit your personality and home or office interior. In addition, the solid base of the table has the eye-catching sculptural form that you and your guests will definitely love. [Click here for more information about the Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table]

Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table
Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table

Other than the vast option of solid base options, the ¾ inch tampered glass tabletop adds up to the elegance of the Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table. It is obvious enough that glass can match to any household décors and furniture pieces with no problem at all whatever kind of material they are made of. Whether you have decors and furniture pieces made of wood, bamboo, plastic and the like, it surely will match completely fine with a glass made furniture piece.

Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table

Maintaining the elegant and classy look of the coffee table is easy because it features easy to clean surface. The Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table measures 50 x 36 x 16 inches, so make sure you take time to measure the space where the table is supposed to be placed so you are sure enough that the table will fit in completely without any problem at all. [Click here for more information about the Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table]

The Koura Chair By Jukka Lommi

Modern and sexy are the terms many will surely use to describe this beautifully crafted chair called the koura chair by Jukka Lommi for Punkalive as part of their new furniture collection. The chair’s style is unique. It has endless curves from the seat to the base to the backrest to the arm of the chair. This unique style and one of a kind artisanship made the Koura Chair a perfect furniture and décor at home. Place it anywhere at home and it will perfectly blend on your current interior design theme. This can also be a perfect furniture on business establishments or offices.

Koura Chair

Koura Chair

From: Punkalive via Contemporist


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