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Elegantly Stack Your Spices with the 1-Line Spice Rack

Stacking up spices is not an easy thing to do. Containers are too small to let it fit in our normal storage cabinet. However, this problem will now be relieved with the 1-line spice rack. The 1-line spice rack is constructed using a ¼” thick-brushed stainless steel bars wherein each pieces is carefully welded and finished in order to create a flawless line that appears to float on the wall. The rack can be mounted on the wall and each line has the ability to hold on up to 15 glass mini cube bottles with cork tops and 1 standard size bottle.

One Line Spce Rack

One Line Spce Rack

From: Desu Design

Protea 1 Lamp: Striking Lighting Design From Tim Whiteman

Lighting system is a great tool in keeping our home well illuminated and those stylish lighting system provides an elegant ambiance in every modern home. Joining with many of the talented designers is Western Australian Designer Tim Whiteman with his elegant creation called the Protea 1 Lamp. This stylish lamp is available in laminated European Beech timber and a recycled Polypropylene. Having this lamp in your home will not give you trouble when it comes to your energy usage because the Protea 1 lamp uses an energy saving bulb. With this product, you cannot only enjoy elegant illumination and décor in one, but also you get the chance to help save the environment.

Protea1 Lamp

From: Tim Whiteman

Armchair Mail From Iosa Ghini Associati

An armchair wherein you can hardly determine the arm is what you will get to notice first with the new Armchair Mail from Iosa Ghini Associaiti. Designed for home use, this new armchair design is super sleek and clean lines made it elegant. Durability will never be a problem with this new chair because it has a solid base making it sturdy enough to carry people of different weight. Even though it was intentionally designed for home use, I also fine it perfect for offices especially on waiting areas, lounge and maybe for a conference room. In your homes, I find it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. -via

Armchair Mail

Armchair Mail

From: Iosa Ghini Associati


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