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Strobilus: An Eco-friendly And Sculptural Lighting System

Sculptural lighting system does not mean to be made of first hand materials or has to be one of the highest energy consumers. The Strobilus by Jonathan Coles is a sculptural lighting system that is made from 100% recycled paper pulp that are stylishly designed and arranged making them look like a natural leaves, which in turn diffuse the light in style. This one of kind sculptural pendant lamp will definitely create an artistic ambiance into your home. However, since it is made of paper, I find it very susceptible to dust and dirt. Good thing, Strobilus is available in natural raw pulp, pure graded white finish and special colors are also available, thus you can easily find one that will match with your home interiors.






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Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout Curtains

Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout CurtainsWhen people talk about curtains, they often end up with the most brilliant decorative designs to add beauty to their homes. But isn’t it more wonderful to have curtains that acts on its role? Today, when people wanted to have a thing that leaves no refract of sunlight, they have to decide to purchase Blackout Curtains for their homes.

This will be a review of the said subject. From here, you’ll know how the terms are being defined, the uses and how it becomes significant for the homeowners.

Literally, your block out curtains are the curtains you use at home with the main responsibility of blocking the inside and outside lights for you not see them at all. These materials may not at all provide you excellent decorations to beautify your homes but it’s proven enough to give you a number of benefits. By this description, you will gain the following advantages when using Blackout Curtains:

Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout Curtains1. Sleeping Pattern. You are sure to experience a satisfying rest and sleep because there is the absence of sunlight. When people want to take a nap, they often get disturbed because of the outside sunlight that refracts at the areas of your windows. And if your one who lives at very busy streets, you expect that there will be extraordinary lights within. Hence with this, you can have a better sleep right after having a night shift of work if you wanted to experience sleeping in a room of full darkness.

2. The real experience. With boredom, you may be given the option to go downtown and watch movies at theaters however, you tend to be weak hence, and you end up being at home and go for movie marathons. Despite the fact that you are at home, you can still have the best feelings if being in cinemas through these kind of curtains.

3. Noise Reduction. The blackout curtains do not at all work as a sound proof for a total reduction of noise but rather, it is there to reduce about 40 percent of the noises created. Thus, considered much better than the 100 percent full sound.

4. The Conservation of energy. The energy that you consumed at home greatly matters. In fact, this is the primary factor that people see about in finding the benefits of setting this up at home. Evidently. It will reduce any of your energy consumption because take the thought of having to turn off your air condition. You assume that the room gets warm again but with this form of materials, you are sure to arrive at a cooler feeling and this is precisely because of the fact that, they are closer enough and not mainly acting as an isolator.

Considering the points mentioned above, the advantages sited outmost pleasure in the part of the homeowners most especially the younger ones who prefers to be in a dim dark rooms to watch movies and mingle with some other friends. Basically, the issues have consistently arisen considering the fact that Blackout Curtains will save you money while staying cool at home.

Unity Stool By Olivia Bradateanu

Functional design is now becoming an important factor when considering a furniture for our modern homes. This can be because of the increasing issue of space shortage especially to those who are living in the city. The unity stool by Olivia Bradateanu can be the answer to the need of those who have limited space at home. This cute furniture has modular and playful design that allows user to create numerous configurations like seating, shelves and other storage. With its cute, sleek, elegant, and unique design, this can also be a perfect décor for your home placing it at the corners to hold your favorite magazines in style.

Unity Tool

Unity Tool

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