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Wicker Outdoor Shower from Horchow

Love the idea of outdoor shower ? This wicker outdoor shower from Horchow might give you organic style. You can place it in your garden, create a fun and natural style. Feel the sensation of showering outside after a dip in the pool. This shower installation is easy, all you need to do is hook it up to an ordinary garden hose for fuss-free installation and portability. This shower also features an integrated shower rack accessory, plant-form towel rack that definitely be appreciated by your guests. Perfect for summer shower !

wicker outdoor shower

wicker outdoor shower

From : Horchow

EOS From Creation Baumann

When we say vertical blinds, we automatically think of it made from vinyl. However, the EOS is different from what we used to know. The EOS from Creation Baumann is a textile vertical blinds with a morph prints on the vertical strips that made the EOS appealing and eye-catching. This can be perfect to any home or offices with elegance and excellent interior design. The blinds comes in a combination of white and yellow color that made it unique to the usual plane colors that we see in the market in the previous years. With this wonderful product from Creation Baumann, unique and elegant look for our place can be so easy.

EOS Vertical Blinds

From: Creation Baumann

The Ladder Shelf: Organizing Made Easy

It has been a long time problem by majority of us as to how we can easily fix and organize those items place on top of our shelves especially if we do not have ladders at home. Organizing now made easy even if those items are placed on hard to reach higher shelves with the Ladder Shelf. As the name suggests, the Ladder Shelf has three bottom shelves that can be pulled out in order to serve as the ladder for the users to easily reach items placed on the higher shelves. Made of wood, the Ladder shelf will not only organize your item, but it can also serve as part of your interior designs especially if painted with your favorite color. -via

Ladder Shelf
Ladder Shelf


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