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A Décor And Functional Furniture Is The Big Pot Container By Francois Clerc

When buying a furniture piece for our home, we always want something functional and stylish like the Big Pot Container by Francois Clerc. Designed for a new French object editot ENO studio, the Big Pot is a circular container or vessel that will surely works double as your home décor.

Big Pot Container
Big Pot Container

Other than that, Big Pot can also be your functional stool, table or footrest since it has the height just enough for you to enjoy your coffee or for your feet to relax. The wooden lid made the pot sturdy enough to carry some weights. The vessel itself is clean and elegant enough to become one of your elegant decors at home. With this stylish Container, keeping things at their right places like your kids’ toys and other small items will never be a problem anymore. You can have them tossed inside your Big Pot Container in an effortless manner anytime and every time you need to.

Big Pot Container
Big Pot Container

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Source: Clerc Design and ENO Studio

U-(you) – Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Collections

Minimalist bathroom furniture collections from U-(you) give your bathroom minimalist and simple interior design. The title U itself is because the bathroom furniture looks like a letter “U”. Thanks to their smooth surface, those bathroom furnitures are easily to assemble and clean.

minimalist bathroom furniture

minimalist bathroom furniture from u

Manufacturer : Kolpasan

Movable Modern: The Kitchen Of The Future

If you have no standard kitchen set-up in your place and wanted to have the most innovative and stylish one, you must give a try Marcello Zuffo’s award winning kitchen concept the moment it will be available in the market. Its rotating mechanical concept made this kitchen concept exceptionally stylish amongst others. In addition, Zuffo’s concept is not just innovative and stylish, but a space saver as well, which made this kitchen perfect for growing families or to those who are just starting to have a family of their own. With all the mentioned beautiful features the kitchen has, there is no wonder why it is an award winning design concept. -via

Movable Kitchen


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