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Inout Bathtub By Benedini Associati

Freestanding bathtub is a bathtub of choice by many of the contemporists, for it is elegant enough to be on any modern bathroom interiors of today. The Inout Bathtub by Benedini Associati is just another great circular freestanding bathtub that will definitely complements and give a new look to our bathroom. Its clean lines made it a perfect match to any contemporary bathroom fixtures we already have and its ample space inside provide us the right comfort of moving around as we enjoy the soft ripples of water when we bathe. Designed for Agape, the Inout Bathtub will surely be our perfect haven. -via

Inout Bathtub

From: Benedini Associati

The 1-2-3 Sit Chair: An Easy To Transport Chair

Sitting outdoor is a fun way of spending time with family and friends. The 1-2-3 sit chair is a flat packed stool that is easy to transport and assemble making it a very stylish, comfortable, and portable chair. In addition, it also comes in an elegant and stylish black seat that gives the chair an eye-catching look. With its extra light weight, the 1-2-3 sit chair can be carried anywhere the user may wanted. It also has its joinery and combined folded steel and oak wood that provide the chair a distinctive characteristic. This wonderful chair can also be a perfect furniture indoor like in your veranda, living room, and even in your dining room.-via

1-2-3 Sit Chair

The Pill Carafe: Holds Your Pills In Style

Pill container comes in rectangular shape with divisions for each pill. If like many other, you too gets bored with your pill container design, which causes less interest in taking your pill daily and eventually resulted into skipping, then you should give the Pill Carafe a try. The Pill carafe holds you pills in style with its capsule like shape. Adding some pop to your nightstand, the pill carafe comes in 6 different color lids including tomato, green, turquoise, white, smoke, and yellow. With the pill carafe, you surely will not be able to skip your daily pill intake. After having a dose of your pill, place it in one corner and it will surely form part of your interior design.

Pill Carafe

Pill Carafe

Pill Carafe

Pill Carafe

Pill Carafe

From: Jonathan Adler


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