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Scroll Pan Concept Can Help You Save Some Kitchen Space

You would not believe there is such thing as scroll cooking pan. Even I had the hard time believing in it. However, Sam Hextall relieves my doubt with their Scroll Pan. A cooking pan can be easily rolled in and out, and for sure will make your kitchen space a little bit larger. This cooking pan has a storage sleeve wherein your can place the rolled pan and hang it somewhere in your kitchen. If all of the kitchen accessories can be like this, I am sure we will never encounter any storage problem anymore, and we can already use the other spaces for some other purposes. – via

scroll pan concept

KUBO: An Eye-catching Geometric Table

Like me, are you also used to see tables of four corners? Then we surely will get surprised with the Kubo. Kubo is a stylish table design developed form the Hikari lamp concept. It is also inspired by the Polyhedra geometry. Made of bent plywood, laminate, and glass, the KUBO table is lightweight and flexible to the point that it can fit into many different places in homes with modern interior. Looking at the photos, the KUBO is truly striking and it surely will compliment your modern home’s interior design as it matches with any of your existing modern home furniture sets and decors.

KUBO table

KUBO table

KUBO table

KUBO table

KUBO table

KUBO table

From: KUBO

Waterfall Sink from CBD Glass

Want to draw your guest attention to your sink? This waterfall sink from CBD Glass might be the answer, just look at the picture. This waterfall sink is totally eye-dropping, the minute I saw it, I want to touch it and feel this amazing design, very creative. The wall-mounted glass waterfall sink is an extraordinarily versatile and beautiful architectural element for the way we live today, enhancing the elegance and style of any bathroom. This waterfall sink is available with different size version, just contact CBD to get more information

waterfall sink CBD glass

unique waterfall sink CBD glass

From : CBD Glass via Freshome


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