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Buckle Up Key Holder: Another Playful Home Accessories Design From Thabto

If you have been an avid reader of HomeDosh, you might definitely noticed that we have featured numerous product design from Thabto. The main reason why we feature products from Thabto is their playful product design. This time it’s the Buckle Up Keyholder that catches our attention. We all know that it is very frustrating when we misplace our keys. To limit the shouting and rushing in finding the keys, Thabto designed the stylish key holder called the Buckle Up. It is a wall mounted key holder, thus no chance of placing them somewhere and is made of from discontinued car seat belt buckles making it an eco-friendly product as well.

Buckle Up Key Holder

Buckle Up Key Holder

Buckle Up Key Holder

From: Thabto

Banba Stool And Banana Seat From Tomita Design

Tomita Kazuhiko has a wonderful creation presented in Italy that looks like a planter box. This unique look of the stool will definitely create an unusual and artistic atmosphere to the place. It can be perfect to any homes with artistic theme. The fabric that serves as the cushion of the seat made seating comfortable as well as a useful tool in picking up the lid. Another beautiful creation Tomita has is the Banana seat that looks very relaxing. It is made from an organic rattan, weaves in double layer in order for it to grasp the weight of the person seating. -via

Tomita Design

Tomita Design

Mr. Di Lamp by Markus Hallstrand and Michael Carlsson

When it comes to giving your homes a wonderful and warm ambience, lamps and lightings are the best thing to put into your homes. Designers Markus Hallstrand and Michael Carlsson has just created a classy lamp Mr. Di that will surely give you home a warm and relaxing ambience because of its soft light and a classy feeling of its elegant design. Mr. Di is the larger version of Mrs. Di that has cute decorative features on its switches. This beautifully designed lamp is in black lacquer and black / gold screen that made it extremely beautiful and minimalistic.-via

Mr. Di Lamp

From: Markus Hallstrand and Michael Carlsson


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