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The Safe Hands Bath – Handicap Accessible Walk-In Bathtub

Using this walk-in bathtub, it can help seniors and disabled individuals with confidence and independence. The tub was recently named recipient of the Qualified Remodeler magazine product of the year award. If you are interested in buying this bathtub, try contact wasauna, in-home delivery is free on this product.

handicap accessible bathtub

Designer : Wasauna

Bettespa: Fulfilling The New Bath Trend

As spacious bathrooms are now in trend in almost all corners of the world, designer Jochen Schmiddem had created the Bettespa that turns your then bathroom into a spacious special living and wellness activity area. Its unique large sized bathtub in steel enamel gives you the total comfort of bathing with your pal or partner next to each other for it has been designed for bathing alone or twosome. The bathroom is one of my favorite places at home. Here is where I can reflect or meditate if desired. But now, I can also do some wellness activities for myself as well. I just love having a bath with this kind of concept.



From: Bette

Flip: Your Sleek And Clean Seating Solution From Adrein Rovero Studio

Multipurpose furniture design is not new anymore to us, as we have seen lots of it in the market already. However, the transformation process is what surprises us just like how the Flip bench sofa turns out to be your spacious elegant table with just a simple flip of the item. Yeah! You have read it right. All you have to do with the sofa is to flip is upside down and you already have the table ready to accommodate your items like foods, drinks, and more. Aside from being your stylish furniture, the clean lines and sleek design of Flip will make it your perfect décor at home as well. -via




From: Adrein Rovero Studio


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