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Using Electrolux iBasket Washing Machine, You Can Control It from Your Computer

People of today’s generation are super busy to the extend that they do not have enough time for themselves, almost. The laundries are normally the things that should be taken for granted but indeed are because of lack of time. Well, this will never be a problem anymore with the Electrolux iBasket. A big laundry hamper that will automatically do the laundry once it reaches the pre-programmed point. What a truly amazing idea from Guopeng Liang of Tongji University, in China. The iBasket has WiFi link that will let you control the machine from your computer, and in return, it will send you a message when the cleaning is done. – via

electrolux ibasket washing machine concept

electrolux ibasket washing machine concept

L’lvresse Des Bois Glasses: Elegant And Classy Wine Glasses

Moderate wine drinking is not only good for our health but is also shows ones status in life. However, the classy status of those who drink wine does not end up with the wine itself. Marcel Wanders, a designer from French manufacturer Baccarat have created a classy wine glass called the L’lvresse des Bois Glasses. The glass may look similar to almost any other wine glasses that we see, but Wanders was able to put a distinction on all his creations, which is the clown’s nose. With this one classy and elegant wine glass, you can have it see at the handle.

L'lvresse Wine Glasses

From: Baccarat

The Monami Coat Hanger: A Stylish And Playful Item For Your Contemporary Room

Coats, bags, belts, and more will surely make your room messy if they do not have the place to go. The Monami Coat Hanger by Angelo Tomaiuolo is the ideal item for your room to look clean and clutter-free. The Monami is a stylish coat hanger is a concept design that comes in different colors of white, red, and green. Its playful design made the Monami a perfect addition to your room’s interior design especially when nothing is on it as this concept design is sleek and minimalistic enough to work as one of your décor as well and it surely matches with your existing furniture and décor.

Monami Hanger
Monami Hanger

Monami Hanger

From: Angelo Tomaiuolo


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