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Scabetti Shoal Lighting, Beautiful Fish Art

A chandelier resulting from a great work of art is now attracting every people that would see it. Dominic Bromley designs this masterpiece of art. It is a mass of fine fish bone china fish, which are carrying a delicate sculpted detail, encircles a central beam of light, which eventually made it possible in creating a captivating cylindrical form. The Shoal is truly a work of art as it look amazingly beautiful and unique. The Shoal is available in glazed or unglazed fine bone china, and dimensions and variations are available to develop upon request. Perfect for people that are lovers of art and design. – via

shoal sculpture by scabetti

shoal sculpture by scabetti

shoal sculpture by scabetti

From : Scabetti

Illusion Lamp: A Lamp And A Table In One

It is unusual to see a lamp and a table in one, well at least for me. I have have found one great design as I browse for elegant home furniture pieces online I want to share the wonderful finding I got here from Hareide Design. The Illusion lamp is a uniquely designed lighting solution that doubles the function as a table. It comes with a sleek design and clean lines that made the Illusion elegant enough to be an addition you existing home decors and furniture pieces. The bare there stand creates an Illusion of the lamp hovering above the ground and offers an element of surprise and magic.

Illusion Lamp

Illusion Lamp

From: Hareide Design

The Knitted Eames Wire Chair Is A Popular Chair Made Out Of Bent Wire

Creating a popular piece of furniture needs not to be new like the knitted Eames Wire Chair, which was first introduced in 1951 by Charles and Ray Eames and now recreated by Akira Ishikawa.

Knitted Eames Wire Chair

The chair has gained so much attention, thus a popular piece when it was introduced and now still holding its popularity as Akira Ishikawa enhances the look and feel of the chair by putting on some cushion on the chair’s seat and backrest. Looking at the picture, it looks like the designer uses a knitted yarn thread to create the seat and backrest cushion making the once classic Wire Chair into a new and modern knitted Eames wire chair.

Source: ReCraft


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