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Mor And Azulay’s Salt And Pepper: An Aesthetic And Useful Tableware Design

I am extremely amazed with how this one of a kind salt and pepper shaker looks like. The aesthetically designed Salt and Pepper shaker by Tel Mor and Shlomi Azulay is really stunning and it will not only hold your salt and pepper safely but also will hold them in style. This one of a kind salt and pepper shakers have silicon coating that adds up to the item’s eye-catching aesthetics. Made of plastic, just press the container and the holes will be revealed, which is cool enough to appreciate. The various shapes that the Salt and Pepper Rocks has made it even more unique as compared to any other salt and pepper shakers available in the market today and this will surely bring some added appetite during mealtime.

Mor and Azulay's Salt and Pepper Shaker

Mor and Azulay's Salt and Pepper Shaker

Mor and Azulay's Salt and Pepper Shaker

From: Design Break

Get A LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair To Enjoy A Stylish And Elegant Chair

If you think, comfort and style do not come along in a furniture piece that is not the case with LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair. The Fathom chair features a design that gives total comfort to its users without compromising style and elegance. Made of oak plywood and veneer, walnut veneer in particular, fathom chair has the wide seat and back rest so you can sit on comfortably flat and lay your back comfortably too. Because the chair is made of durable molded plywood, you will be sure enough of its quality and durability, which you surely will enjoy longer. Other than the durable materials, the chair also has the sturdy construction that adds up to the quality of the chair.

LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair in Wenge
LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair in Wenge

The chair has the lovely wood grain especially if you opt to purchase colors like walnut and natural because lovely wood grains are clearly visible in these color finishes. However, the chair is also available in solid colors like light blue and wenge. With these colors available for the chair, you surely will not have a hard time finding that right color finish that would match with your interior design theme and complete you collection of elegant furniture pieces and decors. If you are worried about the assembly of this chair, you don’t need too even, if you are not knowledgeable with carpentry because it is easy to assemble. Some buyers even claimed that they were able to put the parts together in as short as 30 minutes. [Click Here to learn more about LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair in Wenge]

LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair in Wenge
LexMod Fathom Plywood Lounge Chair in Wenge

Teuco Rotating Bath by Ron Arad

Designed by Ron Arad, this bath has a unique idea. Combining bathtub and a shower, you can have dual functionality just by rotating it. When you turn the wide lip at the lowest point, you can use it as a bathtub, but when you want to use it as a standing shower, just rotate it again. To clean water from the bath is also easy, just rotate it into shower position, and you’re done.

Official from Teuco :

Designer, artist and renowned architect, Ron Arad uses the malleability of duralight and Teuco know-how to present �Rotator�, an original space and a new enjoyable experience in which a continuous and unexpected flow of water becomes the protagonist. The slowly rotating basin transforms into a shower and the continuously flowing water becomes an essential component of the product�s beauty. The background for this creation is a floor with mirrored light and glossy white walls with small red shelves that exalt the materiality and the multi-functionality that are characteristic of duralight.

rotator bath and shower

rotator bath and shower from teuco

rotator bath innovation from teuco

rotator bath

From : Teuco


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