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Vertebrae Bathroom, Totally Saving Space Solution

Vertebrae is a vertical bathroom, everything you need is inside of it. Starting from the top, you’ll find shower, then toilet cistern, storage space, sink, can , bog brush cupboard. Vertebrae bathroom is available for $20,000, well in exchange of not saving your money, you’ll get saving your space.

vertebrae bathroom

Source: Gizmodo

Loto Coffee Table by Com.p.ar

Coffee tables nowadays are not just for coffee purposes only but also they form part of the interior design to every home. Just like the Loto Coffee table by Com.p.ar that has a classy glossy glass table top in elegant black color. The table has storage under the tabletop that will definitely keep your small things like magazines, books and more in order. Aside from that, the Loto table also comes in an all aluminum base finished with a bright-white lacquer, giving the table a modern look making it perfect to any contemporary homes in urban places. With the Loto coffee table, you only don’t have a coffee table but also an elegant home décor. -via

Loto Coffee Table

Loto Coffee Table

Contemporary L’uovo Egg-Shaped Bathroom Vanity from Giemmegi

Taking the shape of an egg, this bathroom vanity from Giemmegi looks futuristic yet it has retro style. L’uovo bathroom vanity features storage space inside its compact size, integrated with light, mirror, and sink this contemporary vanity is beautiful balance between usability and style. Our urban lifestyle demands for more space, with L’uovo, we’ll get what we want. The wonderful color of L’uovo vanity is ideal for interior with trendy decoration, very unique.

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity from giemmegi

luovo bathroom vanity by giemmegi

luovo egg shaped bathroom vanity

luovo bathroom vanity

From : Giemmegi


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