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Sweetheart Teapot By Christian Ghion

Everybody loves coffee or tea as part of his or her morning routine. Make your daily morning habit more cozy and classy by using the Sweetheart Teapot by Christian Ghion, 750ml porcelain made teapot that has a maternal and feminine curves. These curves give the sweetheart teapot a unique and classy look making it not only the perfect tableware for your kitchen or patio, but a décor as well. Just simply place it on top of your table, accentuate with some of your porcelain teacups and you surely will have a classy décor at home that your guests would get envy with. -via

Sweetheart Teapot

Sweetheart Teapot

Sweetheart Teapot

Droog Flex Pendant Lamp: The Stylish And Unique Flexible Pendant Lamp

I wonder how people base their shopping for home décors, furniture sets, lighting systems, and more. Will they prefer those that looks good, made of sturdy materials, functional, elegant design, affordable and more. The Droog Flex Pendant Lamp is a lighting system that you will definitely purchase for some good reasons. Aside from being elegant looking ad minimalistic, the Droog Flex Pendant Lamp is tricky enough to play your innocent mind and eyes. As you look at the lamp’s material from afar, you definitely will think it is rigid. However, the moment you come closer and definitely have a touch of it, you can actually twist and squeeze the material because the lamp’s shade is made of silicon.

Fkex Pendant Lamp

Fkex Pendant Lamp

From: 2Modern

KUBE Future Modular Kitchen from Innova Designers

The kitchen can be the true living room for those who love foods and those who love to cook alike and make their kitchen as the centerpiece of the home. People with these likes and desire might definitely want their kitchen to be as comfortably as possible. Designers from Spain called the Innova Designers answers all these need and trends by creating the KUBE kitchen prototype. This modular kitchen has a futuristic design with a specific purpose when the kitchen is in close or open position. When the kitchen is open, it can be a working station and closing will conceal doors and drawers and make everything out of sight.

kube future modular kitchen

From : InnovaDesigners


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