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Wood Bathroom Vanity from Mariner

Wood bathroom vanity from Mariner designed with natural and crafted materials. If you are creating a natural look for you bathroom, you can choose this bathroom vanity to complete it. The curvy forms highlight the innate grain of the wood. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the bathroom vanity are using bands of different woods, looks beautiful in harmony. The modern and clean look should make perfect combination for your contemporary bathroom.

mariner bathroom vanity

modern contemporary mariner bathroom vanity

color rich mariner bathroom vanity

contemporary mariner bathroom vanity

Manufacturer : Mariner

Stylish Zeta Fireplace For EcoSmart

Fireplaces provides not only warm ambiance but also added up the beauty and elegance of every home especially if you have a fireplace as stylish as the Zeta Fireplace by Geoform Design Architects, a freestanding fireplace that is nothing but an original wonderful creation. It has the elegant look that will surely compliments to almost all types of architectural environments, making it suitable to be placed in either a residential or a commercial place. Its sleek design made the Zeta Fireplace a perfect part of your interior design. It has an elliptical shape that creates an illusion of a fire coming out of a non-combusting timber fold. -via

Zeta Fireplace

Zeta Fireplace

Zeta Fireplace

Zeta Fireplace

From: Geoform Design Architects

Wurk Bookcase By Jurjen Van Hulzen

We have a nice submission here in Homedosh from a talented designer from the Netherlands Jurjen Van Hulzen. Wurk is a bookcase with a shelf that is of the exact size of your books for a snug fit.

“Jurjen van Hulzen from The Netherlands made this book case to give a certain reproduction of the purchase of books bought during a certain period. These books therefore always know a fixed spot in their cupboard, and will be put back on the meant spot. You will never lose your book between the others, but have your own at home library.”

I presume this bookshelf is available on a made-to-order basis to have a good fit of your books. -via

Wurk Bookcase

From: Jurjen Van Hulzen


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