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Cor Lava Modern Sofa with Durable Materials

We spend mostly of our time to our sofa when talking of relaxing. However, Core furniture takes lounging into another level, by introducing their new Lava Sofa. In collaboration with designers Kristen Antje Hoppert and Steffen Kroll of Studop Vertijet, Core furniture?s Lava Sofa has so many things to offer. Its modern design will take you into a different way of relaxation, for its vertical variance reaches down to the floor together with its soft, upholstered mats that transforms even this surface into part of the furniture. Made not only by talented hands, but also with durable materials, that made the lava sofa a furniture, landscape and sculpture in one. – via

cor lava modern sofa

cor lava modern sofa

cor lava modern sofa

From : Cor

Bored with Your White Tub ? Pick Kali’ Kolor Tubs from Blu Bleu

Bathtub doesn’t always in white color, if you are bored with the white plain color, now you can pick Kali’ Kolor tubs from Blu Bleu which has 192 of color choices that suit your personality. Choosing glossy, satin or metallic will ensure that you have a rare bathtub and very fashionable. The tub comes with removable panels and four different shapes. With one touch of a button in the digital remote control, you have option as air jets, ozone plant, and chrome relax lighting.

kali kolor tubs from blu blue

colored tubs from blu blue

modern colored tubs kali' kolor from blu blue

Designer : Blu Bleu

Stylish Fireplace By Suppanen For Your warming Needs

During cold season, keeping us warm is important to keep us going and one of the best and most used tool in keeping warm especially at home is a stylish fireplace. Designer Llkka Supanen has the sleek fireplace created. However unfortunately production has been discontinued. If you were to look at the picture, the fireplace has glass wall and stainless steel base making the fireplace elegant enough to be in your contemporary home. If I were to buy for a new fireplace, I would certainly love to have the similar design as Llkka Suppanen’s fireplace design. aside from the elegant appearance it has, it also produces an eye-catching flamce.


From: Iittala


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