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CNS Rugs In Collaboration With Homedosh Gives Away A Free Rug!

Hello there our beloved reader of HomeDosh! It is a one great day for all of us today! Why? Because something in this world is for FREE today! It is a beautiful RUG from CNS Rugs. Yes! You’ve read it right! CNS Rugs in collaboration with HomeDosh is giving away a FREE RUG to one of our lucky readers and followers!

We have received a message from CNS Rugs offering to give away a free rug to our readers. As a form of showing our gratitude to our readers, we have decided to accept CNS Rug’s proposal and decided to collaborate with them. Are you excited? We hope so, we have picked the rug that will perfectly fit your home’s interior design.

csn rugs recife veranda rug

Is it really FREE? Aren’t we going to spend a penny? You might have these questions in mind. To answer you with, YES the offer is FREE! You never have to spend even a single cent because CNS Rugs will not just give you the rug for FREE but will ship it right at your doorsteps FREE! This offer is open to our readers from Canada and the USA.

Leave us your critics/suggestions to make HomeDosh a better website, and we will pick the best comment to win the rug! Good Luck and have a happy RUG day!

Congratulations! The winner of the rug is Hart Armstrong, please email us your full name and your address.
Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to enter this contest, we really appreciate it.

A Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame Is All You Need To Have A Sofa And Bed In One

Space is becoming a problem nowadays and so space saving furniture similar to Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame is becoming popular to many of us today especially to those living in crowded cities wherein homes have limited space. This furniture from American Furniture Alliance is a convertible one. Meaning, you can enjoy it as a sofa at daytime and convert it as a bed during nighttime, as it comes in full size. [Click here to know more about Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame]

Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame

This lovely futon frame also has the tempered steel construction making it durable. The black finish made the frame versatile and easy to mix and match with any of your home furniture pieces and home decors. The armrest provides comfort to the users when used as a sofa. The foldout mechanism of the frame made it easy to convert from sofa to bed. The frame measures just right for your space challenged home. It has a spacious dimension of 80 by 36 by 30 ¾ inches as a sofa and 80 by 52 ½ by 20 ½ inches as a bed. Please note though that buying this stylish frame does not include the mattress. Therefore, you still have to buy one separately. The Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame requires minimum assembly and you can immediately start to enjoy owing a sofa and a bed even with the limited space. [Click here to know more about Modern Loft Skyline Mission Futon Frame]

Feel Like in Heaven With The Cloud Chair

Chairs are the most common furniture every household and office has. After graduating from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, with a BA in art and design, WIS (Lisa Widen, Anna Irinarchos and Johanna Strand), started their own design studio and designed the Cloud chair. Clouds elegant design is perfect for every contemporary home. It is an upholstered easy chair. It has a sliding sitting angle which made it continuously adjustable and the seat becomes the back support and vice versa. The chair has a black lacquered metal frame. People of different sizes can use this chair with their own choice of position. – via

cloud chair

cloud chair

cloud chair

From : Design House Stockholm


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