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The Table Soccer Bbq By Ken Goldman

Grilled food is delicious and grilling in the process is fun to do. Designer Ken Goldman’s Table Soccer Bbq will definitely create some while cooking especially those soccer football lovers and enthusiasts. If you were to cook for yourself, all you have to do is to choose between ketchup and mustard by choosing the handles colored with yellow and red, give them a spin and you are already on your way to a delicious grilled food done in a fun filled process. This fun filled griller will definitely be a great addition on your equipments for your next tailgating party.

Table Soccer Bbq

From: Ken Goldman

Ottoman Stool: Provides Comfort With Style

Ottomans are becoming a trend to many of the modern homes today. The Ottoman Stool from Ligne Roset will definitely add up to your collection of modern furniture. The Ottoman Stool has a seat and backrest that is spacious enough for the user to sit and even coil on it. It comes in a refreshing and cool powder blue color that is not hard enough to match with any existing home furniture. Looking at the photos, the Ottoman Stool can also be safe to kids of all ages, for the whole stool looks fully cushioned. With the stool’s fancy and elegant look, this can be perfect to any rooms of your contemporary homes.

Ottoman Stool

Ottoman Stool

From: Ligne Roset

Paper Line: A Stylish Ceramic Tableware

How can you say no to delicious foods and elegant tableware? The Paper Line by Tanja Niedermann is a collection of tableware that no one will have the guts to say no to dine. Diet will be placed backdoor the moment the table and foods are set along with these sleek and elegant tableware. Made of ceramic, the Paperline comes in a cool white and lime color combination that is very fresh and soothing to the eyes. With the style and elegance it possesses, the Paper Line surely will be a perfect tool for all occasion and can be ideal for home and business use. -via

Paper Line

Paper Line

From: Tanja Niedermann


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