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Sanindusa Wash Basin

Modern and elegant home décor designs are coming out every now and then. Each of them surprises us with their unique and functional design. The Sanindusa washbasin surprises me with its looped towel rail. I have not seen a washbasin of this design all my life. This washbasin will let you save your time from locating your towel every time you wash your face. In addition, if you are the kind that wraps up your towel around your neck, the Sanindusa washbasin will let you get rid of this discomfort. The Sanindusa washbasin design looks perfect to any cute and small bathrooms. -via

Sanindusa Washbasin

Sanindusa Washbasin

From: Sanindusa

The Magnet Clock By Designplus

Forget those sticky notes that we used to in reminding ourselves with this modern and stylish way of reminder designed by Designplus called the Magnet Clock. Designed for the fridge, the magnet clock has numerous magnetic playful arts that represent the activities we regularly do in our daily lives. Users are allowed to arrange those activities according to their preferred time of when they will be doing the said task or activity. I find this project very fun, impressive, and playful. I cannot wait to see some of these in our market, and I will definitely avail one for my fridge. -via

The Magnet Clock

The Magnet Clock

From: Designplus

Leaf Magazine Rack: Holds Your Magazine With Elegance

I am not really a big fan of magazine racks. All I can think of this furniture is a small box-like placed underneath your centerpieces or alongside your elegant sofa or lounge chair. Yes, it will keep your magazines and other reading materials in order, but I doubt it can add to the beauty and elegance of your interiors. However, the moment I see the Leaf Magazines, my perceptions and views for magazine racks changed entirely. This one of a kind furniture will not only keep your reading materials in order but will keep them in order with style. It has a sleek design that will surely create an elegant and professional ambiance to your room. Perfect for your freestanding items, the Leaf Magazine Rack can also be folded flat, thus easy to transfer from one place to another. It is tall enough to be noticed as well, unlike the traditional track that has the height similar to your magazines.

Leaf Magazine Rack

From: Cascando


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