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Salt Lamps: From Your Foods To Your Decors

Salt is a seasoning we use for our foods to taste according to our liking. However, have you ever heard of your known seasoning salt used for your decors? You might be laughing as you read this but if you look at the pictures, you surely will get amazed like I do. Designed by Roberto Tweraser, the Salt Lamps are stylish enough to be your elegant pendant lamp at home. It surely will compliment not only your kitchen interior but also the other part of your house like your living room, bedroom, and more. I am quite sure though that this lamp is not for outdoor use. -via

Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps

From: Tweraser Design

Enjoy Elegant Lighting Solution With Your New ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp

A stylish floor lamp will not only provide warm and elegant illumination in a home but also will provide an elegant ambiance just like what ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp can give to its users. The lamp features a modern and sleek design making it a perfect addition to your elegant home interior design. [Click here for more information about ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp]

ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp

Works double as your lovely home décor, the lamp is made of steel and linen for its aesthetical cylindrical shade. Available in Ore International, the lamp is adjustable and with the elegant design and clean lines it has, it surely matches easily with any of your home decors and furniture piece. The lamp requires a standard 150W bulb. However, if you are aware enough that you can save on your energy usage by using lighting solutions other than standard bulbs, you can use a 60 watts LED bulb, which obviously consumes less energy than the standard one but provide similar elegant output. Another thing that you surely love about the lamp is that it requires no assembly at all for you to enjoy soft and relaxing illumination.

Turning on the ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp is dead easy with the floor switch button it has allowing you to turn on and off the lamp with a touch of your toe. [Click here for more information about ORE International 2029F Home Decor Floor Lamp]

Sun Bathing with Room26 Airbench Small

Outdoor activities are fun especially if it is associated with functional, sleek and fashionable outdoor furniture, and I am talking about the new creation of Studio Arne Quinze, which is called the Room26 Airbench Small that has been presented to Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008 in Milan. The furniture can be best use when sun bathing while having some fun under the sun. Can be used with our without backrest and cushions can also be your prerogative. Whichever you may like, the Room26 Airbench small that holds an oak frame, will surely give you the pleasure and comfort that you desire.

room26 airbench small

From : Quinze and Milan


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