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Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Modern Homes

Christmas is coming, just in case you’re looking for modern home products for your modern and style-conscious homeowner friends, this year, we have compiled Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Modern Homes. The list is also a great guide for you when you have friends or relatives that just made the transition from renter to homeowner, you’ve been given a chance to help them personalized their new home. We are pretty sure that your Christmas gift will be very much appreciated.

1. Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame
Display your family pictures in this cool, modern family tree frame. It is crafted of fine metal material along with 10 photo frames where each frame holds 2×3 photo. It’ll look really cool and give unique accent to your existing décor. Just incase those 10 frames are not enough, you can purchase additional frames to complete the set. [Buy It Here]

Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Modern Homes - Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame

2. Amber Calla Lilly Candleholder
What a beautiful candleholder to create romantic atmosphere in the house. Amber Calla Lilly candleholder has been designed with slender curving stems where you can place a candle into each lilly blossoms. It plays an important part to create an elegant candle light dinner. [Buy It Here]

Top 20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Modern Homes - Amber Calla Lilly Candleholder

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Freestanding and Built-In Contemporary Fireplaces from Focus

Sculpting their fireplaces in Southern France, Focus is now creating their new range of freestanding and built-in fireplaces that will give some warmth to millions of contemporary homes worldwide. Moreover, its not just warmth is what Focus’ contemporary fireplaces can bring; in fact it also adds more beauty to the interior design of every modern houses. All are created and sculpted with art and fashion that is why their contemporary fireplaces will never be placed at the end of the list. Give your modern homes the elegant look it deserves right now. Install any of Focus’ contemporary fireplaces in it. – via

focus contemporary fireplaces

focus contemporary fireplaces

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