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Gen-X: The Walk-in Bathtub You Definitely Love To Own

Bathrooms with limited space are common nowadays especially if you are living in a crowded city. I am one of those and I know many of you will agree with me in thinking about owning a space saving bathtub for our small bathroom. The Gen-X Walk-in Bathtub by Tressee is a compact bathtub that like me, you definitely would love to own. The tub is made to please various bathrooms. The tub is also capable of hydromassage, blower, color therapy; heater, light, radio, and drain with tub refill. Now tell me if you are still having trouble of having stylish bathtub in your small bathroom. -via

Gen-X Bathtub

Gen-X Bathtub

Gen-X Bathtub

From: Gruppotres

Bedroom Decor Idea : How to Decorate a Master Bedroom?

Bedroom Decor Idea : How to Decorate a Master Bedroom?When at home, one area in the house we want to stay for long is the master bedroom. As much as possible, we want to stay in the room the entire holiday to relax and unwind. If you want to make your room attractive for kids, perhaps you can go with a beach theme, however, different people have different taste and style. To feel more relaxed and stress free while staying in your room, we have suggested below some of the great ideas and easy steps on how to decorate a master bedroom.

Choose an Inspiration – decorating a master bedroom is very basic. We all want a lovely and relaxing bedroom. Before we start with the decorating job, it would be best that we will choose first our inspiration or theme. you can opt to choose a rustic style, green living, all white, all black, black and white, urban, and more. In this way, you will end up buying the right furniture, decors, and accessories to buy.

Do the Paint Job – to end up with an eye-catching and relaxing master bedroom, you can start with the paint. Choose colors that match your needs and personality. You can go with deeper tones like dark red, deep purple or brown if you want your room to be romantic. You can also use lighter shade if you want your room to be restful.

Choose your furniture – now that you have make up your mind for the theme and paint colors, time to choose the right furniture pieces like the bed, dresser, nightstand, lamp, and more. Depending on your theme, you can opt to go for elegant furniture pieces or furniture sets with classic design. You can also choose according to colors like dark or bright colored furniture sets. If you have kids at home, maybe you can choose furniture sets with rounded or no sharp corners. These types of furniture will not only keep your kids safe but can also be slipped easily anywhere.

Choose the right decors – it is a bad idea to keep bedroom walls blank. It will give a dull and boring ambiance. Pump up your room with large framed wall decors like a portrait of your or the family. A black and white framed portrait would look good to any themed bedroom. A well-designed art pieces like paintings and the likes can also be a great tool to fill in your blank walls. You can also put on well-designed wall decals or hang up multiple and in uniform size picture frames.

Illuminate – complete the décor in your master bedroom with the right illumination. When choosing your lamp, always go for those with a dimmer. With this kind of lamp, you can always set the lamp brightness setting low when you are reading or about to sleep and at its high when you are working or just want to have enough illumination. If you have overhead lighting, it would look good if you will pair it with task lighting on your side table or sconces.

Aveo Bathtub with Oval Shape from Villeroy and Boch

This beautiful asymmetical aveo bathtub from Villeroy and Boch is a great addition to your minimalist and modern bathroom. It features a chrome pop-up plug with handy anti-overflow feature, a synthetic material containing quartz. Also with whisper airpool (air royale) including 2 spotlights and a remote control.

aveo bathtub from villeroy and boch

aveo bathtub from villeroy and boch

aveo bathtub from villeroy and boch

From : Villeroy and Boch


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