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The Oscar Sofa by Matthew Hilton

Stylish sofas are a great tool for our homes not only for comfort purposes but also for our interior design. The Oscar sofa is just another great addition to many of the wonderful furniture designs from a very talented designer Matthew Hilton, which is available at The Future Perfect. Made of European hardwood, wool, feathers, walnut-stained beech, the Oscar Sofa has the sleek and elegant design with a soft cushion that will surely complements with any modern interiors any contemporary house has today. The gray color made the chair even more elegant and easy to mix and match with any of your existing furniture sets, and home accessories.

Oscar Sofa

From: The Future Perfect

The Scheisse : Explodingn Light Bulb from Northern Lighting

The Scheisse exploding light bulb and Moo from Norways Northern Lighting has been launched. This project is a salute to the old incandescent bulb and the explosion designed expresses the present status of the classic bulb. This artistic design of an exploding bulb is kind of weird but cute. An the moo is a bit scary especially to the kids. I guess this piece of art works best for people who have strong personality and those with exemplary artistic minds. I personally not attractive with the exploding design. But if you come to look at it with depth you will notice its uniqueness and artistic design.

the scheisse exploding light bulb

the scheisse exploding light bulb from northern lighting

the scheisse exploding light bulb

From : Northern Lighting

Asolo: An Artistic Vase For Your Modern Home

Creative vases do not only holds our flowers but also form part to our interior design. The Asolo is one of the ‘nel vetro c’e’ collection of vases created by Italian artist and designer Diego Chilo in collaboration with glass maker Venini. The Asolo vase is hand blown and has a stylish and eye-catching metal mesh and copper rings embedded on the surface of the vase. The unique shape and characteristic of the Asolo vase made it perfect to compliment with any interiors of today modern homes and will definitely match with any existing house décor and home furniture in a flawless manner. -via

Asolo Vase

Asolo Vase

From: Diego Chilo


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