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Earth, Water, Air, Fire: A Sleek And Elegant Chair Design

Designers really never runs out of ideas on furniture designs. They always have something users would look up to for their home. The Finish brand Artek is just a few of those who always surprises their clients with elegant and unique furniture designs. The Earth, Water, Air, Fire of Artek, which is designed in celebration of Artek’s 75th Anniversary. Looking at the picture, the chair is simple, sleek and oh so elegant to be on any contemporary home. It will surely form part of your interior design with its decorative forma and curves whilst providing comfort to its users as they sit. -via

Artek Chair

From: Artek

Warm Winter Wishes Snowman Doormat Welcomes Guests With A Holiday Ambiance

Start creating a festive feel to your home now with the fun and stylish Warm Winter Wishes Snowman Doormat. As its name suggests, the doormat comes with a design in accordance to the celebration of Christmas. The doormat has a bold red background with Christmas themed decorations like stars, snowman on his winter scarf and top hat, and a Christmas message that says “Warm Winter Wishes.”

The doormat is not only perfect for your own home. This can also serve as a perfect gift this holiday season. Designed by Park Designs, the doormat is not only fashionable but functional too. It uses natural coir fibers responsible of the mat’s heavy-duty bristles allowing this holiday themed doormat to trap dirt and debris and absorbs moisture from shoes or feet at the time. This abilities of the doormat help you protect your entryway while welcoming your guests in a fun and loving way.

Warm Winter Wishes Snowman Doormat

Other than trapping dirt and debris, Warm Winter Wishes Snowman Doormat is also resistant to mildew making it a perfect doormat even for those living in place with rainy and snowy weather. Another thing you would definitely love about this doormat is the use of non-toxic colorfast dyes because this only means that it is safe for your kids and pets. The designs are hand painted allowing those who love modern and fun designs without harming the environment to buy and own one of these doormats. Keeping the doormat clean and free from dirt build up is as easy as shaking it on a regular basis. Made of 70% natural coir fiver and 30% vinyl back, the doormat measures 17 inches by 29 inches. [CLICK HERE to see different models of Warm Winter Wishes Snowman Doormat by Park Designs]

Skid Row Chair By Philippe Malouin

Design and comfort together in one chair is what you can achieve with this new design by Phillipe Malouin. This wonderful chair is made from bent steel tubing that work as the chair’s sturdy frame, perforated birch balls as its comfortable seat and backrest, and elastic shock cord that allows the birch balls to flex to the contours of the user’s body. With how it works, the chairs seem like fun furniture to use. It also has the unique and elegant look that made the chair a perfect home décor and form part of your interior design when nobody is sitting in. -via

Skid Row Chair

Skid Row Chair

From: Philippe Malouin


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