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Central Zone: An Elegant Working Area For Home And Office Use

Having a hard time to focus on your job? Whether working in the office or at home, one really need some exclusive place for a better performance at work. If you have no exclusive place or area to work productively, then you might need to have the Central Zone. Designed and manufactured by German company Konig + Neurath, the Central Zone is an elegant and sleek multi-function zone program that has desk, chair, and a partition giving you the chance to have your own comfort zone while relaxing or working effectively. In addition, it comes with a sophisticated design, thus will not distract your interior design, instead, it will create a professional and elegant ambiance.

Central Zone

From: Konig + Neurath

PUJ Tub: A Tub That Is Best For Baby And Mommy

Newly born babies love to be cradled as they feel secured with the soft touch and hug their parents provide. With the aim to make the baby feel loved and cradled even when the take a bath, the PUJ is born. The PUJ Tub is a baby bathtub that uses a soft and flexible material that will wrap around your baby’s delicate body, thus making your baby feel comfortable and calm while taking a bath. In addition, the PUJ has the size that fits on your kitchen sinks, thus no more leaning and backaches for moms like you. Holding your baby on an upward position, bathing your baby can now be done easily even without asking for your hubby’s help. [Click to checkout Puj Tub – Soft Baby Bath Tub]

PUJ Tub - Soft Foldable Baby Tub

PUJ Tub - Soft Foldable Baby Tub

PUJ Tub - Soft Foldable Baby Tub

PUJ Tub - Soft Foldable Baby Tub

From: PUJ [Click to checkout Puj Tub – Soft Baby Bath Tub]

Wetstyle BC01 Bathtub

When having your bath, it is important that you have all the comfort you need. Enough space for you to move around, with complete storage area for your bath accessories. Manufactured by WETMAR for the cube collection, BC 01, is a bathtub that has 4 distinct sides, and very spacious that can accommodate two people at a time. Both have their own backrest for ultimate comfort. This sleek and elegant bathtub is available in glossy or matte white finish. Have a relaxing bath with your loved one or enjoy it with your closest friend, without worrying the space to move around, and the luxurious experience that you both can have when bathing.

wetstyle bathtub cube collection bc01

From : Wetstyle


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