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OCCO: A Minimalistic And Contemporary Furniture Design

Minimalistic furniture design will not only creates an elegant look on your homes but will also help you some space, as majority of these types of furniture designs do not eat up a lot of space. The OCCO, is just one of the modern furniture designs that answers the issue of limited space. In addition, it also reminds us of the Asian tradition of sitting on floor, while eating or chatting with friends, colleagues or family members. The OCCO consists of circular-shaped seats that can be places atop with each other using a shaft. The pile of cushioned beanbag-like seats will then be topped with a tabletop making it an ideal table for coffee or for your laptop. -via



From: Melisa Indra Design

The DNA Closet By Irina Alexandru

Inspired by the DNA, Bucharest-based designer Irina Alexandru has designed a stylish dresser or closet that will not only catch your attention, but will also help you save some space. Alexandru has managed to twist the closet rod into dual helixes and made give the closet the ability to hold at maximum amount of clothes with the least amount of space used in your room. This DNA designed closet can be a perfect tool for students in dormitory of those couples that are just starting to grow a family who are living in an area with a very limited space. -via

DNA Closet

From: Irina Alexandru

Rejuvenate And Relax With Your Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain

A clean and well-groomed house will not only create a refreshing ambiance but rejuvenating too especially if you have the Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain from Gifts & Décor. As its name suggests, the decorative water fountain will not only give you a relaxing soft ripples of water but also it will give you the warm and relaxing illumination produced by the candle it can hold. Measuring 8.6 inches by 8.3 inches by 11 inches, the fountain is of no doubt an eye0catcing tabletop decorative item. [Click here to know more about Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain]

Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain
Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain

The faux-stone steps of the fountain create cascading water that drops softly from the top part. If you can see, the fountain has the two pillars that will hold your candles create a mesmerizing appeal of the fountain. To enhance the soft rippling sound of the flowing water, you can add some small stones or river rocks. This can be a perfect addition to any part of your home from your living room to your kitchen to your bedroom and the like. With this at home, you surely will always be excited to go home and relax as you hear the relaxing sound of the rippling waters. In addition, the Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain is also a perfect gift items to your friends or family members on house warming. [Click here to know more about Eternal Steps Decorative Water Fountain]


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