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The Ray Stool: Unique And Comfortable

Stylish home furniture design adds some wonderful ambiance into our homes. The Ray stool by Elisa Honkanen is just another great stool with clean lines and sleek design that will not only provide comfort to its users but will also play in important role to every home interior. Available natural and black color, the ray stool is presented at the Greenhouse in Stockholm and surely it standout with some other furniture design. Aside from the stool’s sleek design and clean lines, it also comes with only three legs instead of four positioned to secure every user who will sit in this cute and fashionable stool.-via

Ray Stool

From: Elisa Honkanen

Enjoy Outdoor Gathering With The Garden Party Table

Every time the weather permits, outdoor partying is always fun. To add some spice to our outdoor fun, Alain Gilles, a Belgian designer created the Garden Party high Table. Designed for Qui-est-Paul, the garden party table has the sleek look with glass table top and a center hole that has the ability to hold plants or wine and work as a cooler. The table’s center leg comes in different colors that made the garden party table suitable for any outdoor landscaping. Looking at the photos, the garden party table can also be a great table indoors and it will surely compliments with any interiors. -via

Garden Party Table

Garden Party Table

From:Alain Gilles

Bucatini Sink: The Sink That Deserves A Second Look

Bathroom furniture and fixtures are for our not only bathing and hygiene purposes but also, they play an important role on our bathroom interiors. The Bucatini Sink will definitely be the bathroom sink that you and your guests will definitely take a second look. With its steel cable laces and witty design, bucatini sink really deserves to have your eyes stick into it. If you think that there will be some links due to the installed steel cable laces, stop the worrying, for the Bucatini is double-walled and waterproof. Its clean lines and simple design will definitely create an elegant look to every bathroom.-via

Bucatini Sink

From: Agape


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