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Idea Wall From Bene

Working as a screen for information and wall partition, the idea wall is a part of PARCS from Bene. The idea wall is a freestanding element that has an integrated media technology making it able to work as your office’s screen for information. In addition, it also has a standing table or causeways allowing the users to do their important presentation or discussion in a casual yet elegant way. With the media integration it has, the idea wall supports mobile working with ease. The right amount of lighting is also installed for illumination purposes while providing a space of warm ambience.

Idea Wall

Idea Wall

Idea Wall

Idea Wall

Idea Wall

Idea Wall

From: Bene

Storing Your Bathroom Towels Can Now Be Stylish And Elegant With The USE Ollipsis Towel Stack Rack

To the least knowledge of majority of us, many homeowners love their bathrooms more than their living room or bedroom and so they put in elegant fixtures in it just like the USE Ollipsis Towel Stack Rack. This sleek and clean towel rack from USE will hold your bath towels in a fashionable manner. It is made of polished chrome and allows you to stack a number of towels.

Other than the polished chrome, the towel rack is also available in sating nickel. It may not be able to hold extra thick towels but the teardrop form of the rack will make your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. [Click here to get more details about Ollipsis Towel Stack RAck]

USE Ollipsis Towel Stack Rack

The sleek curved contours add up to the beauty of the rack, making it a perfect combination to your elegant bathroom furniture and fixtures. The rack has an overall dimension of 24.5” H x 10” W x 6”D, which is just enough for any bathroom sizes. However, if you want to be more comfortable, use this tower rack in a larger bathroom.

The USE Ollipsis Towel Stack Rack is classy and elegant enough to complete your clutter-free and sleek bathroom interior design and it will surely blend very well with your existing modern bathroom furniture and fixtures. [Click here to get more details about Ollipsis Towel Stack RAck]

Forest Shelf by Anna Smurygina

Bookshelves are designed intentionally for the books. However, designer Anna Smurygina made a different meaning and purpose to our bookshelves. I assume that she has created the ever cute and stylish bookshelf of all time called the Foorest Shelf. Designed reminiscent to that of a tree branches, the Forest bookshelf has enough branches to hold your books and make your place looks fresher all day with you had a feeling of like in the middle of the forest. The forest shelf is perfect to any contemporary homes not only for book shelving purposes but also perfect as part of your interior design.

Forest Shelf

From: Anna Smurygina


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