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Rockies Cassius Black Beanbag From PID.Se

When it comes to sitting, we always wanted it to be the most comfortable one, as here is where we relax and unwind after a hectic day of household chores or office work. However, the Rockies Cassius Black beanbag from PID.Se goes beyond. This wonderful sitting solution does not only provide total comfort because of its fluffiness and large space, the Rockies Cassius Black has the fashionable style that will surely create a warm and stylish ambience in your living room. It looks like a huge pillow that is always ready to welcome every user and provide the comfort that they need for the day.

Rockies Beanbag

Rockies Beanbag

From: PID.Se

Snoop: A Cute And Eye-catching Stool

At first glance, I would say it’s a kids’ furniture. With the bright colors and rounded edge, I surely would think it is. Hailed as Snoop, this cute and colorfully eye-catching stool works double as your useful side table. With its built-in pockets, the Snoop can also be used as your useful stackable elements that can work as your bookcase. You can create an element of different design and color combination according to your liking and it surely will result into a one eye-catching home furniture. Designed by Karim Rashid for B-Line, the Snoop is perfect enough to match with any of your home interior design.


From: B-Line

Suspension Zipp: A Lamp With A Zip

If you think that zippers are only for your clothing and fashion accessories, you will now surely think a million times the moment you see the Suspension Zipp. True to its name, the suspension zipp is a suspension lamp that stylishly covered with a single flat sheet of a pvc/cotton laminate and will form a stylish and eye-catching shape the moment one will zip up the lamp’s parts. Looking at the lamp’s photo, it also looks like a cocoon. With its unique design, the Suspension Zipp became not only a useful suspension lamp, but also an eye-catching décor for your contemporary home. -via

Suspension Zipp

Suspension Zipp

From: Peter Traag


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