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Elegant Annett Stacking Armchair by Francesco Binfare for Magis Design

Elegant, space saver and fashionable armchair is presented in Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008 in Milan, and that is the wonderful creation of Francesco Binfare for the Italian manufacturer Magis. I called it a space saver because as the name suggest it is stackable. This sleek armchair can be perfect for boardroom, as it will surely provide a comfortable seat to everybody. The seat and backrest curves made the chair even more elegant and trendy. Though the materials used for the chair is not yet revealed, I suppose seat and backrest are made of soft and comfortable materials that serves as the chair’s cushion.

magis tacking armchair

From : Magis Design

TOTEM : Cute Votive Holders By MoMA

Candlelight creates a calming and soothing ambiance in every room especially when scented. However, the holders add up to the elegance the candles can bring. The TOTEM is a three-piece beech wood tea light/votive candleholder that will hold your candle in style and with elegance. These modular wood candleholders can be arranged in various configurations. You can have them stacked or set individually. Once lit, the TOTEM candleholder will surely form part of you interior design providing a warm illumination. The TOTEM candleholder’s eye-catching shapes made the holder a nice addition to your elegant home décor when not in use. [Totem Set of 3 Votive Holders by MoMA $26.00]



Stars and Stripes Classic Couch for History Lovers by Andrew Martin

A sofa that carries the old American flag is what designer Andrew Martin has created. Stars and Stripes have a touch of classic yet a very elegant sofa indeed. The old American Flag upholstery added the beauty of the sofa that made it look memorable. In addition to the old American flag, Stars and Stripes Sofa is also available in Union Jack and Rebel Flag. Enjoy lounging with a touch of history now with this classical yet contemporary sofa by Andrew Martin. Lounging could be a wonderful experience with this large leather Stars and Stripes Sofa. If you love historical concept, go and grab one now. – via

flag sofa

flag sofa

flag sofa

From : Andrew Martin


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