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Modern Automatic Dulce Bathtub From Stas Doyer

Look at this beautiful automatic bathtub from Stas-Doyer, enjoy the hydromassage on your daily routine with Dulce bathtub. Available in 130 model and 6 massage functions, 180 jets of water, with size for one person, you can program this bathtub that suit your needs. To add futuristic appeal, Dulce bathtub is combined with vivid chromotherapy lighting.

modern automatic bathtub

remote automatic bathtub

stas doyer bathtub automatic remote

future modern bathtub by stas doyer

Designer : Stas Doyer

Wurk Bookcase By Jurjen Van Hulzen

We have a nice submission here in Homedosh from a talented designer from the Netherlands Jurjen Van Hulzen. Wurk is a bookcase with a shelf that is of the exact size of your books for a snug fit.

“Jurjen van Hulzen from The Netherlands made this book case to give a certain reproduction of the purchase of books bought during a certain period. These books therefore always know a fixed spot in their cupboard, and will be put back on the meant spot. You will never lose your book between the others, but have your own at home library.”

I presume this bookshelf is available on a made-to-order basis to have a good fit of your books. -via

Wurk Bookcase

From: Jurjen Van Hulzen

Have A Honeycomb-like Table By Getting The Modular Table CLOUD Into Your Home

Modular furniture design is always fun, as it can give us the opportunity to have our own placement like the modular table CLOUD has to offer to us.

Modular Table Cloud
Modular Table Cloud

The modular table CLOUD is a furniture project from LORENS and was already featured in FRAME, a Dutch magazine. The table has steel legs that made it sleek and elegant enough to in any part of your modern home. Being a modular table, users of CLOUD can adjust the quantity according to their needs or liking without the hassle of doing so much woodwork. The Cloud also has the storage system right underneath by simply lifting the tabletop, which will securely house your utensils and other items.

Modular Table Cloud
Modular Table Cloud
Modular Table Cloud
Modular Table Cloud
Modular Table Cloud

Source: LORENS


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