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Modulator Light from Richard Sweeney

Get amazed with this newly designed light modulator by Richard Sweeney in collaboration with Liam Hopkins. With this light modulator, you can have different forms of light rays from your traditional lights. Imagine having a crystal ball, light modulator works the same but the rays of the modulator stands still, which is better than the crystal ball. This modulator is perfect for parties and small gathering to add more beauty on the ambience of your party places. This modulator will surely set some mood to everyone as well. I will definitely own one for myself for party purposes and maybe I will have one for my room.

light modulator by richard sweeney

From : Richard Sweeney

Bubble Chandelier: Unique And Earth Friendly

After consuming our favorite beverages in PET bottles, emptied bottles are normally discarded. Designer Shaun Kasperbauer was inspired by the shape of soap bubbles and collected empty 2L PET bottles. Using small bolts, the bottles are connected and the eye-catching Bubble Chandelier was born. With the bottles put together, a bubble like look was created and this chandelier will surely match with different modern and classy home interiors. Aside from providing warm illumination and elegant ambiance, the bubble chandelier also allows its users to help save the environment, for through this product, empty PET bottles will no longer be destined to landfills thus less garbage and our landfill will surely be reduced dramatically.

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier

Source: Shaun Kasperbauer

Sexy and Feminine Lily Lace Chair from Dror

Proving tat a chair can be sexy, Dror Benshetrit created the Lily Lace chair, which represents the feminine beauty and attraction of a chair. Combining purity and seduction, naivety and experience, the Lily Lace was able to represent feminine beauty. Perfect for delicate people and occasions, the Lily Lace has a soft alluring texture. The royal families will surely get to have one of this kind of chair. Queens look even more powerful with this chair which symbolizes purity and virginity. For this modern version of the Lily Lace, the lace is wrapped to a thin metal framework to create and outer shell to create and comfortable inner upholstered seat. – via

lily lace chair

From : Dror


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