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Thesis Contemporary Bathroom Faucet From Roca

Faucets add the beauty in every household�s bathroom. Aimed to give every bathroom a sleek, contemporary and fashionable look, Roca created the Thesis faucet. It has a geometric square base that made the Thesis foundation firm. The faucet�s gleaming, flawless and shiny finish made it more attractive and fashionable. It has an easy to operate handle that is perfect for homes with toddlers. It will not require any strong force to let the water flow, which is super easy for kids. Unlike the traditional faucet my kids are having the hard time opening it and they call for help every time they need water, which is time consuming. Put some vitality and elegance in your bathroom today and enjoy the beauty and comfort the Thesis faucet brings. – via

thesis faucet from roca

From : Roca

Relax And Unwind With Your Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than being on a hammock like the Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock. While on it, feel refreshed as the soft breeze of fresh air touches your skin especially when using the hammock outdoors. Made of 100 percent cotton, the hammock is definitely safe even for kids to enjoy because cotton feels great against the skin. With the ability to hold up to 450 pounds of weight, the hammock is strong enough to accommodate two people or multiple kids at a time. [Click Here for more information about Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock]

Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock

In addition, to its weight capacity, the hammock is also wide enough for two people or multiple kids to enjoy the fun together because the hammock measure 95 inches by 61 inches. Available in rainbow and a combination of blue and green color, the hammock can be a perfect addition to your landscape. Cleaning the hammock is not a problem at all because the material used for it is very washable. Anyone can set up the hammock when they want to because it is easy to easy by just hanging it on any hammock stand or simply hanging it using a sling on trees or posts you have at home. In addition, the Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock is easy to transport to because it can be packed inside a small stuff sack making it a perfect hammock for outings and events with family and friends. [Click Here for more information about Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock]

Grand Trunk Roatan Hammock

Modular Lights By Robert Hoffman

Styling your own décor provides a feeling of contentment especially when somebody likes your design. However, how would you do it you are not a designer yourself? You never have to worry like now because Robert Hoffman has created the Modular Lights that allows its users to express themselves. By simply tilting and adjusting the outer flat panels, lights produced by the inner light structure will now be according to your specifications. Through this unique lighting system, one can already have a unique lighting that everybody will surely love. The modular lights also have an elegant design that made this light not only for illumination purposes but for your interior design as well. -via

Modular Lights

Modular Lights

From: Robert Hoffman


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