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Dinner: Fun And Cute Dinner Set For Children

Teaching a pre-schooler to eat unsupervised is probably the toughest jobs for parents, which made them think of different ways and tricks just to keep their pre-schoolers from eating. If you think food art works best, you must then think twice, designer Naoto Fukusawa have designed the Dinner, a cute ad fun dinner set composed of a tray, plate, soup place, glass, fork, spoon, and knife that all come in bright attractive colors of orange and red. The Dinner has soft contours, which is safe for the kids. With the availability of the Dinner dinner set kids will now surely enjoy their mealtime.


From: Accessory Seen

Wakkaaromadifyuza Humidifier: Produces Aromatic Ring-shaped Smoke For Your Room

A Humidifier and a scent into your room will make you feel more relaxed aside from the elegant designs and interior design you have in your home. Aromatic scent is one of the effective tools to have in your home or room if you want to relieve stress. The Wakkaaromadifyuza from Yuen’to is a humidifier jar that allows users to fill with different aroma to fill in their homes. The ring-shaped smoke produced by the jar makes you feel even more relaxed as you watched the smokes coming out from the jar. In addition to the aromatic scent it produces, the jar itself is elegant enough to form part of your interior design. -via

Wakkaaromadifyuza Aroma Jar

Wakkaaromadifyuza Aroma Jar

Minimalist Style Plinth Bath for Your Bathroom

Looking for bathtub that suit your modern minimalist bathroom interior design ? The Plinth bath exudes humble sophistication with its minimalist styling and emphasis on subtle detailing. The plinth base may also act as an easy access storage unit for optional water jet pumps and its finish can be matched to suit a variety of bathrooms. Through its cantilever construction the Plinth base may also be used as a step to enable safe and effortless entry into the bath whilst giving the bather a ledge to place their accessories whilst they bathe.

plinth bath minimalist styling bathtub

plinth bath modern minimalist bathtub

Designer: Hugh Thomas via YankoDesign


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