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Banba Stool And Banana Seat From Tomita Design

Tomita Kazuhiko has a wonderful creation presented in Italy that looks like a planter box. This unique look of the stool will definitely create an unusual and artistic atmosphere to the place. It can be perfect to any homes with artistic theme. The fabric that serves as the cushion of the seat made seating comfortable as well as a useful tool in picking up the lid. Another beautiful creation Tomita has is the Banana seat that looks very relaxing. It is made from an organic rattan, weaves in double layer in order for it to grasp the weight of the person seating. -via

Tomita Design

Tomita Design

Place Innovative Furniture at Home: Get a Nan11 bench

Contemporary furniture designs are now getting innovative. Each time I see new designs it seems to be new and the first one in the industry. The Nan11 bench is just one of the best examples. The Nan11 Bench is a unique bench that is made of fiberglass. This creative bench is composed of individual elements that can be assembled easily into any desired length or number of elements. Nan11 Bench has this sleek and elegant look accentuated with its available attractive colors of white and orange. Nan11 bench is perfect to any modern homes and business areas with the desire to have an elegant furniture design.

Nan11 Bench

From: Nanoo

Make Your Baby An Angel With The Little Angel Stool

Every parent believes that their babies are little angels especially if they are sat in this stylish stool called Little Angel Stool. Designed and made in Brazil, the little angel stool is a stool that has a backrest that mimics the wings of an angel, thus creating a look like your kids are having wings they sat on it.

Little Angel Stool
Little Angel Stool

The stool has seamless rounded edges making it safe for children of all ages. The while and blue color combination completes the heavenly feel of the stool. The stool also has the footrest for your little angels to have a comfortable experience as they enjoy sitting on their little angel stool.

Little Angel Stool

Source: Furf Design Studio


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