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Be Elegantly Organized with The White String Shelf System

This system is truly new to me. I have seen so many shelves in various designs, but this one is truly unique and elegant. This is very useful to those homes with minimal space to use. What makes it even more interesting is that it can be moved from one place to the other anytime. However, this string shelf system cost a bit higher that will hinder us from buying one for our homes. But with its usefulness and elegant look, I’m sure I will grab for our home if I will see this in store. The product looks very clean and simple. – via

white shelf string system

white shelf string system


A Crescent End Table Is All You Need To Accentuate Your Room

An end table like a Crescent End Table does not only give us space for our home decors and small items but also it accentuates our room especially if it matches with our room’s interior design theme. The stylish end table from ORE international is a stylish and spacious table that is not just your simple table and home décor addition but also your useful storage with its lower shelf and drawer. [Click here for more information about Crescent End Table]
Crescent End Table

The turned legs add up to the beauty of the table creating a lovely design making it a perfect addition for any rooms modern interior. This lovely end table looks clean too with no visible crews or nails with the help of the mortise and tenon that are used to connect the table’s joints. Aside from keeping the table look clean, the mortise and tenon used also strengthens the table.

As its name suggest, the table comes with a crescent design making it perfect to place against your wall. Made of hardwood and wood composite, the table also comes with a cherry painted finish elegant enough to match with any of your home furniture and décor. With a measurement of 27 inches by 12.5 inches by 28 inches, owning a Crescent End Table will require a little assembly but looks good making it a good value for your money. [Click here for more information about Crescent End Table]

Enjoy A Refreshing Drink From An Elegant PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount

Surely, we all now be interested in drinking from tap with the PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount, a tap with a 3-stage water filter in it. With this filter, your tap will be able to produce crisp, refreshing taste drinking water. Hailed as an ultimate in filtration, this tap makes drinking clean and safe water from tap nowadays is highly possible.

The one click installation makes this tap a perfect tool for those who are not highly knowledgeable about home improvement works as this. This device makes sure that you will drink fresh and clean water easily with the built-in electronic filter life indicator. You can immediately see and keep track of the filter’s life. [Click Here for more info about PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount]

PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount
PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount

PUR has the ability to provide up to 100 gallons of clean and healthy drinking water in two to three months time and this is a huge savings for any family. If you are a small family that consumes less than a hundred gallon each two or three months, then there’s no reason why you should purchase those highly priced drinking water anymore.

On the other hand, if you like unfiltered water, you can still enjoy drinking one with just a flip of a switch. Meaning, even if you already have the PUR installed, you can still enjoy both filtered and unfiltered tap water.

The best part of it, the PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount has the clean lines and elegant design that will surely add some beauty to your kitchen while it flawlessly matches with your kitchen furniture pieces and appliances. [Click Here for more info about PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount]

PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount
PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount
PUR 3-Stage Vertical Faucet Mount


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