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Have a Glamorous Sit with The Regina Blue Chair

Look at this contemporary chair made designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Poltrona Frau. The brilliant color of blue makes the chair noticeable wherever it maybe. It�s unique design made the chair looks innovative and a little bit weird. What I don�t like about the design is that it looks like a chair in a beauty parlor. I feel like when I am about to sit on that chair somebody would come over to pamper me with hair style, massage, manicure, pedicure etc. Sounds funny but yes that is what it looks like for me. However, Regina chair is large enough to relax and I�m sure the stool is comfy for your feet. In addition to that, the chair also looks like a queen chair wherein you can glamorously sit. – via

evitavonni blue chair

From : Poltrona Frau

Penny Round Tiled Bathtub ?

Classical and unique is what the tiled bathtub by Clive Wilkinson. Featured the same thing with the traditional bathtub, the round tiled bathtub had penny like tiles installed around it, which made it unique and even more elegant and contemporary. This tub is perfect for those who love a modern design with a classical concept. Plunge in now in your bathtub of modern design installed around with round penny like tiles for a classic concept. The tiles installed has a size of 1�x1� , which is a product of Dal Tiles. I find it hard to clean for its small tiles. However, it looks nice. – via

dal penny round bathroom tile

From : DAL

The Kelp Sofa by Cor

Elegant Sofa design is what we always wanted to make our living room looks refreshing. Designer Cor has created a sofa called the Kelp that would surely make our living rooms look elegant and stylish. An upholstered furniture system consists of sofas of different sizes, the Kelp sofa will definitely fit in any contemporary rooms. The Kelp can be installed with or without armrest depending on what you desire. It can also be used as stools, a corner or couch elements. Its clear curves emphasized through colors and materials make the Kelp’s soft surface design even livelier. This sofa will surely make a different calm ambience to any rooms.

Cor Sofa

Cor Sofa

From: COR


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