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Vascabarca Boat Shaped Bathtub Only 10 Available

This unique bathtub design can be the center of your bathroom. Just look at the boat shaped bathtub, the designer call it Vascabarca, this is what happen when art enters the bathroom. Only available in limited number, each of them was carved from a single monlithic block of stone, they can be personalized with your name on the stern.

vascabarca boat shaped bathtub

boat shaped bathtub

vascabarca boat shaped bathtub

Designer : Antonio Lupi

Umbrella Table Concept : Expanding to Use, Reduce The Size When Not In Use

Innovative designs are really amazing and great. Just like what the German designer Caspar Schmitz in collaboration with Ralph Ludwig. This highly functional table is inspired by the umbrella that works like and umbrella by expanding to use and reduce its size when not in use. This inque umbrella table is not only innovative but also has an elegant and sleek design. I find it perfect for outdoor use like having for some coffee with family and friends. In addition, contemporary homes with limited space will surely love this table because this is a big space saver. I would definitely purchase one if this will be available in our place.

umbrella table

umbrella table

umbrella table

umbrella table

From : Caspar Schmitz

Three String Shelf By Lara Knutson

Shelves eat up some space in our rooms and will eventually limit us from using the space for other purposes. However, this will never be an issue already because one great space shelving system was designed by Lara Knutson and was featured at ICFF called the Three String Shelf. Making your own string shelf is super easy as long as you have three lines and six connections at the corner of your wall. All you have to do is to place some eyelet screws along the wall and tie a nylon rope at both ends. That is how simple everyone can create this wonderful space saving shelving system. –via

3 String Shelf

From: Lara Knutson


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