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Nendo Lamp: Will Enclose Your Lamp In Style

When it comes to keeping your home in style, designers never run out of new designs for you to discover. One of the new things, well at least for me is the Nendo Lamp.this stylish lamp is uniquely enclosed by a cage-like structure creating a unique and stylish lighting solution in every home. Looking at the picture, the cage is sleek and elegant enough to be placed anywhere in your home. You can have it in your living room, porch, or kitchen and even in your bedroom. The cage holds the light bulb safely as well, preventing for the bulb to possibly fall accidentally.

Nendo Lamp

From: Phillips de Pury and Company

Kei Divider by Company Design

Included in the in the Kei products from Company Design is the Kei divider. Comes in a simple yet fashionable powder box pink and timeless black, the Kei divider serves as a flexible separation module between each workstation. These wall elements are super lightweight making it easy for you to move around and adjust to suit various shapes. The Kei dividers work perfect in offices and homes who wanted to separate different working areas in an elegant and fashionable way. In addition, Kei dividers are using FSC labeled materials making it not only an elegant and fashionable item but also an eco-friendly one.

Kei Divider

Kei Divider

Kei Divider

From: Bulo

Mini Pendant Light by George Kovacs

I am a modern design lover by heart and am always wanted to be on style all the time not only on my dress but also at home. I wanted my home to be dressed fashionably that is why I am always searching for trendy and fashionable household furniture and accessories. Lighting is one of the things that I focused to have now, because it gives my home a warm and classy atmosphere. Chandeliers are some of the known home lighting especially in the living and dining areas.

george kovacs p445-4b-077 mini pendant

While I am in my search for a beautiful and elegant pendant light for my newly renovated home, I find this very minimalistic and elegant mini pendant by George Kovacs. It is super classy and easy to install. In addition to that, the P445-4B-077 mini pendant of George Kovacs has a Chrome finish that shimmers brightly and its black gloss ceramic with opal glass shade is just so perfect to my black and white house theme.

However, P445-4B-077 mini pendant’s color is a very good match to any house color theme. I am so happy that I have bought this pendant lamp because this is the first lamp that I have seen with an artistic covering. It does not just serves as an art of the lamp, but also serves as a protection of the shade from being hit with a hard object, which is very prone at home, for I have kids below five years old.

I love its minimalistic design, for it made the pendant lamp suitable to any areas of the house. You may place it in your living room, in your kitchen as an under cabinet lighting, in your bedroom, and even as a bathroom lighting, the P445-4B-077 Mini Pendant has the ability to give you a wonderful glow.

In addition, the price that the P445-4B-077 has at 26 percent off, its really a great buy considering the product’s elegant design and multi-purpose function as a pendant lamp and an interior design as well. You better hurry and get one now, because with me, I have nothing to complain with my elegant P445-4B-077 mini pendant by George Kovacs.

From : Littmanbros


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