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Clear Glass Washbasin from Cazana Design

Gondola, clear glass washbasin allows casana design to run free with imagination. The lack of solid visual boundaries is a great asset of a clear glass washbasin, and this allows for Cazana Design?s highly innovative approach. The underneath of gondola vessel is an open display area which let you create your own style with small objects of your choice. If you are a nature lover, you can try put sea shells and pebbles, viewing them while washing your hands.

glass washbasin from cazana design

clear glass washbasin from cazana design

gondola glass washbasin from cazana design

Manufacturere : cazana design

Fountainhead Bathroom Faucet from Kohler

Kohler just launched fountainhead collection which offers a beautiful combination of the already popular Fountainhead shelf faucet with this attractive lavatory. Available in blanche maple and truffle ash, this fountainhead contemporary shelf faucet allows for a shooting, stream-like delivery of water. It is more appealing because of the higher than normal position and physically effective, you can bet this style is going to last long enough. Now with black and tan lavatory, this shelf faucet is even more beautiful.

kohler fountainhead bathroom faucet

fountain head bathroom faucet

beautiful kohler fountainhead bathroom faucet

Manufacturer : Kohler

Glass Milk Container : Makes You Feel Elegant And Clean For Your Milk

Generally our milk box containers are made of cardboard. This can be nice and earth friendly. However, using a glass container can be more elegant, clean, and eco-friendly as well, for glass containers can be re-used. The transparent glass milk box can be nothing especial. However, if you were to have a closer look at it, you will get to notice the elegant form it has and the visual impact it can bring to your milk. Glass milk container made the milk look fresher and purer. In addition, it also adds up the beauty of your table every time you have the transparent milk container on top of your table. -via

Transparent Milk Box


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