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Have A Hanging Rope Chair And Enjoy A Chair And Swing In One

Swinging is a good way to relax and unwind especially if you are in a stylish and modern swing like hanging chair called Hanging Rope Chair. Available from Gift Warehouse, this lovely and relaxing chair is a perfect addition to your collection of home furniture. You can have it hang in your bedroom, living room or veranda. The hanging chair comes with an eye-catching color, red, perfect for matching with your light-colored home decors and furniture sets while it brings color to your place and striking contrast to your once pale colored home. [Click Here to get more info about Hanging Rope Chair]

Hanging Rope Chair

The chair is made of cotton and polyester construction making it a comfortable place to stay while doing the things you love from watching your favorite show or movie to reading your favorite book or magazine or doing your favorite craft like cross stitching and the likes. Slightly heavy users can still enjoy this lovely hanging chair because it has the ability to carry up to 265 pounds of weight. The chair is easy to assemble too and very sturdy. You have the option to use a chain or rope in assembling the Hanging Rope Chair, as either of the two will surely let you enjoy the chair as you want to. [Click Here to purchase Hanging Rope Chair]

Sonos S5: Gives You Access To All The Music On The Planet

Music is everybody’s favorite way of relaxing and releasing stress. You can listen to your favorite music everywhere. When you are at home, it would be best if you have the right sound device that will provide you with the best quality music you can think of. The Sonos S5 will not only give you high quality music but also will also give you the chance to have access to all the music on the planet. Aside from that, the Sonos S5 also has the sleek and elegant look that you surely love, as it will definitely match with your modern and classy home interior design.

Sonos S5

Sonos S5

Who doesn’t love music! Imagine a product that will bring all the music on the planet right into your home. The Sonos S5 does just that. It streams music from your personal libraries and content from every major online source (think Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora, Last.fm, SiriusXM, iheartradio, etc)—literally millions of songs and tens of thousands of internet radio stations—to create a world of music possibilities for the home. Control all this music wirelessly using the touch-screen Sonos controller or your iPhone, iPad and now Android-device. Plus, the embedded speakers allow for easy portability anywhere in the house (including outside) or can be wirelessly networked with other Sonos ZonePlayers to create a whole-home music experience. With the S5, you will truly have a world of music at your fingertips – like your own personal “jukebox”, just enter any song, artist or station, press play and enjoy!

Sonos S5

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Blue Bell Lamp: Provides Illumination Whilst Form Part Of An Interior Design

With the idea that grows out of a natural observation, the Blue Bell Lamp is born that has the look that mimics the spray of bluebells. Aside from the imitating look, the way the Blue Bell lamp functions is very favorable as well. The bellflowers allows the users to have it rotated and oriented all in a single or different direction depending on the user’s preference. One can easily change the lighting angle of their Blue Bell Lamp by raising or lowering the sleeve for it changes the stalk’s curve. With t he elegant look of the lamp, this can be a perfect lighting system in any modern living room of any interior design. -via

Blue Bell Lamp

Blue Bell Lamp


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