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Kitchen Concept – a Collaboration of Schiffini and Alfredo Haeberli

The kitchen is the place where family members get together. My family used to talk on our different concerns during mealtime, and that happens in our kitchen. It is nice to stay in the kitchen all the time especially for those like me who loves foods and cooking a lot. With Schiffini and Alfredo Haeberli collaboration, a new kitchen concept is born. Its pieces that can be used both indoor and outdoor made this creation unique. The kitchen’s having an elegant and relaxing design due to Schiffini’s desire of bringing back the old times where people spend most of their time in the kitchen.

alfredo haeberli kitchen concept

alfredo haeberli kitchen concept

alfredo haeberli kitchen concept

alfredo haeberli kitchen concept

Source : Frame Digital

Tofu Chair By Yu-Ying Wu

Took home a Red Dot Design Award under the home furniture design concept category, the tofu chair by Taipei-based designer Yu-Ying Wu has the unique look like of a aerated tofu. However, if you were to take a closer look on it, the triangular voids are in different sizes and their placements from each other are carefully calculated according to inspection. Once a person will take a sit or compress the large triangles placed on top-front center part, the square tofu-like item will create a chair-like shape and eventually provides comfort to humans. In addition, the tofu-look of this design made this concept chair a perfect part of any homes’ interior design. -via

Tofu Chair

Zeus 90 Degree Angled Bathroom Faucet by Signorini Rubinetterie

Modern and minimalist bathroom faucets with 90 degree angled called Zeus can add ultra modern element to your bathroom. Top Italian manufacturer has designed Zeus faucets with square or rounded version, and are characterized by the precise 90 degrees angle. Zeus bathroom faucet design will perfectly fit your contemporary interior design, but if you want something different, try the unique long faucet which looks stunning with the combination of a clear sink, the pipe inside extending to the floor and echoing the linear tap.

zeus bathroom faucet

zeus bathroom faucet from signorini rubinetterie

zeus 90 degree angled bathroom faucet

zeus minimalist bathroom faucet

From : Signorini Rubinetterie


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