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Coco Pendant Lamp: A Lamp That Is Just Enough

Size does really matters in almost all aspect particularly when it comes to purchasing a home lighting system. You must choose those that match right enough for your space, furniture sizes and all. Presented at the State of Design Festival, the Coco Pendant Lamp by Melbourne based design studio Coco Flip is a pendant lamp that is inspired by the Swedish word “Lagon”, which means “not too much and not too little” thus, just right enough. Looking at the photo, the lamp obviously has a size that is just right enough. Made from turned Victorian ash and spun aluminum, the Coco Pendant Lamp is available in black and white.

Coco Pendant Lamp

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Have a Glamorous Sit with The Regina Blue Chair

Look at this contemporary chair made designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Poltrona Frau. The brilliant color of blue makes the chair noticeable wherever it maybe. It�s unique design made the chair looks innovative and a little bit weird. What I don�t like about the design is that it looks like a chair in a beauty parlor. I feel like when I am about to sit on that chair somebody would come over to pamper me with hair style, massage, manicure, pedicure etc. Sounds funny but yes that is what it looks like for me. However, Regina chair is large enough to relax and I�m sure the stool is comfy for your feet. In addition to that, the chair also looks like a queen chair wherein you can glamorously sit. – via

evitavonni blue chair

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SousVidde Supreme: Cooks Food At The Most Comfortable Way

Cooking can be time consuming but everybody needs to do it to eat. Some preferred to cook those instant food, or have their favorite food delivery service bring it to their tables. However, if you are the type who have the preference of cooking your own food for quality and safety sake, the SousVide Supreme will surely be your best bud in your kitchen. By simply filling water, set the required temperature, put your pouches of food in the water, and wait until it is done. This machine is ideal for busy moms and dads who have very limited time to cook their favorite foods. The machine’s compact and sleek design made it complimentary enough for today contemporary kitchen of different interiors. -via

Sous-Vide Supreme

Sous-Vide Supreme

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