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Get Your Firewood In Place With The Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack

If you use firewood for your fireplace, you too are definitely looking for a stylish log rack for your firewood and the Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack will set your search to an end. This clean and modern log rack is an 8-feet rack that is large enough to store ample amount of wood for use in your fireplace.

This log rack is sturdy enough to hold your logs because it is made of strong tubular steel. It keeps your firewood off the ground keeping them free from bugs and dampness. In addition, you do not have to worry about cleaning your floors. The rack is clean and sleek enough to be part of your home interior design. In addition, the black finish makes it easier for you to match the rack with any of your home furniture pieces and decors. [Click here for more information about the Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack]

Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack

To enjoy the rack, you have to do a little bit assembly. However, we are sure enough that assembling the rack won’t take so much of your time. If you do not want the firewood to be visible when your guests arrive, you complete the elegance of this log rack and keep the firewood out of sight by having a stylish log rack cover. [Click here to checkout Landmann Contemporary Arch Log Rack]

Lighteriors Vortexx : Cool Dynamically Modulated Light Colours

Vortexx chandelier, designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher has an impressive shape that reflects a vision of an endless ribbon of light. It has reminiscent and appealing curved contours of a double helix with the appearance of an endless flowing shape. The chandeliers light constantly changes its colors almost unnoticeable from red, to yellow to blue and thus creates spatial excitement. Vortexx is 2 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, and is made of over 60 individual moldings. The structure is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester with light outlets and covered with a translucent acrylic glass. Vortexx is one of the masterpieces of Zumbotel Lighteriors.

lighteriors vortexx

lighteriors vortexx

From : Zumtobel

Sit Comfortably In Style With Your Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman

An ottoman is a great furniture especially if you have the stylish and sleek Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman. This sleek and stylish furniture will not only bring comfort but also will add style to your elegant and modern interior design. Aside from a useful piece of furniture as your stool, this lovely ottoman can also be your useful footrest.

Sitting on the ottoman is highly comfortable because the cube is filled with rigid core foam and the top surface has memory foam that provides a comfortable feel to every user. Other than that, the ottoman is also sensitive to temperature giving its users incomparable comfort. In addition, the ottoman is not just your ordinary piece of furniture but also it serves as your decorative cube ottoman, occasional seating solution or building blocks serving as your side or coffee table. [Click here for more information about Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman]

Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman

Cleaning this stylish ottoman is not a problem at all because the micro fiber suede cover is washable. Furthermore, the cover is durable and stain-resistant making it dead easy to clean. The ottoman is safe for your children and has the ability to support users of up to 250 pounds. Looking for the right furniture with the Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman is dead easy because it is available in various colors including hazelnut, sage, chocolate, black, blue, gray, and red. [Click here for more information about Comfort Magic Cube Ottoman]


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